1. Sultown

    GMS 2.3+ Infinite Vertical Background

    Preface My apologies if this has already been covered somewhere. If so, please link it to me. I have done extensive searching on the forums and in videos, and either the solution is outdated (unsupported syntax) or it doesn't quite pertain to my issue. With that said: Problem I am trying to...
  2. K

    Released Heavy Sky (iOS, Android)

    Hi, everyone! Heavy Sky is a mobile game with minimalistic graphics, inspired by old-school shoot-em ups. Fight your enemies in two game modes, earn coins and buy upgrades for your aircraft, support drones and power ups. Main features: - Gamemodes: coin hunt and endless mode with 3 difficulty...
  3. Kaguva

    Asset - Scripts Scrolls

    Scroll Asset 12 diferent examples - 2 kind of items each one Marketplace: Primal category: Scripts Price: $24.99 Modules: All exports Support: Features: Easy to use Documented Slider Next-Back button Dragging...
  4. JeanSwamp

    GML Horizontal Tile Different Backgrounds

    Hello, I'm trying to create some sort of background that scrolls horizontally for a runner game. A good example that comes to mind when trying to explain what I need is Jetpack Joyride, where the background transitions from one to another. Basically I plan to have more or less the same...
  5. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 collision not matching object when scrolling?

    There seems to be some sort of odd bug where the collision box and the actual object do not line up on the y position. When the game is running and when I scroll through my merchants inventory with the middle mouse button the inventory objects will scroll up and down on the y position, but the...
  6. magicweapon

    Windows Discord - Scroll down shooter

    This is a game I made to participate in a contest and I decided to upload it here in the game maker forums because I made it in Game Maker Studio, I hope you like it. Screenshots: Controls: Arrows - Move Enter - Select R - Shoot Esc - Exit So far there are only three weapons and...
  7. haloregit

    GMS 2 vspeed not working

    Hi everyone This is my first post. I usually manage to figure out what the issue is myself, but this one has me confused. I have a basic load file screen that generates based on the amount of save files. A block containing the file name is created for each file. So when the amount of blocks...
  8. TheOnlyWRT

    Scrolling a view

    Hello! So, after watching a few tutorials in youtube about scrolling the view in a game and trying to write some code to do so i couldnt get it to work and decided to post the question here. This is the code i have been using: Room Start: _index = 0;//index of the view you want to target...
  9. trentallain

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] How do I make this scroll instead of jump?

    #region Quick select 1 if keyboard_check_pressed(ord("1")) { hold_timer = 15; quick_select_index = equipxy[2] } //Wont't need +35*equippage[2] if keyboard_check(ord("1")) { if hold_timer > 0 { hold_timer -= 1 } else {...
  10. S


    Well, I'm trying to remake C++ programm in GMS. Everything is ok, but I have absolutely no idea how to make scrollbar. In C++ as I know you can just use scrollbar() function from library. Is it possible to transfer it in GMS as an DLL? If not - could you give me algorithm of how does scrollbar...
  11. Z

    Depth effect on scrolling backgrounds. Parallax

    I tend to use this code: background_x[0]=view_xview*1 background_y[0]=view_yview*1 It works but it makes a twitch each time the player lands or stop running Any idea on how to fix it?
  12. G

    Question - IDE [SOLVED] Scrolling in Text Editor with trackpad

    i feel like this might be an issue on my end, but i'm curious if i'm supposed to be able to scroll with my trackpad? it would be really helpful to be able to do this, but i can't. when i scroll with my trackpack, the arrows appear as they would in other programs and stuff that it's scrolling...
  13. G

    Question - Code Scrolling list example?

    The most similar behaviour and appearance: The problem is started to learn and customise this control from market - it is impossible to use it. I have already rewrited ~90% of code and it still doesn't work properly. Does anybody have...
  14. J

    Vertical Scroll with fixed timer [Solved]

    Hey ya'll, I'm making a platformer that scrolls up and down, and I was wondering if there is an easy way to get it so that the timer at the top scrolls with the rest of the screen. Thanks in advance!
  15. A

    Android Panning/scrolling in level menu

    Hello. I made a room to display all the levels, like this. The problem is that some levels are hidden, and I can't scroll down. This is the code I used to create each button: Create Event: global.unlockedLevel = 1; dragging = false; levels = 50; buttonsCreated = 0; spaceBetweenButtons =...
  16. MMM

    Scrolling text menu for android interactive books

    After few days of trying and failing, I finally made a scrolling menu. NOTE: This code is made to scroll object only Up / Down First, create an object that will be a page of the book. In CREATE event put:-------------------------------------------------------------- global.speed=0; grab=0...
  17. J

    Legacy GM Making a scroll box to scroll through a menu

    I have googled many things on how to do this but just haven't found anything yet, so I was wondering if I missed something or of there is a way to do this. I want to make a scroll box with a list of many weapons. I would also like each with a picture drawn next to it (I'm sure I could figure...