1. O

    3d Collision method that allows rotation

    So what im looking for is a little complicated to explain, but it feels like it should be pretty easy. ill explain the best i can. Im making a 3d project and i currently have AABB collision implemented and it works great but it feels limiting since nothing can rotate (other than appearance, the...
  2. J

    Why is my string no longer a string?

    I have this string in a variable that just suddenly stops being a string for no reason. So I have this object with a string stored in a variable called path_name. This object spawns new enemy objects and uses the given path name to set the pre-made path the enemies will follow. This failed...
  3. flyinian

    SOLVED Could I just throw a script with the variables I need for an object in its create event and it'll work? Obviously?

    I'm currently using variable definitions but, it doesn't have the functionality that I'd like so, I'm looking for an alternate besides the obvious "write variable in create event per object". Any potential problems I may face doing this method? Thanks.
  4. R

    Windows Game Maker 2 Resolution and Aspect Ratio

    How best way to make the monitor adapt to the resolution of other monitors pay special attention to the different aspect ratio. It would need to be without loss of quality. It's hard to find a tutorial for the current version desktop game maker 2. It would have to be all the screens in the game...
  5. F

    Alarms inside functions

    Is there any way to set an alarm from inside a function? I want to put some random delay to create an instance from inside a script function, but I couldn't figure out how to.
  6. NikkoTC

    Asset - Scripts GML-Classes - An extension script for GML providing OOP features.

    GML-Classes is a script which adds some OOP functionality that allows you to define classes, their constructor and destructor, and call parent methods in overridden methods. To start using it, just add this script to your project. Highly recommended to check out the documentation. Links...
  7. YamboGames

    GMS 2.3+ I can not open a specific script

    Hello! When I try to open one of my scripts, which isn't even particularly large, nothing happens. Doubleclicking it doesnt bring it onto the workspace area, nor rightclicking -> edit helps. The only thing I can do to edit the file is either through the windows explorer, or clicking a function...
  8. Storm1208

    GMS 2.3+ Horizontal and Vertical Collision No Longer Working After Being Converted to Scripts

    I'm working on a finite state machine implementation for a platforming character. I initially coded the character normally (i.e. not using a state machine approach) but am now beginning to convert what I had previously implemented into a state machine format. To aid in readability, each...
  9. Reddoka

    SOLVED Player collision script doesn't work

    I coded it like the tutorial, but maybe of the different version, it's not working. It said that there is an unnecessary expression (-1) used as a statement, but if I remove the (-1) the tiles don't work propably (the _collision doesn't seem to work too). Thanks for helping, I really appreciate...
  10. yukaccino

    GMS 2.3+ Hex-Grid Movement- Issues with Script

    Hello! I'm a newbie with GameMaker and my programming skills are really basic, so I've been following a four years old tutorial series I found- I want to make a Turn Based Strategy game, using a hex-grid to move and attack, pretty similar to Sid Meyer's Civilization. Tutorial I've found: I got...
  11. J

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Script portativiness - lost ? or i miss something ?

    Everything is in the panel. Feel free to give an astuce about. /* /// the string replacer project _ shared code + structure reconstitution // Hi there, i'm blocked into a bug ? i share my code for looking at it // and talk eventualy about code portativiness. :/ // To the follow, the shared code...
  12. A

    Collision script won't run

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to create a normal state so that I can switch between other states, but to do that I decided I needed to make a normal script which contains a script for player input and collisions. However, when I tried to make a script for the collision block of code I get this...
  13. Cofefe

    GMS 2.3+ Inputting Methods Into Scripts

    Hello forums! Long time no see. I have a quick question that I need answered, and I know somebody here can do it for me. The question is: Is it possible to input method variables into script functions? Here's an example of what I'm trying to do, but which doesn't work: // Step Event: Test =...
  14. F

    GMS 2.3+ Hard times with scripts...

    Hello there (and please forgive me for asking something in the wrong thread, if someone can fix that mistake), I hope everyone's doing great these days. I am currently following a Youtube tutorial (you can skip the first half part): Yes, this is the part 2 but I have no issue with the part...
  15. Osoy

    Question - IDE Code Formatting

    Hi, I have searched through keybindings looking for a key combination that would auto format code similar to CTRL+K + CTRL+D in Visual Studio. Is there such an option and if not is it on the road map for a future enhancement? Thanks.
  16. Epicrex

    GML How does the updated SCRIPT sytsem work?

    I was doing this thing from an older video and noticed that since then scripts have been reworked. How would I do this with the new(2 months old) script system?
  17. D

    SOLVED Text when creating a script

    When creating any new script, this text always appears. // Script assets have changed for v2.3.0 see // "yoyo link" for more information How to remove it so that it does not appear when creating a script? It's very annoying every time
  18. Kyrieru

    GMS 2.3+ Script changes in latest build?

    I'm getting errors in the latest build (that did not occur yesterday in the last 2.3 version). If I start the game with an empty room, an object throws an error saying that a script is referring to an object that doesn't exist. Did something about scripts change? For example if the script says...
  19. KakuniProject

    Please help, no able to create scripts

    Hello everyone, I'm quite new to game maker and into programming. I recently started a game and I'm on the first steps creating the collisions and movements, the collisions it was working fine when I inserted into step/Object, however now I tried to add into a script . I simply copied and pasted...
  20. UberhenriK

    SOLVED ds_grid_height argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32)

    Hello, I've created an inventory ds_grid for my game and a script that must get ds_grid as an argument, but it gives me an error: ds_grid_height argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32) at gml_GlobalScript_AddItem (line 18) - for (i = 0; i <...