1. MrOut

    Snapshot/Screenshot very slow

    Hello, I try to implement a snapshot/screenshot button in my game but with the screen_save(fileName) function, this is very slow. I got a huge drop in FPS. Same with the 'Snapshot' option into an object. I notice also that screen_save put in the image file my Steam overlay (FPS counter and...
  2. M4nu

    Setting screenshot as background of another existing room

    Hello GMC! I want the game at one point to freeze a full screenshot that gets instantly added as background for another existing room. I'm thinking I can use: screen_save("screenshot.png"); and if (file_exists("screenshot.png")) but I'm not sure of the rest. Maybe I can use...
  3. Zechevalier

    Legacy GM screen_save_part() Saving random width and heights

    When using screen_save_part() the outcome has a smaller width and height than the size i wanted. this is what my code looks like var_x_save = (obj_Leo.x-view_xview)*global.var_screen_xscale+global.var_surface_x-(var_pic_w*0.3) var_y_save =...
  4. YellowAfterlife

    Asset - Extension Desktop Screenshots - capture any portion of the display!

    Quick links: documentation · GM Marketplace · itch page (has the demos!) This extension allows for a variety of things regarding taking screenshots of desktop - you can get a screenshot of entire desktop, or capture a part of it, or even get a screenshot of all displays on multi-monitor setups...
  5. M

    Saving screenshot to a sprite without application Surface

    Hi! I'm working on a mobile game with giant room sizes and lots of objects. Application surface is disabled. I need to take a screenshot of the game screen. Right now taking a screenshot of a whole room takes a lot of time, resources and has issues: - Creating a big surface and drawing all...
  6. A

    How to take a screen shot.(not of the game)

    Is it possible in game maker to take a screenshot of the computer screen before the game actually runs. The game screen should not be visible in the screenshot.
  7. M

    Android How to save a screenshot in the Downloads folder

    Hey there, quick question. I have been reading up on the whole game maker sandboxed situation, because my project requires saving a file in the Download or another accessible directory. I can not use the default working_directory, because its unaccesible to the user without root. Any ideas...
  8. A

    screen shot entire room

    how can i take a screenshot of the whole room? my idea is to take a screenshot then move the camera and take the next, but this is not wokring, when i take a shot then i move the camera and take the next shot i get two times the same shot but on the game the camera moves correct. is there a...
  9. A

    Saving screenshot for public access? [Android]

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a new game that gives you a screenshot and saves it.. but I was wondering if I can save that file to be public and reachable to user with no root. As file handling in game maker studio shows that the files are saved inside /data/data/<package name>. Is there a way to...
  10. T

    GMS 2 Screen Save Part and The Application Surface?

    I'm creating a pause menu that snapshots the game window and then draws it to a gui layer that has a fixed size of 1920x1080. I have no issues placing objects on this gui layer, but my issue comes in when I run the screen_save function. This function captures the entire game window, which is...
  11. S

    GML Create screenshot/sprite from view

    Hallo everybody, i have problems with views and taking screenshots/sprites. i use the extension perfect-fit-mobile-template from the marketplace. that means on mobile phones i use a view from the most space of the room on the whole display. on windows without the the extension i can use w =...
  12. jb skaggs

    How to add file extention to get_save_filename

    Hi I can I set it so that the fille extension is added to the file when I use get_save_filename? I dont want the enduser t have to type the ext manually. leftclick code----- window_set_cursor(cr_none); obj_screenshot.visible=0; obj_gotosettings.visible=0; var name=""...
  13. SmallisBeautiful

    HTML5 Saving a screenshot in HTML5

    I want to save a screenshot from the game using a dialog box to ask the player the path and name of the picture, like the "get_save_filename" function under windows platform. I can't find a satisfying way to do that in HTML5. I've searched google and the forums here and I've been running in...
  14. N

    screen_save just take some part. not full screen.

    Hello, help me. I want to take screenshot. And i use screen_save("screen.png") or bmp. But it works like a foolish. It cuts it self. I can take only some part of screen. I did not use screen_save_part. I think problem is my phone's resoulution is diffrent with my room size. But i don't...
  15. M

    draw_line hard, not smooth? *solved*

    Hello! My game let's you draw a picture on a surface and I want to save that picture and put it back on the screen at a later point in time. "screen_save" and "surface_save" don't work in html5. Does anyone have an Idea how I could accomplish this? Edit: Now I'm trying to figure out how to...
  16. R

    Legacy GM Screenshot sharing

    Can I share screenshots with screen_save (or screen_save_ext) and facebook_dialog() functions combined? How to do this? thx :)
  17. C

    -- Mobile Game Development --

    Hey all, I am in the process of developing a Mobile Game. what i am trying to do is spread the word about it and try to get feedback and possibly testers later on for the game. the game is early in development but the foundation is there. if you'd like to check it out on my twitter, you can...
  18. LucasTheNewbie

    GM8: Having problems changing the background.

    Hey guys! I am kind of new to gml. I know the basics and currently I'm practising a lot and experimenting with new things. I (still) use Game maker 8. But now to my problem: I was creating a pause menu consisting of an extra room, which is displaying a screenshot of the current view as...
  19. A

    How do I reference a screenshot in my Android extension?

    I've made an extension that shares text from the user, but I'd like it to also share the screenshot of the game too. I know how to share an image with Java, and I know that I can use screen_save to screenshot the game. My question is: how do I get the screenshot image from within my Java code?
  20. W

    [SOLVED] Disable screenshot? Windows and Android

    Hi, I'm making a graphics app and want to prevent the user from taking screenshots if they have the free version of my game, is this possible? I tried this in a step event: if(keyboard_check(vk_printscreen)&& keyboard_check(vk_control)&& noshot=1) { show_message("Screenshot disabled in free...