1. Sanctifier

    Game Mechanics Screen Shake conflicts with player ability

    Hi Everyone. I'm making a top down shooter that's inspired by Crimsonland. Like Crimsonland, you can pick perks when you level up. However, unlike Crimsonland, my game has screenshake. This brings me to a small issue I've encountered. I have a perk called 'Telekinetic', like the one in...
  2. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Project (All-in-One) GMS2 Camera with Screenshake, follow, screen-effects, and more

    This thread will serve as documentation for those who've purchased the asset Check out the main page on Importing into your project First thing's first. How does everything work? Where do I start? How do I avoid breaking everything? Controls Explaining the code There are...
  3. T

    Question - Code How to make a screenshake effect

    relatively new to game-maker, just started last Sunday as a matter of fact. At the moment I've managed to make a pretty basic turn-based RPG battle system thingymajiggy, and every time the enemy hits me, I'd like my screen to shake. if someone could talk me through how to do this it would be...