1. A

    Legacy GM SOLVED: Sprite Scaling & Aspect Ratio Problem

    Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of a problem here. My sprites don't scale properly and this creates a very ugly look. Look at the character encapsulated in the white square. So I've looked at a whole bunch of threads, including this one. But none of them have helped me solve my problem so...
  2. Heavybrush

    apply shader in draw gui end using the port on screen

    HI, I've done a shader to change the pixels in the game unfortunatly using the creation event to disable the application surface ///disable application surface application_surface_draw_enable(false); and using the draw gui end to set the shader on the application surface, to apply the shader...
  3. Curial Lloses

    Legacy GM How to take an area given snapshot in different resolution screens?

    Hello, I'm developing a mobile game with a gameplay in which users could take pictures from a determined area. And I've found that screen_save_part() is perfect Game Maker function for this but I'm having issues to define my picture area in different devices resolutions since an 400x400px area...
  4. RizbIT

    Fit HTML game to mobile window screen

    Mobile screens can be many different sizes. I am creating a HTML5 game that is to be shown in a mobile browser. Is there anyway to (during runtime) or maybe using HTML code external to GMS, scale the HTML game to fit the browser (or mobile screen) so it appears fullscreen?
  5. zendraw

    Black screen

    Hi, so recently for some reason ive been getting a black screen after i switch rooms. at first i thought it was the transition code but i narrowd it down to simply room_goto and i get it again. another odd thing is that i dont get when i switch to all rooms, only to some. in one of the rooms i...
  6. David Richard

    Asset - Demo Pause Example + Screen Capture script

    One of the best pause examples on the marketplace. A very simple and FREE asset permitting you to pause your game, deactivating all instances AND to take a screenshot of the entire screen presently shown. This example easily integrates into your games with little or no change at all. 1 script...
  7. I

    HTML game fit mobile screen?

    i'm making an html game with large rooms, not using views (i will if i have to) and when i play the game through my phone only the upper left corner of the room is visible, how can i make all of the room fit into the mobile screen? is there a way to measure the phone's screen resolution and set...
  8. RangerX

    How to properly scale your game!

    This tutorial is for Game Maker Studio 1.4 and up. While made for the Windows target, the logic applies in general for all platforms GM Version: 1.4, but should apply to all version Target Platform: Window, but generally applicable to other platforms Links: see links below for example...
  9. Kaguva

    Asset - Extension Keep Screen On Android

    Keep Screen On Android Marketplace: Primal category: Extension Price: $4.99 Modules: Android Support: Description: Keep your screen always on! Easy to use Only 2 functions...
  10. M

    Screen Size Problem

    (Sorry for my english, i'm spanish) So I was making a game and all work correctly, but when I finish the menu and press Start the screen still stay in menu size when I play, I try to make it fullscreen but all the game sees bad, please help, I need a fullscreen with good resolution or something...
  11. G

    Android Screen Glitch

    Recently I've released my very first game on Google Play and haven't tried or got people to try it in many different devices yet. It just happens that a user who found my game through reddit reported a screen issue to me and I can't really understand what might be causing it. He is playing on...