1. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 create map screen system?

    does anybody know a good tutorial on creating a map+screen system for an editor? I want to do something like.. var screen = maps[cur_map+map_count+cur_screen]; var tile = screen[45]; but the problem is gamemaker is too slow to do something like this. I need a way of handling this large of an...
  2. G

    GML Stay in same screen position

    The effect is very simple: I need to make the object constantly snap to the screen. The problem is that I really need that object (not only witht the draw event), and I can make it work with something like: "x=view_xview[0]+0; y=view_yview[0]+0;" The problem is that the object "moves" while the...
  3. H


    i have obj_title: image_alpha = 0. when created, the image_alpha = 0 slowly turns in step event. if i press to start the game, i want the obj_title returns again to image_alpha = 0. but my problem is, that if the image_alpha turns down it automatically turns again up because of the earlier...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] Translate GUI to Game View Coordinates

    Hello, I'm having trouble drawing a screen over the player object in my game. The end result would be a screen for each individual character, similar to the image below. The problem is that I would like to draw to the GUI layer, not the game view. Because of that, it's hard for me to figure...
  5. N

    [SOLVED] How to block your mouse in the screen?

    Hi guys! I'm searching for days on how to block my mouse in my game window because i play on multiple screen, i found this function: window_mouse_set(clamp(window_mouse_get_x(), 0, window_get_width()), clamp(window_mouse_get_y(), 0, window_get_height())); it works fine but if i move my mouse...
  6. H

    Screen Size for Android.

    Can i use code to size the screen? Which resolution to use for an upsidedown game on mobile? Thanks
  7. J

    Screen Wrapping for top down

    This is a topic I can not find a single clue on. It's a top down shooter based on moon like planet Let me start off by describing exactly what I'm looking for. Lets say you start at the north pole i'd like to be able to move all around the planet. Enemies chasing player even as "wrapping"...
  8. Weastøne Entertainment

    Why the screen does not shake? [SOLVED!]

    Hi there!, I've been through Shawn's tutorial, in order to make the screen shake, and I have troubles with this part of the code: var random_range = random_range(-shake_value, shake_value); view_xview[0] += random_range; view_yview[0] += random_range; "shake_value" is set to 15 when I press H...
  9. S

    Graphics not as sharp as expected

    Hey guys, after making some animations and tiles I tested them out in my game. Only I found that they looked weird, they do not appear as sharp as I expected. I'm not talking about really blurry and distorted stuff, just not as sharp as I want them to. To my knowledge I am using the right aspect...
  10. Shadowblitz16

     (Suggestion) Screen_Refresh

    can the yoyo game devs add a way to refresh the screen/draw call inside a while loop? this would allow scripts that could be used for initializing, updating, and drawing instead of having to make a separate script for each event. this would also allow script that run as objects and could induce...
  11. G

    Linux Linux screen size bug

    Hi all, today I crated the first Linux export of my GM game. The game is able to start but I have one problem The screen is only visible in the bottom-left corner by default. I changed the launch option to "start in fullscreen" enabled and once disabled, showing the same result. ( see...
  12. H

    [Solved] how to see more play area

    I have a problem which seems like it should have a simple solution. I want to see more of the level in my screen, without the game changing the x and y scale of the image, and I don't care if there are black bars making up for the rest of the window size. I started making my game with...
  13. G

    Legacy GM [Solved] Screen shake camera doesn't work

    Hello everyone, im new in this forum. I have a problem with the camera... if i follow my player the screen shake code doesn't work, but if i don't follow the player the code works fine. (The view[0] is enable) my object "obj_screenShake" have a step with next: view_xview[0] +=...
  14. U

    Discussion about resolutions

    I would categorize this more as a discussion rather than me asking a question. How do you guys handle resolutions -- I don't mean how to program some sort of resolution manager -- but how do you design around a certain resolution or not? I've figured out, that when I have a scale of 1 on my...
  15. K12gamer

    Game causes FUZZ onscreen...

    Weird fuzz artifacts left on screen after exiting game. Sometimes they begin to pop up all over. They tend to go away if I play then exit a non GameMaker game...or restart my PC. This only happens on one of my PCs....Specs: Windows 10 Pro 32-bit (Upgraded from Windows XP) AMD Athlon II x2 240...
  16. G

    Legacy GM Keep game's scale when in full-screen >Solved<

    Hi everyone at GMC! I would like to find out a simple method for keeping a game's resolution and scale the same, even when in full-screen; and use a black border to fill up the remaining areas. Like this: I saw some other threads, and it seems you can do this through "global game...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] How to make the screen shake outside of the room border?

    So I created a simple screen shake object that would create itself, make the screen shake, and then destroy itself after the alarm goes off. I'm using a camera object that will follow my player around BTW! In the shake object Step event: obj_camera.x += random_range (-3,3); obj_camera.y +=...
  18. T

    HTML5 dynamic screen resizing while maintaining a minimum aspect ratio

    my goal is to keep the screen width and height allways within the screen but then if there is any space left over vertically when all that has happened i want to add to my screen height then view_hview and view_hport *--* solved *--*
  19. G

    Stuff with screens

    2 Short questions about managing the game window: 1 : How do I lock the screen rotation to portrait? 2 : How do I get the screen's resolution and dimensions to adjust views accordingly? Thanks for any help.
  20. W

    Legacy GM GM Splash Screen with Professional Edition v1.4.1757?

    Recently obtained a licence of GameMaker Professional from the Humble Bundle and it works fantastic. My only problem is trying to do away with the splash screen that should only be shown with the standard edition, right? At the top of the window it does read "Professional Edition (v1.4.1757)"...