1. B

    GMS 2 Background won't fill the screen?

    Hi there i am new here, and i am currently having an issue with getting my background to fill in on GameMaker Studio 2. I made a display manager that takes care of all the aspect ratio/screen resolution adaptions. But for some reason my background just won't scale and i am making the game in...
  2. QatariGameDev

    iOS GMS2 & Mobile Game Development challenges!

    Hi GMfolks, Not sure if this only me or not, But since GMS 2 released, I started to see the most games have been published or promoted in YoYo Games mostly are pixel arts or retro-inspired games that targeting the consoles (Switch, PS4, etc..). That's fine, But for mobile game development, I...
  3. S

    Legacy GM [Solved] make camera fake being at edge of screen

    I want the camera to follow the player but not show empty parts of the room. For example in some Mega Man games the camera will follow the player as though their about to fall down a pit at the bottom of the screen until they get close enough then the camera will follow them down the pit to a...
  4. josyanf1

    Screen rotation (No Android)

    Hello everyone! I'm doing a vertical shump and I would like to know how to rotate the screen vertically (TATE Mode) so that it is like the Ikaruga of Nintendo Switch. I tried with image_angle, but the GUI does not rotate and also the black bands on the sides cover what is missing from the...
  5. Pfap

    [SOLVED]Ways to make an area wrapper?

    I've been trying to come up with a way to make a screen wrapper much like gml's built in function.move_wrap(hor, vert, margin); Except, I want to wrap instances in a defined area on screen. I figured I could just snap the instance to the other side of the screen, but it feels jarring. In the...
  6. B

    Windows All sprites are invisible

    Hey everyone, While working on my RTS-game I encountered some issues. I replaces some buildings with new art I made for them. After the art was replaced, when I played the game, all buildings with new art where invisible. - The buildings health still showed up (so the draw event is...
  7. B

    Screen Resolution Question

    Hello everyone! I just have a quick question for anyone willing to answer. I am in the the process of creating my own game and I need to decide on a proper aspect ratio for the game. It is supposed to be a "modern SNES-era game" so I wanted to have the aspect ratio be 16:9 (my laptop is...
  8. mar_cuz

    Design Fake loading screens

    Hi all, I was thinking the other day that players are so used to having loading screens and loading time in video games that my game may not feel like a real game without them. It would also be a great place to add tips for playing my game. I just feel having loading screens will give the game...
  9. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Drawing an object on screen

    So far this code will position an object on screen (not in the gui) and can be interacted with. This all works as intended. However every-time the player moves the object in question will shift slightly while still staying in place. I checked other forum posts for a solution but the results...
  10. W

    Guys im new and need help

    so im working on a fighing game currently and realized that I need a character selcetiom screen so I searched up a youtube tutorial amd started getting to work once the lines of code were finished this problrm arised itself and I dont understand it I'm dropping a link in the attached files of...
  11. Daniel Mallett

    saving screen shot

    The following code should make objects invisible and only take a screen shot of what is left. It does make them invisible and takes a screenshot, but then will leave the visible objects on the output. I have tried fudging this with a delay but this is not good. As the visibility code runs first...
  12. F

    iOS Screen totally black for a very short moment while rotating the device

    Hello everyone, It troubled me for weeks that my project with orientation enabled on iOS devices, the screen will go totally black for a very short moment (like 1 or 2 frames?) when I rotate my device, I've recorded a video to clear up any confusion, and the issue timecode is 00:00:01:14 and...
  13. Daniel Mallett

    Saving to alternate locations

    I have a piece of code that takes a screen shot. num = 0; screen_save(working_directory + "\Screens\Screen_"+string(num)+".png") Please can someone tell me how to save this is a sensible place like the my pictures folder. I fear this can't be done please tell me i'm wrong.
  14. Aver005

    Android The problem with the screen

    Hello! I probably got you with questions, but please forgive me. I have a question associated with setting screen resolution. When I make the game 1280x720 and then launch it on my phone (Xiaomi Redmi 4X) I see that the game is not flipped and creates huge black borders. Is there no option...
  15. jf_knight

    Graphics Blood screen damage

    I'm surprised i couldn't find any tutorials, marketplace assets, or shaders on how to create the iconic red-edged screen/hud damage effect in gamemaker studio. Can anyone help?
  16. L

    Windows Graphics (card ?) issue

    Enjoying using the trial successfully but there's an issue with the output screen. I created a cube (sprite), applied gravity and watched it fall. Instead of the cube falling multiple cubes merged to form a long blurry trail as it fell. I also noticed that if I moved the output window, I had...
  17. U

    GMS 2 Loading screen

    There is a lot of objects, graphics, actions in my room. In theory. In many games i see loading screen. So when i need to do loading screen? And how can i do loading screen (any manual)? What will happend if i have lot of objects, graphics without such screen? Any lagging or incremental...
  18. G

    How To Remove The Splash Screen?

    okay, so i was testing out exporting my game to a .zip file. the game worked after extracting it but the only change to the window that worked was the window icon, the window title still said made with gamemaker and it still showed the splash screen!
  19. A

    Legacy GM Full Screen... Bug??

    Hello All, today I need help with my game in game maker 1.4... The problem is when I set fullscreen in my game it gives me a blank black screen. If you need a picture of the black screen i can add it just ask please. There is no code for me to add in all there is is me adding fullscreen through...
  20. N

    Black Screen Problem

    Hi guys! I am making a game which reach 150 sprites now and i'm facing an annoying problem. When i launch my game normally only a black screen appear, i can hear the sounds of my game and i know that i can play but i don't see anything. I'm on this problem for 3 days and i found a really...