1. M

    GMS 2.3+ My GMS2.3.3 IDE becomes white in some section

    I don't know why it becomes white in some sections. Can anyone help to recover this? It makes me stop to work in GMS2.3.3
  2. K

    SOLVED Weird shadowing/duplication happening on some phones.

    Hello! I recently managed to get one of my APK's to work on google play. But on some phones it doesn't work correctly. On Samsung Galaxy a70(1st picture) and OnePlues6T(2nd picture) it duplicates the objects but on my Redmi Note 8 Pro and Huawei P20 Pro (3rd picture) it works completely fine...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] blurring screen edges

    Hi, how could I achieve an effect where the edges of the screen (view following the player) are blurred? So that you can see clearly the center, but the edges get blurrier. Thanks in advance.
  4. SonOfWinter

    Question - IDE Zoomed gameMaker window

    Hello, i have a problem with game maker studio 2 interface. I have 2 types of screen : - 15,5" (2880*1800) - 24" (1920*1080) On the first one, game maker interface is ok but on the second is zoomed ... On 15,5" on 24" Another example with settings window : The top and the bottom of...
  5. U

    SOLVED Distorted screen on actual machine

    Hello. I'm Japanese so I rely on Google translation. sorry. When I started the game made with EXPERIA5, the left side of the screen was distorted, and the right side of the screen had some objects visible. It is said that android puts garbage on the data outside the description, and it seems...
  6. duran can

    Android How can I set the screen size?

    Since there are many android phone models, the screen sizes can be different. So what is the best room (view..etc) size? If I do 720 × 1440 it will be 1: 2 but if I do 1080 × 2340 it will be 1: 2.16666666667. For example, if I draw a circle, some screens are not exactly round. Or while all the...
  7. josyanf1

    GMS 2 ZX Spectrum Loading Screen

    Hello! I am trying to emulate the initial loading screen of a ZX Spectrum. I searched the internet a bit and I found this: I bought it, but apparently it is only for HTML5. Do you think there is a way to port this to...
  8. B

    Android Need bug confirmation. Please help anyone!

    Hi huys! Please anyone confirm you have this bug too. Steps: 1. Compile an apk of the landscape(not sure if required) game(with normal compile mode. Not yyc.) 2. Run the game from the launcher of your phone. 3. Once you see the game is starting(for me its 200-400 ms) block your phone...
  9. L

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Camera moved by pushing the screen's edge with mouse

    There are many great tutorials for an easy camera setup (for example: ), but in these the camera follows either the obj_player or the mouse, while I need a mostly static view that is only move if the mouse is at or near one of the screen edges or a WASD buttons pressed (like in most top-down...
  10. Coded Games

    GMS 2 Split screen but one view is rotated.

    Ok so I'm trying to do this fairly complicated split screen effect where I have one view on top of another. The view on top needs to be rotated so that the bottom edge of the view forms a diagonal line across the main view (view0). See whiteboard diagram: Along with that, I want the content...
  11. Arthur521

    Android Flashing screen issue on Android!

    Hi! Now I need help with this flashing border here, there is a way to solve it? My game have a lot of rooms, but only two of them have this problem and it only happens on some specific gadgets.
  12. J

    bbox versus sprite_xoffset for boundary restraints?

    Hello! I'm going through the "Breakthrough" tutorial and was just wondering why one code worked and one doesn't . . . This is concerning the part where the bat must be coded to stay within the boundaries of the game. This is the correct code in a Step event: if keyboard_check(vk_right) // Check...
  13. M

    Screen shake effect in two-player split screen

    So I've tried a couple different screen shake scripts and they work just fine in my game in single player - that is, when there's just one single view that follows the player, but if i try to modify it to fit the two-player mode, it just doesn't work. (that is, when there is two views following...
  14. Tofu Heavy Industries

    Legacy GM Screen glitching and "Tearing" after resize

    My game is at 256x240 resolution, running in Windows 7 in a resizeable window. If I run the game and resize the window, (using the mouse) it will start to 'tear' and white almost polygonal flashes will appear on the screen as im moving my character. At one time, I was in a small room, and it...
  15. Meester Dennis

    Android Panning mobile

    Dear people, I'm looking for an tutorial, extension or some help with panning in an mobile game. I'm trying to create an way to swipe with my finger true the room. So te player can swipe and see everything. I already tried something. My resolution script is: (I'm in the team off Pelistar now...
  16. G

    GMS 2 Android--Detecting/Handling Rounded Screens

    Android phones now sometimes have displays that are physically rounded at the corner. By default, GMS2 will still use the space, but anything under the corners will be obscured. Android provides an isRound() method to determine if the screen is rounded, but to my knowledge GMS2 does not provide...
  17. One-Armed-T-Rex

    Android Glitch in full screen black bars on Mobile (padding glitch) "SOLVED"

    Can anybody help me to find a solution for a glitch that shows up when running my game on my android device? (phone Oneplus 3). The game has a resolution of 384x256 pixels (ratio 3:2). My phone is set to 1920x1080 pixels (ratio 16:9), so my game has to show black bars at the side, but those...
  18. Drazglb.

    [SOLVED] Parallax Background doesn't stop when outside of room.

    Hi guys, it's me again. I'm having an issue with my parallax code. Here is how the hole thing is set up; I have 3 background layers, each one follows at a specified speed my character's x position. layer_x("layer1",clamp(o_char.x/2.5,0,room_width))...
  19. Drazglb.

    [SOLVED] Background fixed to the screen size?

    Hi guys, I'm totally new here, so I hope I make things right... So here's my issue: I want a static background which would always be the same no matter where the player is (I'm making a 2d platformer). I also want to stretch that background so it fits the screen size too. I hope someone could...