screen resolution

  1. Axl Trauts

    How to work a GUI frame/mask around a smaller playable area and moving resources on room

    Hi I've been doing a shoot-em up game on a 640x720 window. I've been wanting to adapt my game on different screens so I decided to make it on a regular resolution size (640x480, 1024x768, etc.). In order to make this, I decided to use the rest of the screen to put a GUI, like a mask such as the...
  2. Coded Games

    iOS Game not fullscreen on iPad Air 4

    So today I built Decks of Dexterity on an iPad Air 4 and noticed that it does not go properly fullscreen. See picture: My game properly scales to all other screen sizes and resolutions except this on. Works fine on older iPad and iPhone X. Is there some setting in Xcode that I need to enable...
  3. R

    [SORTED OUT]screen resolution

    Hello guys, I come here to answer a question: is it possible to keep the resolution or change it while you move between rooms? I have a problem in the creation of the menu screen, more in the part of drawings and paintings, where my drawing is not fitting on the screen and I would like to...
  4. Philip Wallin

    Screen Scaling

    HI, Im making a megaman-like platform game with fairly advance video options. The problem is that one of the video options is screen scaling. What i mean with that is an option where you can zoom you screen in fullscreen mode to match your monitor. if you've played shovel knight, you probably...
  5. J

    Discussion (mac) Getting graphical issues while running test

    I recently purchased a Macbook pro and the latest version of GMS 2, so long story short I'm a newb with both the computer and the software. That being said, I seem to be having a weird graphical issue when I run my game. I've tried searching the forums but with me being so new I'm not sure how...
  6. B

    Legacy GM Get device's screen resolution

    How could i get the device's screen resolution i'm running the game on and then set the game's resolution to the same resolution my pc use?So basically i want the game to run on the same resolution as my pc.(I used the word device because i would play my game on my phone)
  7. Zefyrinus

    *SOLVED* Too small screen resolution messes up mouse

    Note: I'm using GM 6.1. I know it's outdated, but because I started this game project using 6.1, I'm also going to finish it with it. I started this project many years ago, so I have no idea why made this decision, but the size of the background/game room is 1080x540 px. The computer I have GM...