1. sivispacem

    SOLVED Draw Instance Score - prints double (overlapping) text

    ---If you duplicated your room, ensure you do not have more than one persistent object placed in more than one room.--- Thank you to @TheouAegis, @Slow Fingers for the assistance. As the title suggests, I have been following the "Space Rocks" tutorial and all parts of the game work as the...
  2. B

    GML Resetting Score

    When my game sends you back to start menu the score stays the same flying thought levels. What command do i reset it with?
  3. xS89Deepx

    Online scoreboard

    I'm working on game but don't know how to do online score, and I'm using GM2, and I know basic programing, Example - Type your name "mike" than submit your score online...
  4. BenSunhoof

    Legacy GM The score system in my flight game works... but not as intended.

    Hello. It's been a while. I'm trying to make something simple - an auto-scrolling flying game where you click to gradually ascend. I've implemented almost everything I wanted, except for the score system. 1 point is assigned each 6 frames, making up 10 points per second. Here's what I'm...
  5. L

    Score are reset to zero

    i am making game "Space Rocks" for tutorial on youtube on GML. And i have some problems with Score and Lives. I added Text Lives and Score, write a code, but when i destroy asteroid, score for few seconds 10 but then equals 0, like with Lives. What problem, i dont know, their the tutorial
  6. S

    Windows Online scoreboard

    Does anyone know of an online scoreboard system that supports multiple scoreboards for different levels for the one game? I have also been looking for one that also enables importing scores back into game maker.
  7. rogonow

    Health and score not updating [solved]

    I always had problems with the build in variables health and score. Now, I can finally show clearly why. See GMS2 Why does the health stay the same when getting hit by the red bullet? Why does the score stays the same when hitting the...
  8. Architheutis

    [Solved] Some trouble with Highscore table (b4 xmas)

    Hi guys, I´ve got some trouble with my highscore table, before xmas. :rolleyes:o_O I programmed some objects and put them into different rooms in senseful order. programmed a name-entry screen for it, too. Everything works, but any time I finished the name entry in testing-mode, GMS2 says...
  9. H

    Move to different rooms depending on you score

    Hi I was just wondering if someone might be able to help. I'm wanting to have my player when they have 0 lives but say the score is over 1000 they go to a game complete room and if it's less than 1000 then they go to a game over room. Currently this is my code that I learnt from game maker...
  10. Architheutis

    ini-problems (no update and unpleasant list display)

    Hi programmers. I´ve got problems with ini-handling. I have a highscore table in my game. What I want: A saved highscore list on each unit - every time you restart the game, the ranking of the best players (TOP - 10) is reloaded. The list shows up to 10 names with the scores, vertically...
  11. Arlan64

    [RESOLVED] Keep a custom draw variable when we change room?

    Hello world, I created a new variable named "emeraldCount" but I want this variable not equals 0 when we change room... I want to keep the variable for all rooms, like the score variable for example if you want. I give you the codes: obj_drawScore >> Draw Event...
  12. M

    Legacy GM Showing Highscore in the HUD

    Do you know that some arcade games like Rastan Saga and The NewZealand Story show a the highscore in the HUD? Well, I want to do the same thing. How can I do this?
  13. White_tea

    Pass a score through Fb_dialog url?

    So, the new Facebook extension has stopped letting you add custom text to the description when letting users post to their wall, now you can only provide a link to a site. So can anyone think of a way to pass a score through a url address? For example...
  14. R

    Pretty Looking Score System

    Hi, in my game I have a number of ways to increase your score at the end of the level. You can increase it by defeating enemies, beating the level in a short time, and losing as little HP as possible. Now when you finish the level, you go to a loading screen for the next level, and in this...
  15. I

    alarm and score

    I'm working on a game for a schoolproject and I need to make an alarm. This alarm has to work in different rooms, but it has to be the same countdown alarm. When the alarm ends, the game needs to stop. The score has to be a global score which we can display in different rooms. After the game...
  16. P

    Portfolio - Audio Are you looking for music composition for your project?

    Kia ora all, I would like to offer my services as a musical composer for your next project! It's been a long time since I've been on the GMC forum and oh my me it's all changed! What I'm looking for? I am not looking for any one thing in particular, I am happy to help with anything from...
  17. Atbit

    GML Stopwatch final result

    (In advance I apologize for mistakes in the text) I have a simple stopwatch for game, which is visible in game. The main problem is, that I can't understand how numbers of sec,min,hrs should be shown in another room with results after game completed. There are two stopwatch objects: one for in...
  18. X

    Score in different rooms

    I have with a problem on points, (the game is for two players) I have defined two global variables to point corresponding to each player being 0 and whenever it marks a point goes to a question room where a question occurs, after it returns to first room, but that in that the point variables...
  19. U

    Portfolio - Audio Free Of Right Music (UNREAL MUSIC)

    Hey, I'm UNREΛL, I make free of rights music, take a listen on my soundcloud. I propose a variety of songs on many selling platforms for people to use it on their project, just check out my website for all the links or if you want to contact me for hiring. Enjoy !
  20. R

    GMS 2 Player score increments not by one but by multiples

    Hi team, I have come across a issue when I want to increment the players score when interacting with other object, it increments sometimes by 1 , 2 or 3, here is the snippet with(other){ speed=100; oPlayer.peopleScore+=1; direction=170; } This is when there is a colittion...