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  1. Roencia

    Steam Omni Link [BxG] Sci-fi, Romance, top down shooter

    Description: Omni Link is a different kind of visual novel featuring space exploration, real-time combat, and choices that affect gameplay and story. Find love across the stars and learn what it takes to give everything you have for those you care about. Story: You play as Keb. A man of little...
  2. M

    Windows Terra Prima.My very first game

    Hello!Today I came to show you my First full game available for download I spent 3 months in the development and it's for a contest. It's has a mix of classic genres such as platform,adventure and shoot 'em up. And if you want to download it you can download it here...
  3. B

    Alpha Voids Way - Action Platformer Early Development

    Voids Way Voids Way is a work in progress classic action/puzzle platformer based in a void like environment. You play as Thrylos a sci-fi fighter and using his trusty gun a jumping abilities must work your way through the void encountering intense battles with numerous monsters, and solving mind...
  4. Adrien Dittrick

    Windows She can't control it

    She can't control it can be played here: http://gamejolt.com/games/she-can-t-control-it/26742 It is a game I made for low-rez jam, the goal was to use a resolution of 32*32 pixels. I used an advantageous zooming system for that. Cute artwork awaits after every level! What is this about? Lily...
  5. M

    Alpha System Remnant | Sci-Fi Platformer Shooter [Devlog] [4.7.17]

    System Remnant A sci-fi action, shooter platformer with rouge-like elements and randomization. Follow an exploration droid that is trying to get home, exploring hazardous environments and defeating powerful enemies along the way. Discover altered locations, upgrade your weapon with an extensive...
  6. D

    Alpha Beyond-Human - Sci-fi action platformer (demo coming soon)

    About Beyond Human is a Metroid-Like Sci-Fi platformer with combat inspired by Devil May Cry. Set in a world where alien conspiracies have become reality. Features Metroidvania Style Progression Environmental Storytelling 6 Locations to Explore 6 Boss Battles 10+ Mini-Boss Battles 30+...
  7. CreativeJon90

    Job Offer - General Looking for a GM programmer and pixel artist [Rev share or paid] (programmer found)

    Hello everyone my name is CretiveJon90, Myself and others are working on a pixel project called Bounty Episode One. Link to FB page here----> https://www.facebook.com/Bounty-Episode-One-668399949939116/?fref=ts Sprites and assets are still being created. I am looking for a programmer and a...
  8. S

    Beta Beam Down Drone - A Sci-Fi Action Platformer

    Hello! I'm the sole full-time developer of Beam Down Drone, an Sci-Fi Action Platformer about shooting aliens and sarcastic talking trash cans. The game has been in development for a year now, and we hope to release soon - this July. (If the stars align) As I have the art capacity of a 6 year...
  9. nacho_chicken

    Free Simov

    Originally made for GMCJAM 15. [WINNER: Best Presentation] Simov is an atmospheric block puzzle game with light story elements inspired by Horror/Adventure games. Discovery is a big part of the experience. I hope you enjoy it! Screenshots: Updates from the original version include...