1. MarceloP

    Discussion Shouldn't Sprite Pivot be Real?

    Hey guys, it's me again. Well, I've noticed a pretty weird problem and I think it is related to my previous unanswered ticket/problem, which has the number: 143039, and was submitted in April. The fact is that after doing some tests I came across a bug related to scaling. When I scale an odd...
  2. D

    View scaling for all devices

    Hi guys, i've recently read this guide ( to scale my game view for evert device. However, i'm still pretty confused under many aspects :bash: The guide writes this code for full scaling: var base_w = 1024; var base_h =...
  3. D

    View porting and scaling problem

    Hi guys, i've recently read these about scaling the view in games but i'm still pretty confused under many aspects. To change the view scaling this guide: suggests to resize the surface and then centre it on the...
  4. NimNom1234

    How to downscale pixel art?

    Hi guys I don't know if this is a stupid question, but is there an effective way to scale down pixel art? My character is WAY to big for my room and whenever I scale it down it becomes a mess of pixels. Any tips?
  5. R

    Legacy GM Some help with scaling/sprite stretching

    Hi again everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any advice for how to 'scale' up a game's display (i.e make its port on a window/desktop bigger than the room itself) without the sprites stretching. I've tried doing it using views, using the window_set_size() function, and a couple of others...
  6. R

    Android Application Surface appears to move

    A few seconds after compiling on android, the image shifts. The green bars are the room/view boundaries and you can see how the right side gets chopped off. Both images are screenshots, taken just seconds apart. Using Samsung Galaxy s8+. This pops up in the output box when it happens, I...
  7. mb10

    [SOLVED] Game not stretching properly even though I'm scaling by x2

    Hey everyone, So i have a pixel game, the view is set to 360x640 (9:16) in the room and the port on screen is set to 720x1280 so I'm basically stretching/scaling it by x2, but somehow the pixels are getting distorted making it look really ugly and i can't seem to find a way to fix it. here is...
  8. Gun_Goose

    GMS 2 Need help trying to combine 2 resolutions of sprites

    Hi, I am working on a 2d Zelda like game. Most of my sprites and all my tilesets are made up of 32 by 32 bits. I was planning on having one of my enemy objects be animated outside of the 32 bit retro art by using Claymation. I essentially wanted my sprites to be actual images that would look...
  9. gdkid

    Android Scaling Troubleshooting [GMS:1.4]

    Hi guys I have a problem with scaling, in some specific Android phones, it shows the screen like this. The big one is the scaled version, while the smaller one is the original size. I can't figure out the reason for that. You can see the attached image of error. Thank you in advance.
  10. S

    GMS 2 Ways to implement scaling text?

    For accessibility reasons, I've been trying to figure out how to implement scaling text in GMS2, text that can be any size and still look good. GMS only supports bitmap fonts, which are not friendly to scaling, and this is definitely a deal-breaker for me as accessibility is important to me, but...
  11. Ricardo

    HTML5 Scaling issues with runtime [SOLVED]

    Hey! I've been using for long time @Nocturne script to do scaling in HTML5. That old, good and always working HTML5 scaling snipped is now giving me offset coordinates. It seems like the GUI size is not following the canvas scaling, affecting clicks events in objects. I can see Mark reported...
  12. D

    Legacy GM Tiles scaling glitch

    Hi everybody, i tried to add tiles to my game but i'm having a weird glitch: between some tiles there are some "transparent" gaps. From what i have understood this might be caused by the tiles not being scaled properly, but i can't figure out how to solve it. My view is 960 x 540 ported on a...
  13. P

    GMS 2 Scaling the interface

    I'm trying to scale the interface like in the code of score, where text is scaled when window changes its resolution. I have a example code where this works but I can't make this in the health system where are sprites. Can you guys help? Here is the good code of the draw event from the score...
  14. B

    GMS 2 Mobile Scaling

    Hey there, I (like many I am sure) have recently downloaded the mobile GMS 2 export and I was wondering what the best way to scale for all the new aspect ratios (tall displays such as 18:9) and old ones such as 16:9 and all the iPhone resolutions. Does anybody here have any experience with this...
  15. S

    GMS 2 Scaling is Blurry for Text and Images

    Hello there, I am soon releasing my next game: PlayUSA onto the steam store but I am encountering some issues with scaling, whenever I scale the art gets very blurry which is very strange as I use vector art and in @RangerX scaling tutorial he says that but with no code, the game just ends up...
  16. H

    Scaling up images?

    I've tried looking up tutorials about how to scale up sprites/images, but the only ones I seem to find are for pixel art. Considering I'm using more detailed images, these methods make the images look blurred or pixelated. My question is how would I go about scaling the game/sprites while using...
  17. 0

    GMS 2 Make view(port) always the same as window size

    Hello Community I'm currently developing a "sim city" 2D city-builder style game and I am trying to build a realiable and flexible base for the main features and functions. Of course s very important part is the resolution, (GUI) scaling and size management. The game is mainly developed for...
  18. D

    Draw GUI, Window and sprite scaling

    Hi community, i am currently having headaches with this: I have my game running on 1280x800 which i set to be the required minimum resolution. I am using only Draw GUI events to draw text and gradients and stuff. Now from time to time i need to draw sprites as well. Here is where my problem...
  19. D

    Design Game Resolution - Scaling

    Hello, I want to ask, with method is best to use to SCALE your game. 1.Method I´ll make game in resolution of 1200x1920 and set in game 1200x1920 (view), but port will be set besides current device (+borders of aspect ratio). Will this method be bad for FPS, when you will play it on weaker...
  20. B

    GML Help With Scaling

    Hey! My game is nearing release and there is one thing that I need to do but unfortunately, I have no clue where to start for it. My game is mainly based on draw_text() and some images and sprites, if anybody could give me any tips to scale for different display sizes it would be much...