scaling of html5 game

  1. Cupid Stunt

    GML Is there automatic scaling?

    Before I get to reinventing the wheel I want to be sure that there is not an automatic scaling system for users resizing game or browser windows. The games that I'm currently working on should have their elements stay in the same relative position and all remain visible as the window's size is...
  2. T

    HTML5 How to scale canvas preserving the clickable area

    On our website, we upload games made by our students. Because scaling up usually looks better we have a view port of 640x480 for all the student games and scale the canvas up to fit its container, so that the game looks good on most desktop environments. However, since we started implementing...
  3. L

    HTML5 Scaling & Mouse Position Issue

    Greetings, I have a game I had developed for Desktop and started with my rooms in 1600:900. Now, I've been converting it to the HTML5 target and have gotten most of the scaling issues resolved. I've followed the YoYo blog on how to scale the game to the browser window and it visually looks...
  4. S

    HTML5 scaling problem: mask/mouse offset

    hi everyone, After following the yoyo blog scaling tutorial for html (room scaling only) --> blog/67/scaling-for-html5, I have the problem that the game scales but the buttons become "unclickable". First I thought that the button mask just stays put while the rest scales but after some research...
  5. S

    Button functions not scaling with game

    Hello. I've been using Game maker for about 2 years now and I recently discovered how to scale a game on a browser. I want to run games on my website but I'm having an issue. I have on-screen buttons in the game that work fine when the game is played at normal size. However, when I start to...
  6. S

    Need help!! Scaled button don't click!!

    Hello, i made a HTML5 game, and i just learned how to scale the screen so i would be able to play it on my cell phone. The issue I'm having is when it is on my phone or even on a small screen browser the on-screen buttons won't work. Please help me out!! :' (
  7. T

    HTML5 Scaling a game on mobile browsers

    Hi, I have read some posts about scaling a game for different resolutions but they don't cover html5 on mobile. Our game is ready and we are polishing some final stuff. Target platform is HTML5 without WebGL and the game and the scaling works well on pc browsers. The problem comes when I open...
  8. U

    Low resolution, scaled game

    So basically I've been looking at various scaling tutorials and a lot of it seems a bit over my head. I'm creating a non-scrolling (static screen) game. I'm going to use a resolution of 135x240 (16:9 or technically 9:16 aspect in portrait mode). I don't mind if there are black bars on the...
  9. B

    HTML5 HTML5 game does not adjust when I resize web browser window

    Hi, My HTML5 game does not adjust when I resize web browser window. There is something strange going on from beginning of all this story with scaling of HTML5 game. In my code and now in your code, NazGhuL, when I start game by pressing of little green arrow (button) in upper left corner of GMS...