1. M

    Help: Fitting Game to Canvas HTML5

    Hello :) I’m using GameMakerStudio2 and I've created my first game that I now exported to HTML5. I followed the, tutorial to fit the canvas to the browser window size and it works well. But unfortunally it doesn't scale the game...
  2. P

    ViewPorts Views Cameras, Need Help [UNSOLVED]

    Hello everybody, could you please help me with scailing, fullscreen mode and else: I am doing game for portrait view of phones so I have maximum view Width of 800 px. So when I test my game on computer of 1280:1024 in full screen it looks normally (can't make a screenshot, so explain here: right...
  3. Mythi.T

    GMS 2 Few Quick Questions About Image Scaling/Importing

    Hello. Because my brain isn't filled with enough knowledge, there are questions to be answered, and this is the place I've chosen to ask them. The title probably says it all about what I am asking about. That's all I have to say before I ask these questions. The GMS documentation page about...
  4. zendraw

    Graphics Graphics size and scaling

    i have a problem im not sure how to handle, i want to make a more hi res sprites for a game butif i scale them down thru view port theyr quality gets destroyed. basicly its 8x8 plane where each tile i want to make 256x256 so it ends up 2048x2048, yeah but when i squeeze that in a view quality...
  5. Carloskhard

    GML Change resolution of VM while testing

    So I wanted to test my android game in different resolutions and see how my system for scaling works, however when I was testing I saw that changing the size of the emulation window doesn't change "display_get_...", while doing this in another new proyect it works(It changes the display size). I...
  6. Divinik

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Keep Sprite in Same Position Relative to Obj Scale?

    So I have a simple scale calculator used for scaling active actors relative to their horizontal position on the screen during the battle sequences of the game. The code for that is: battleScale = (distance_to_point(x, camera_get_view_y(camera)))*0.0025; image_xscale =...
  7. Occupant

    GML Does scaling text involve loss?

    If text is being dynamically generated and drawn to some confined space, there seems to be two ways to deal with sizing the font correctly: 1. use draw_text_transformed to draw a scaled version of the string, after string_width_ext and _string_height_ext so that you can compare it to the...
  8. Kezarus

    Legacy GM Font Size / GUI Layer

    Hi friends! I am having an issue with font sizes. People say that they can't barely read the text on my game. I am at 1980 x 1080 resolution and all is fine. Should I scale the GUI Layer? What is the best course of action? Thanks in advance, Kezarus
  9. U

    GMS 2 Mouse_x/y and views

    Hey Everyone, I have a very strange problem which I seem unable to solve by myself. What am I trying to do: I want get the angle (for direction/image angle purposes) of my sword object compared to the mouse when I click the mouse button. This sounds simple enough...
  10. FB-Productions

    GMS 2 How to make Fixed Scale (100%) Full Screen switching on Windows?

    Hello everyone, I have been having some problems achieving a certain Full Screen look in Game Maker Studio 2. The look I am trying to achieve when Full Screening my game is called FIXED Scale on 100% (NOT Full Scale!). This was an option available in the Graphics tab of the Global Game Settings...
  11. FacesOfMu

    GMS 2 draw_sprite_ext with scaling and the mask?

    Hey all, I've been working under the assumption that when you draw a sprite to the object's x and y and use scaling as in draw_sprite_ext that the bounding box would be calculated to the newly scaled sprite. I tried making a button in my game and scaled it by 2 but found clicking on it didn't...
  12. K

    how would you create a balance scale?

    Hi, I want to have a balance scale in my game, and I want it to be dynamic looking so that it swings up and down a bit when you put on weight, but I have hard time thinking how I should do it. So my question is, how would you guys go about creating one? I was thinking of using the physics in...
  13. M

    Windows How do I scale my textures and/or room in GMS2?

    Hello, I am fairly new to Game Maker and wanted to know how I can scale my room size and textures. I looked into doing it though code, but obviously I don't want to do that for every single object, it would also cause problems because 1. like I said, I would have to do this for everything, and...
  14. jwrose

    trying to scale and affect opacity on all instances on specific layers

    Hello! In order for a specific gameplay feature to work, I need to make all enemy instances on a specific layer, additional instances on another layer, and all tiles on a tile layer to essentially "zoom" toward the screen quickly and, at the same time, change opacity (image_alpha) so they do a...
  15. cidwel

    Individual DPI config - MacOS

    I'm using GMS2 in Mac (I'm a newcomer in mac) So... I have two monitors. A 27inch which GMS editor looks perfect and the 13inch from the laptop. This is what happens when i move the GMS2 window into the 13inch laptop screen I configured the DPI override into 150pts and now it looks good in...
  16. darijs1

    Legacy GM xscale & yscale based on distance to mouse

    Since i recently figured out how to auto tile based on an objects xscale and yscale, i decided to try and make my own room editor within the game. My problem is that i cant figure out how the get a perfect object scale from its original position to the mouse Any ideas on how this can be done in...
  17. Daniel Mallett

    Scale Tilemap

    Please can someone tell me how to scale tiles. Either draw_tile scaled or draw_tilemap scaled or something. I have a feeling this can't be done but it's worth an ask.
  18. Ayziak

    GMS 2 View Aspect Ratio Messes with SWF Vector Graphics

    So I'm hoping to make a game that can run on most if not all screen shapes & resolutions. The first part of this display versatility is aspect ratio. I've made my objects & square view in the center of a massive room, where the view can expand in any direction to accommodate a display (while...
  19. Coded Games

    Increase Scale of Background layer

    So is there any way to increase the scale of a background layer without just scaling up the sprite?
  20. G

    GML Pixelated Text

    I am having a problem with the text coming out weird and pixelated. I dont know what to do to fix it. I have read some stuff on scaling but I dont know how to do that. If you dont know what I am talking about here is a picture It looks wrong to me