1. FoxyOfJungle

    GML [Solved] ds_maps: How to save/load the room with instances?

    I am making a customizable game where the player will have to build a mall. How do I save all instances of 2 different objects and also save global variables such as score and others (All in the same ds_map)? I need everything to be saved in a ds_map and then use ds_map_write () Save/Load Code...
  2. D

    Windows UWP app loses saved data

    So, I'm having trouble saving the data through a uwp runtime. The data is saved during pure testing through gamemaker, but does not save the txt file when running the uwp. Seems to be loading properly, but does not store the information when asked to save. this is my save file: file =...
  3. M

    HTML5 Need help with save data on either Cookies or Server-side! Urgent!

    I work for a small team that has made its name on Flash games and I've been put on as the head of an HTML5 project using GMS2. I'm actually fairly new to programming, but the developer-side stuff has been easy so far. I need to make a save/load system where I can get an .ini file to save to...
  4. eyethree

    UWP Saving and Loading ini Files (targeting Xbox One)

    Hello, I've recently had to rework a save system for one of my games on Xbox One to Save/Load via ini files/functions (followed this YoYo tutorial with the included wrappers). After rewriting everything (which I thought I understood, but I've been up for 32 hours, so pardon my complete lack of...
  5. Dengar

    Legacy GM help figuring out buffer save/load system

    im creating a buffer save/load system that saves sprites and variables to a single external file. below is what I have sofar. its just doing variables and it works but how do I handle sprites? I understand I have to draw sprites to a surface and use buffer_get_surface and buffer_set_surface...