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  1. KranoNetwork

    GML Needed some basic help with Arrays for a save system

    I am working on a program which would create a character sheet for a table top system. One of the parts I am working on is an array system which would allow me to set an infinite number of save spaces. Currently I have a menu system which brings me to two pages, one of the pages would edit a...
  2. I

    Problem with Save in the game With Collision tiles

    so... i tried to save my game and after it load it and this is what happen and before it after I loaded the game I cannot move this is my code: in the save obj (Collision with oPlayer): if (keyboard_check_pressed(ord("E"))) { layer_reset_target_room(); game_save("save")...
  3. Sargonnas

    [SOLVED] Save and Load shinanigans

    Hello! I know I'm missing something totally obvious again, but this problem has been plaguing me for months and I keep going back to it and...no progress. I've gone through four or five different tutorials on Youtube, following them as closely as possible but haven't gotten any to work. I'm...
  4. F

    Saving System Problem

    Hi, i have some save problems. Im using gms2 and i wanna make game on android. 60% is done but im stucked at save system. If i use classic drag n drop save system, after updating when i load game something is bugged everytime. So i dont wanna know how to make save system where u can save only...
  5. G

    GML I have a problem with saving

    I have a variable, that is "GunX". I'm using this variable between object, so I'm using that with "global.". I want to save "global.GunX" because my game have to remember Value of this variable. What should I do? I'm trying do that with "objectname.GunX" but I couln't do with that also. Btw I'm...
  6. Divinik

    GMS 2 Loading Grid From Json Not Working Properly?

    So in the game I'm currently working on, every companion and their info is stored in a ds_grid (Companions_Grid), and within each companion's column is another inventory grid stored for the companion. The code for storing the inventory grids into the json seems to be working perfectly, I check...
  7. Architheutis

    Cannot find the folder of my .ini

    Hi Folks, I cannot find the folder of my .ini-data. Game Maker 2 saves it into Computer/User/Architheuthis/AppData/Local/Filename.ini So... I cannot find the folder "AppData" and folders within. I use Windows 10. Can anybody gimme a hint? Best wishes, Archie.
  8. punchbunny

    iOS iOS Deletes Save Files on OS Update

    Hi everyone, long time user, first time poster. I've started receiving reports with the last two iOS updates that my users' save files are being wiped out, with the app apparently reinstalling from scratch without saving anything from the 'Documents' folder. I was under the impression that the...
  9. NotTayyy

    GMS 2 How Do Seeds Work?

    Hi I Had an Idea to Have a Random number that is Set at the beginning of thegame and depending on what number was rolled you would get slight variations to the main game. But I Was wondering, How does Seeds work, Is the seed That I Export the Game With The Seed everyone Gets? Or is the Seed...
  10. S

    Legacy GM State Loading issue

    I'm currently having trouble getting my load game script to work across all of my rooms. It's very odd and no matter how much I rack my brain I just can't seem to figure out what is going on! Technically everything is loading in fine except my inventory which I'm just using ds lists to...
  11. Fredrik

    [ SOLVED ]

    Hey. I'm making a dungeon crawler, and the entire game takes place in only one game maker room. I've made a system which will generate a random dungeon, and when you find the way down to the next floor it will delete the current generated level and generate a new one. However, if you want you...
  12. hughrock_projects

    GMS 2 What am I doing wrong with my data saving/loading?

    Hello fellow indie devs! This problem has had me stumped forever now (feels like it anyway). I've looked up several "how-to" vids on saving and loading data in gms2. I've dabbled in using json-ds_map, ds_grid_read/write, and even ini files (hate them). For some reason, that has me truly...
  13. G

    Saving based on the room the player is in with Drag and Drop

    So, i've been working on making a platforming game using Drag and Drop in Gamemaker 2 Studio. I'm struggling with a save system. The sort of system i want is if the player is in a certain room, the game saves automatically. For example, once the player gets to a new world, saving it so that when...
  14. D

    Windows How to make a save and load game function with json files?

    I have been working on my game for quite some time and I am working on trying to add a save and load game feature to my game. The problem is I can't ever get it to work no matter how many google searches I do or how many YouTube videos I watch. If anyone could help me to understand this so I can...
  15. V

    Android / Amazon Fire on_game_paused and saving on android

    Hello! My name ist Colin. I got a problem with saving my game with *.ini files while using step event and on_game_paused. I also used Game End and Room End events. Also I used event_perform in combination with step and on_game_paused and performed a new user event with that code in it. This...
  16. E

    GMS 2 Help with saving and loading a game with HTML5

    Hi all! I've tried looking online for tutorials and help regarding this but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for (perhaps I'm just looking in the wrong place). I'm creating a RPG game with all the usual stuff like quests, monsters, experience and whatnot. One thing I'm a bit stumped on...
  17. JasonTomLee

    Why use buffers and json ?

    I've used ini files before for saving / loading but I was wondering why and when you'd use buffers/json. Why would you use one over the others? Thanks!
  18. H

    How to save global variables?

    Is there any way to save global variables so that when the player closes the game and opens it again, the game will start on the title screen and global variables will be saved from the last time played? I have tried using ini_write_real and ini_write_string ,but It wont work. Can someone tell...
  19. Zeathus

    New Game and continue

    Hi! I'm a begginer in GML and I'm making a simple platformer and I want to make a save & load with a New Game and Continue but I don't know how can someone help?
  20. W

    How do i update, without overwriting saved data

    Hey there! Im currently working on a concept for a game were you will be able to save and load the game, but I have run into a bit of a problem. I am only starting to learn how to save a game and came to think: If i have my game on Steam for example, and decided to make an update to the game...