1. M

    Asset - Extension Physics Sandbox Sauce Code

    In this physics sandbox you can pick up, place and toss objects with the mouse. It also works with Android. Here is the extension
  2. B

    Android Vaccine A - defense game

    Vaccine A is a defense game to protect CPU from enemies. Mine resource blocks and defeat enemies to get resources. Build a base with firewalls, vaccines and various utility blocks! Defend huge wave of enemies in power saving mode! Full of parodies and memes about familiar programs, like GMS or...
  3. careywhite98

    Alpha Secluded - Survival Crafting Sandbox RPG - LOOKING FOR TESTERS

    I am new to GMS2 - and new to game developing in general. This is just a side hobby of mine; who knew a hobby could last for 10hrs+ a day.. I have been using GMS2 for around a month (and used it previously as a trial a few months ago). I started off with a lot of smaller games with a lot less...
  4. aristhemage

    GML Logic Help, the inventory is only going up once per item

    Hi all I am making a sandbox game with an inventory with 9 slots, when picking up an item it should look for an empty slot, or a slot where it has the same item. What it is doing is updating the inventory with the item, and unique items go into the next slot with nothing in it like it should...
  5. aristhemage

    Windows [Gm2] How to use this jumbled code to my advantage, sandbox world with creating new blocks

    Hi all, with the help of another I have done some world generation for a sandbox game, here is how it generates. //World array = []; global.worldArrayLength = 0; //First two layers for (var i = 0; i < 80; i++;){[global.worldArrayLength++] = instance_create_layer(i *...
  6. Distronaut

    Free Total Anarchy - 2020 Update

    Inspiration: Grand Theft Auto 2 meets Hotline Miami Genre: Action Adventure Version: 0.9 (2020.1) - essentially completed, but more content on the way Price: Free to play. No ads, no micro-transactions, no shareware - just play and have fun! Platforms: Windows Only Made using: Game Maker Studio...
  7. WimpyLlama

    Collision with two instances of the same object at once.

    For collision with walls and such, I use this method. //Movement moveX = (keyD-keyA)*walkSpeed; moveY = (keyS-keyW)*walkSpeed; //Collision //Set sprite bbox variables var sprite_bbox_top = sprite_get_bbox_top(sprite_index)-sprite_get_yoffset(sprite_index); var sprite_bbox_bottom =...
  8. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 Load from file sandbox problem

    I want to load an image / sprite from file on disk outside sandbox post runtime. I have asked this question before and get the response you can't do it it's a sandbox. However I have reason to believe this is no longer the case. I have also found a button that says enable disable sandbox so...
  9. aristhemage

    SOLVED Code should work in theory, why is it spawning only 1 or 2 trees per load in?

    Hello, I have a create code that goes as follows: var wait = 0 for (var i = 0; i < 80; i++){ var number = irandom_range(0,5); var number2 = irandom_range(0,1); if wait = 0 { if number = 2{ //Tree One if number2 = 1{ world[worldArrayLength++] = instance_create_layer(i * 64, 704, "Blocks"...
  10. aristhemage

    GML Resolved, I don't know how to delete posts

    Resolved, I don't know how to delete posts
  11. N

    Windows [Solved] Did anyone get the disable Sandbox thing to work properly?

    I'm using GMS2 & build the game as zip I've tried the simple code to check the problem. show_message(program_directory); if file_exists("") then { zip_unzip("",program_directory+"Data/"); } else { show_message("File Not found!"); } The result is The message show correct place (same...
  12. WimpyLlama

    Platformer using advanced objects not working

    I have no idea if the title to this post is anywhere near what my problem is, but I'm trying my best. So I've been working on this one problem for a good eight hours now (according to Steam), and I decided to just throw in the towel and ask here. I'm working on a platformer survival game...
  13. H

    GMS 2 How to load external files/sounds during gameplay

    The thread title is pretty self-explanatory. I KNOW there are threads and topics covering this very question. I've seen them in the past for GMS1.4, but I must be looking for them wrong because I'm having trouble finding what I'm looking for now. I know that GMS is sandboxed, but being able to...
  14. Dilawlaw

    Android Problem with files on android

    Hi everyone, So after finishing a demo version of my android game, I wanted to include some trackers ( number of deaths on levels, time spent..etc) and give the demo to players, then the game save a file with all the stats which the players are supposed to send me back for my analytics The...
  15. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] zip_unzip() - How to save in a different location?

    The new version of Game Maker Studio lets you disable the engine sandbox, this works with the "file_" functions, but doesn't work with zip_unzip(). Is there any way to extract a zip to any location outside of "appdata"? I'm basically doing an update system, and I need to extract the...
  16. G

    iOS Bug with file functions in iOS? Creating a file does not seem to work, "no such file" error.

    I check for the existence of a file and, if it does not exist, create it, like so: global.privacy_consent = false; if (!file_exists("privacy_consent.bhsl")) { show_debug_message("* Privacy_consent.bhsl did not exist, creating it."); var privacy_consent_map = ds_map_create()...
  17. JesterOC

    (SOLVED) Help with GMFileSystem

    So i'm having an issue... My script below uses GMFileSystem extension... It's supposed to copy a file from inside some folders in working_directory.... However, it shows my message "No OUT file" meaning the file didn't get copied out of the sandbox. FS_file_copy() and/or FS_file_exists() MUST...
  18. Mythi.T

    GMS 2 Separate Applications Sharing Directories??

    Ok. I want to have a system where all version of a game, ie "my game" all share the SAME %localappdata% file. GMS 2 is sandboxed, right? yes. and that means that application My Game v1.0 writes files into %localappdata%/My Game v1.0/ and the application My Game v1.2 writes files into...
  19. newtinn

    Free Ginger Nature | Sandbox!

    Ginger Nature is a small sandbox game based around a small gingerbread man. I made this in one day (20/12/2018) and I thought it went pretty well! All the keys are shown when you open the game, but if you need the keys here they are: - W, A and D to move - Z & X to change blocks (shown in top...
  20. Edwin

    Legacy GM How to create a folder outside a working directory

    Hello, pals! You, guys, perfectly know that GM:S creates your game data in C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local folder. So I wanna create a folder with specific name (team/company name) and put there my every game. This is example: So, how I can perform it?