1. Megax60

    How much does a game sell?

    i dont know how much will my game sell, but im curious. my game will be an action platformer, 5-6 hours duration (or more if you're a casul), more or less, it will be a hard game in wich if you are a casul, you will die over and over... but if you think dark souls is easy, then, this game will...
  2. J

    UWP Steam Vs UWP

    Hi, I released my game on Steam a few weeks ago and the sales are... Slow. I'm looking for other avenues of income and platforms and I see YoYo is giving discounts for those of us who has the old UWP licence and if we upgrade them we get to publish on Xbox One Creators Program as well as Windows...
  3. C

    Discussion Game Maker Studio 1.4 Sale?

    I want to buy a new module for G.M.S. 1.4 and I want to buy it as soon as possible, I don't want to wait for the release of G.M.S. 2. I have waited to the end of Autumn because I hoped that an Autumn sale will be held, but that didn't happen. What are the chances of an early Winter sale?
  4. ZeDuval

    Marketplace - No updates to Sales/DLs

    This is maybe not that important, but atleast for me, the Download-values in the Publisher console overview don't increase anymore for a few days now. However, when I change to the Analytics-Tab, I can see the current values. That was... a nice surprise! :D I thought I'd atleast post this since...