1. Bluetail7

    Beta New Citadel Song - (running game)

    Core Run is an endless running game aimed for mobile, but the buttons are not implemented yet. Beware!! The game scrolls too fast that may get you dizzy. Is it recommended to don't play for too long (more than 10 minutes). Controls: Arrow keys: UP and DOWN, Mouse for menus, Enter to pause or...
  2. F

    Released Runner

    Hi there, I have complete my third game (Runner) -- I am here mostly looking for feedback. Overview Instructions press 1 to turn off music press the up arrow key to jump Runner is a game where you need to jump up in order to avoid walls or obstacles. The scripting was mostly made by me but...
  3. K

    Runner Crashes

    I'm having trouble with the Runner crashing when I run my current project. Debugger disconnects when this happens, so there's no debugger information to help track down what's going wrong. I've dealt with this type of crash before, whenever I've dealt with it before it's always been related to...
  4. M

    Android Luchador vs Invaders

    So Luchador vs Invaders it's a game that I've been working on for these past weeks,it's an infinite runner. It has bosses every couple of meters you pass and random events. It's planned to be a mobile release for early 2017,you can see a preview here(The quality is kinda ****ty because I...
  5. D

    Team Request Looking for Programmer to form a Super-Team

    Hello all, I'm an experienced artist making a platform/runner called Tech-Suit Sushi Delivery! This will be a collaboration, profit share kinda thing. Maybe I could trade my art for someones programming skills, who knows. PM me
  6. F

    Windows Game Maker Studio 2 Beta runner error all the time

    Game Maker Studio 2 Beta it works fine with a empty room, but when you add resources to the resource tree or room or both it complains the runner cannot be found when it exists where it's meant to exist, I even filed a help desk ticket and they told me to make sure it exists in the correct...
  7. M

    Android [HELP] How to draw Tron-like, 80's lines

    Hi, i'm making simple Jetpack Joyride-like endless runner in 80's style. My problem is how to draw this Tron-like lines like in this picture. Well, maybe drawing will not be so difficult but i want them to move according to player and perspective and i have completly no idea how to do it. I...
  8. Samuel Venable

    [C++] Working Non-Async *.DLL Call?

    Hello community. I've noticed using non-async functions like WaitForSingleObject() and system() in a *.DLL can make the Windows Runner crash, if it is waiting on a process to close, and the user tries to click on or interact with the main game window. I reported this as a bug on the YYG...
  9. A

    Android Tuko's Escape [Android, Free]

    Hi, I've just released my First Game. It's a platformer-runner for Android. Description Guide our friend Tuko, a cute and glutton toucan, through the mine where he accidentally fell after being shot by a poacher. He can't fly because he has a wounded wing, but inside the mine he has found a...
  10. D

    HTML5 The Sky Runners

    The Sky Runners.... Game Link : Some Features - 2 Different Themes & Locations (Winter Theme & Simple Platform Theme) - 4 Different Characters (Sammy , Angel , Ninja & Knight) - 2 different powerUps (Magnet & Flash) - Obstacles & Coins :) Credits... - Open...
  11. U

    Legacy GM Need help for game project

    Hi ! I started to do a runner game where you play the death and you mow souls, with these souls you can buys ameliorations, skin, weapons, etc... I have many ideas concept, levels etc ... It's a pretty serious project even if I juggle with the university, so I need help to finish with me the...
  12. M

    Legacy GM Making preset instance creations

    Hello, all. I'm trying to make an infinite runner game. This is a little hard to explain, but the way I am attempting to do this is to have preset obstacles then create a random one in front of the player every few seconds. What would be the best way to do this? The only way I could think of...
  13. Samuel Venable

    Free Flappy Wheels 3D (for Windows, Macintosh, Ubuntu, Android, and Web)

    Product Screenshots: Product Features: Official website - The infinite objective - survive as many laps as you can Laps make you faster - speed reset after multiples of 50 Steering gradually offset - you will need your arrow keys Press something when it...
  14. D

    Legacy GM Runner Fails to Open

    When I press the green button/f5, the runner never pops up. When I run debug, the runner crashes. I have not successfully run my game yet. It fails to work on an empty project as well. I am running Windows 10, 8GB RAM, with Nvidia 940MX Graphics with 2GB of VRAM. I have DirectX 12. GM:Studio...
  15. N

    Where is the YoYo Games Runner apk?

    I can't find the Yoyo Games Runner apk (com.yoyogames.runner.apk), I searched in the Android file (AppData\Roaming\GameMaker-Studio\Android), but there's nothing, and I can't test my android game via data cable. Some help please, and thanks.
  16. studio furukawa

    Android Android Compile error with Facebook

    We are having issues with compiling to YYC Android. Recently we added Facebook extension and cant seem to figure out what is causing this error, :com.StudioFurukawa.PixelCarRacer:preBuild UP-TO-DATE :com.StudioFurukawa.PixelCarRacer:preReleaseBuild UP-TO-DATE...
  17. R

    Problem on run test.

    I'm new to the GameMaker Studio and I'm experiencing this difficulty.When I tried to run this project, it opens a new window but after the loading screen, this happened.
  18. G

    Free Hyperflex (gameplay included)

    Ever wanted to play VVVVVV, Pivvot, Super Hexagon and Impossible Game at the same time? No? Anyway, it doesn't matter, because now you can! Change gravity, dodge obstacles and reach 1000 meters on each level to reveal The Mystery! You have to know what's hiding behind those question marks...