1. I

    GMS 2.3+ Run Game Slowdown: Setting Scheduler Resolution to 1

    First time posting so please forgive me if I missed a rule or I am duplicating an earlier post. I am struggling with a slow compiler when running my game. I am currently using Game Maker 2 (ID v2.3.2.560) on my Windows 10 computer (i7 / 2060 Nividia) and I have attempted to google/review the...
  2. B

    Android Can't run empty project: Build failed

    I would like to make my first steps towards making an android game and followed this yoyogames article on getting set up: I have since been trying to get a fresh, empty project to run on my phone but...
  3. D

    Windows Game always run from the last created room

    Hello everybody! I am a complete beginner, started just yesterday. I ran into errors that when I press Run the game always starts from the last created room The order don't matter As seen in the screenshots screenshot 1 - my settings. by all logic, I should start on room 1 screenshot 2 -...
  4. Bune Duggy

    Windows Runner.exe exited with non-zero status (-1073741819)

    Hey, all of a sudden my game isn't compiling and I'm not sure why. I'm hoping somebody here can help me out with this because I've seen a lot of other issues I've had with GMS 2.3 posted here. I get this at the end of the compile in the Output window: V://windows/Runner.exe exited with...
  5. acuacu52699

    Mac OSX GMS Run Error- Port Error

    Hi, I hope I am correct in this thread. I downloaded the GMS for Mac for the first time today and read a bit. Now I wanted to start my project and the following message appears: FAILED: Run Program Complete For the details of why this build failed, please review the whole log above and also...
  6. acuacu52699

    Run Error

    Hi, I hope I am correct in this thread. I downloaded the GMS for Mac for the first time today and read a bit. Now I wanted to start my project and the following message appears: FAILED: Run Program Complete For the details of why this build failed, please review the whole log above and also...
  7. Andrew Simms

    Mac OSX SOLVED: Game was Test Running, After installing Xcode, it won't

    I've been working on my first game for about 3 days now, and for all this time the game was test running in YoYo Runner just fine. (I'm on a MacBook btw) Randomly, the next time I opened GM2, the game won't run. I haven't changed anything in terms of coding. I downloaded an older version of...
  8. M

    Run unchanged Game again without re-compiling

    Hi guys I dlike to optimize the development time of my game a little bit. Is there a way to re-run a game without re-compiling the code, if i haven't changed anything? (This would sometimes save a lot time, when im testing the game)...
  9. Le Slo

    Steam Game not running

    Hey, So I've been trying to upload my to Steam and after some attempts and some small victories, I'm in a dead end, not finding anything on google, steam or yoyo documentation. I have achieved to upload the game to steam following this two tutorials: (specially this one because I use GMS2)...
  10. H

    GMS 2 My game freezes after i kill enemy

    So when i click play (f5) and start walking in my platformer game and kill enemy the game maker studio 2 runner freezes and i have to close it with task manager.
  11. J

    Question - IDE Run Program Complete (Success) but game won't run!

    I am running latest runtime on MacOS and then is the output when I try to run the game!
  12. K

    Windows Game won't run

    I just opened GameMaker today and made some changes to a game I am making. I tried to run the game. The console didn't pop up and nothing happened. I was confused but just tried to run it again. It didn't work. I saw a video about installing a new runtime or something, and i did that. Nothing...
  13. R

    how to run with "stamina"?

    does anyone know how to make my character run like he has a stamina bar, and when that bar runs out he goes back to normal?
  14. OfficiallyNerdy

    Windows Very Long Time to Run(F5) Project

    I had just recently bought GMS2 with the developer license and installed it on my desktop PC. An odd issue I have been having that I haven't been finding any solutions for is that when I run a project that I am creating, it takes a very long time to load. A blank room with one object takes...
  15. R

    Windows Studio 2- "Building... " Takes Forever

    I downloaded Game Maker Studio 2 recently. Games I try to run never make it past the "Building... " counter. The game I am trying to run now is an empty object with a sprite in an empty room. I have tried many times and have waited for two hours before, the counter just keeps going. I also...
  16. Furkan Karabudak

    Question - IDE [SELF-SOLVED] GameMaker doesn't build any project ?

    I can't test or export my projects. For example, I click the run button, then GMS2 says "Building". But there is no any change in output window. I'm waiting about 30 minutes but there is no any change. Just says "Building". I have tried building a lot of projects for 14 days but it didn't work...
  17. T

    GMS 2 Running specific parts of game rather than going thru everything?

    I'm sure this question has been posed before, but how can you load specific rooms? I currently have my code set up in a way to run the game as it would when someone first starts it up: menu, select a save file, then game. But I want to just be able to test certain rooms sometimes without having...
  18. H

    Question - IDE Game runs way too fast when exported as .exe in fullscreen mode

    Hello! I have encountered an issue with exporting my game as a windows .exe file, as when I do the game appears to be running way faster (perhaps 2x the speed, more or less I don't know) in fullscreen-mode. It does not run at that speed in the game maker editor in fullscreen or in windowed. I am...
  19. J

    Error when going to run any project. Failed:Run Program Complete

    In GameMaker studio 2 every time i trie to run a program it gives me a asset compiler error. Even in a project i started up only contaning the default room given when starting a new project. I started it up using GML but i doubt that matters. I also doubt my save location matters as it is in...
  20. N

    Run .exe

    Is there a way to run a .exe file in game maker? Not even a .exe but to open a program in the same folder