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    Need to know how to create Unit Formations in Game Maker Studio 1.4 - Need Help!

    I am trying to create a multiplayer RTS game. I have already figured out how to have multiple players move units and have said units avoid other objects, like solid obstacles, yet now I would like to have the units arrange themselves in a formation or grid, once they reach their destination...
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    Asset - Project Complete RTS Engine

    This is the complete RTS engine for Game Maker Studio!!! It allows you to gather resources, build a town, train an army, and fight a computer opponent. You will have the ability to create your own maps using Game Maker's Room Editor. Just replace the sprites with your own top down artwork and...
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    Asset - Project Full Featured RTS

    Hello all, So far I've been developing features for an RTS (real time strategy) using pure GML with no extensions or tutorials. I believe I'm filling a gap in the GM marketplace as there are bits and pieces but nothing to the extent I wanted. All art, sounds and scripts will be available when...
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    Asset - Project RTS Base Building Engine

    RTS Base Building Engine Version 2.5.1 Released! Added unit spawning. Add Construction Yard and Build Radius Bug fixes, work continues! Version 2.0 Release: Fixes and more additions to previous release. Completed: -HUD Menu with Descriptions. -Tech Level built into HUD. -Drag and Drop...