1. N

    Job Offer - Artist [RPG Maker XP Style] Tilesets help [UNPAID]

    I am currently looking for someone to help with the tilesets for the *final* version of a game i have been working on in *multiple* engines for about 5 years now, so... uh.. the entirety of my game development career up until now, The game is called "Ao Oni" it is a survival horror game with a...
  2. T

     Open World (8bit-ish) RPG

    Hello everybody! I started making an RPG 5 days ago and I'd like to hear your thoughts. I've made many simple and short games in the past and I decided to start something a bit bigger, an open world RPG. Here are some screenshots:
  3. Josef Scroggins

    GMS 2 (Question) Stat Gain

    I'm making a battle system similar to Final Fantasies. At the end of the battle, I want it to display what you gained from the battle. For example. Let's say I have 20 gold I win a battle I want it to show how much gold I gained in a draw GUI event that would look similar to this. (Better...
  4. N

    Rpg maker MV - Dragonbone's Battlers

    Hello there. Im new in this, and sorry my bad english... I bought Rpg maker MV recently, and i downloaded the plugins for use Dragonbones battlers. I copied exactly all the plugins from an sample, the latest version. But i cant (and i dont know how) Open the game; "Uncaught error...
  5. FelixPix

    Windows Lords of Nysera [Tactical RPG]

    Hello Everyone ~ So I finally got around to making a basic demo video of my WIP game and figured I'd show it off here. A short explanation and then the vid: Backstory: I've been working on a tactical RPG inspired by Fire Emblem, Shining Force and a even a bit of DnD. I've draw countless...
  6. Z

    Team Request Programmer and Artist needed for large project on unique 2D RPG [Revenue Share]

    I have a concept for a turn-based RPG about a performing musician and her growing band traveling between cities and playing shows. To protect my idea I can discuss more in PM or email (listed at the bottom), but will mention here that I hope to implement an interesting twist on traditional...
  7. O

    GMS 2 Carrying over EXP to next level?

    Just been following a simple youtube tutorial on an experience script for an rpg I'm trying to make. I'm curious if there is a way to have the remaining experience I have left over carry over to the next level? Here is my script. //Create t_level = 1; t_exp = 0; t_exptolevel = 60 * t_level...
  8. A

    A passive skill tree

    Hello guys, My top-down RPG is going pretty well, I want to make a passive tree similar to Path of Exile, - with levelup you gain passive points allowing you to spend in the tree (which is a room menu) - BUT you have to start from the center and choose points connected to each other ! ie. make...
  9. A

    Storing items with lot of properties in an inventory

    Hi, I began GML a week ago, I'm starting a top-down RPG and my items have a lot of stats (bonus hp, defense, magic-fin, durability, quality, rarity, type, price, name, attack speed...), that I need to carry on easily each time I move items (picking them up, storing them in inventory or stash...
  10. D

    Deserters (cats, ww2, isometria, turn-based)

    Title: Deserters Genre: turn-based tactical RPG Engine: GMS 2 Platforms: Win, Mac Hi guys! We already make game about cats in WW2 setting for some time (but it is still early WIP) and at last decided to share our progress with you. Very briefly about the game: Single player, WW2 setting...
  11. Surgeon_

    Windows Reggie Burning (sidescroller action RPG)

    Introduction: Some of you may know that I've been around this forum, on and off, for quite a few years by now, but apart from one jam entry, I've never had any worthwhile creations to show, at least in terms of games... Until now. The game I'm presenting here has been in development since 2015...
  12. M

    Creating a World Map / Travel Screen

    Hey everyone, I'm very new to Game Maker Studio, but have completed a couple of courses that walk you through how to make a video game from scratch. My first project is to create a world map / travel screen for the game my friends and I are working on. Surprisingly, I've not come across a...
  13. A

    GMS 2 [HELP] How to make an action RPG shield

    Hello I am a beginner on GMS and I'm making an action RPG game in the style of children of morta or eitr. I would like to create a shield for my player and I would like to make it possible to block enemies attacks. My big problem is that I have no idea of how to do that ^^ If there is already an...
  14. C

    Transparent Roof When Hero Under(RPG Style)

    This is a semi-repost. I was going to use a tileset collision in my game for this, but realized that its only the newest version of gamemaker, which I do not have. My goal is to have the roof of my house disappear when my hero walks underneath. So lets say that I have Hero_1 and Roof_1...
  15. StoneTide

    Released Out NOW on Steam! StoneTide: Age of Pirates - Sandbox, Open World, Pirate Action Experience

    Out Now on Steam! :cool: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1039350/StoneTide_Age_of_Pirates/ How will you decide your fate in the World of StoneTide? Embark on an epic open world pirating adventure, roam the seas and see where it takes you. Build your ship and gather your crew! Blast, fight...
  16. M

    Help me spread the word

    Top-down tank rpg. I need the word to get spread! :) Links removed ~Tsuk This is the game i made and i need to grow my comunauty. hope i can have the most help i can have even if its only publishing on facebook :)
  17. Outseidr

     Kingdom Action rpg (has demo!)

    KINGDOM!!! Update 2/7/2018: -added much need visual effects to most attacks -added fireball skill for staff weapon! -redesigned test arena to be more fun-ctional! -harvesting and fishing is just a bit easier. -random miscellaneos awesom bug fixes. pretty sure what i have is bugfree let me know...
  18. D

    Android [alpha] Dungeon Key, the Txt Msg Rpg [sms server]

    Dungeon Key explore a familiar world through a new medium. Android download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ujr67sg5ca75sk/dungeon_key_alpha_1.apk/file Dungeon Key is a text message (sms) based game server. you can play single player on your phone without text messages or press a single button...
  19. S

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Issue with Inventory & DS_Grid

    Heya, I've spent the past two days looking for a solution to this so this is really my last desperate measure. x) Three days ago I started following Friendly Cosmonaut's Farming RPG tutorial series and all went (mostly) smoothly. But now I've run into a problem that (search as I might) I can't...
  20. W

     The Manna Well [Final demo, NEW VIDEO!]

    The Mana Well is now under development, targeting windows and android. You can see all dev logs for this project here from first dev log posted to the most recent: Please visit The Manna Well Homepage on itch.io This game is an illusional fantasy action rpg / visual novel about the...