1. Repix

    Alpha Under Commando

    Download = https://www.dropbox.com/s/s94k1tydvmla5wr/Under Commando.zip?dl=0 Size = 2.11 MB Type = .zip Version = 0.10 Bonus Game with an actual goal.. get to the top! https://www.dropbox.com/s/mru9rv92idh5frd/Reach the Top Demo.zip?dl=0 [/SPOILER]
  2. Vinnicius Silva da Rosa

    Steam Salvation Artifacts - Platform RPG

    Salvation Artifacts (provisional title for the project) The game: My project is a game that allows the player to travel to a lot of locations in the world (map) to solve puzzles and mysteries. Buy weapons and protections, items and potions to fight against the creatures. Build huts and camps...
  3. Jesus17

    GMS 2 Could you guys please help me? Text and talking sprite animation

    Hey guys I'm new at this. I'm from Colombia bu I had to come here bc I can't get enough information for my "problem" As you can see at the title I wanna know how to stop my sprite animation "How to stop its mouth when the text finishes (bc it is a typewritter effect)" because its mouth keeps...
  4. S

    SOLVED Spawning Enemy Stats Via List

    Hello everyone, novice programmer here. I'm looking for any help on figuring out how to properly construct this in code. I don't know what to call this, so if this has been documented somewhere, please let me know. I'm wanting to create a simple RPG. When the global controller spawns the...
  5. Lightning Gravity

    Windows Single RPG Make > Sell > Buy More Land - [WIP]

    Hi I am Alan Chan and I am the owner of the Lightning Gravity gaming company. I am uncertainly kind of behind my own working schedule base on because the COVID-19 was lasting way too long very boring at my own house to keep on focusing into my own working field. So far I am creating my own 2nd...
  6. Nodamex

    Released Physics-based RPG, Lufulus' Creatures is on Steam!

    Lufulus' Creatures My long-term project, Lufulus' Creatures, is now fully released. You can play it on Steam. I really want to know your advice and comments about the game. I'll share some useful code from the project. Thank you all, for your help. Screenshots Game Features 25+ Quests, 200+...
  7. Canaroid

    Windows Chimeira: Meinhest

    Hi all, Here is my current project, a medieval fantasy metroidvania (not very original but... :p). It's a 2D platformer, in the Salt and Sanctuary genre, with mechanics borrowed from Dark Souls and other great games from the last few years. Download: You can test it here. Synopsis : The...
  8. S

    CoronApocalypse: a role playing game against viruses

    ATTENTION GETTING IMAGE CORONAPOCALYPSE: THE GAME Welcome to a world, infected with macro viruses walking through grocery stores and supermarkets. Your party of three must combat the dangerous foes in role playing combat while collecting items on your shopping list and making it out alive a a...
  9. Sir Raitan

    Free Trouble in Westwytch - an action RPG

    Hello everybody! It is high time I present to you my first real game. Trouble in Westwytch is an action RPG set in a medieval world. The game takes you to Westwytch – a small village plagued by a curse which makes pumpkins come to life. In the game you fight pumpkins, help villagers and...
  10. L

    Design Four Against Darkness (Converting a PnP game into a Video Game)

    Hello all, New to this community but have always been interested in game design. I had the idea to convert the Pen and Paper Dungeon Crawler game Four Against Darkness into a video game experience. For those not familiar its a turned-based party RPG dungeon crawler. You roll 2 d6's, find the...
  11. 2DKnights

    Beta Terra Nova: Legend of the Runes (RPG) [Releasing Q4 2020 - Q1 2021]

    Hi GM community! My name is Andrew, and I wanted to tell everyone about TerraNova: Legend of the Runes. It's a JRPG heavily influenced by the classics from the late 80's and 90's. I've been developing it for the past two years. Please check it out and If you like it, please consider following...
  12. B

    Free auto shot role play game

    Hi this is my first creation. You can run to fight and improve . Store Description: Defeat 10 bosses, for this you will need to fight a lot and pump your character. Enemies become stronger with each level, but the reward for them is higher. On the battlefield, you control the movement of the...
  13. Neptune

    Alpha A retro inspired RPG adventure and fantastical story.

    This is my game I've been making for quite some time (this is the 3rd year of development). I'm proud of it, and I think its pretty awesome!! :D I started with no development skills and began learning to code GML in this forum, so big thanks to a bunch of you that have helped me, or motivated...
  14. K

    GML Different Dialogue for Different Instances of the Same Object (RPG) SOLVED

    For brevity's sake, I have a a player object, a textbox object, and an interact object. I would like to make each instance of obj_interact contain it's own dialogue ( text[1] = "unique dialogue"; ). I have the obj_textbox set up to read obj_interact's text variable, but then I tried setting the...
  15. Dawn DeerButt

    GMS 2 Area of effect inconsistant

    I've been working on a roguelike and im currently making a spells and ability menu. Been trying to get spell area of effects to work and they mostly work but they seem to have a down/right bias, pictures included to better explain what i mean. The code im currently using is this: if...
  16. Alaska Minds

    Windows Blac Demu (Action RPG - Hack and Slash)

    Hello All. I've created a project game named "Blac Demu." It is an action RPG that starts with a character named "Shadow-Man," that has been cast into Hell. You meet a gatekeeper and enter a portal into the underworld where you encounter the souls of the damned.... The rest has yet to come...
  17. Nodamex

    Steam Lufulus' Creatures (Action RPG)

    Lufulus' Creatures is my second long-term game project. It is a top-down RPG. The game is now on Steam Early Access. I really want to read your ideas about the game. You may also send me message if you need a key to test the game. Get it on Steam...
  18. danzibr

    Lessons learned for WIP RPG

    I've been working on the above game for quite some time now. Couple years (huge hiatus in the middle, plus I don't have a lot of free time). I'm quite certain I'm going to give it up permanently, but hey, ya never know. This is only the third game I ever started (one using a guide from...
  19. Divinik

    Alpha Hell is For Heroes // Progress Update Video!

    I've been working on the battle mode for a while now, and I'm proud to say it's now 100% fully functional. Check it out: Now if only I had actual artwork :/
  20. Y3KSteven

    Alpha Novita (WIP, Alpha)

    Hey all, a quick intro to my wip "Novita." Background: I started with game maker back in the gamemnaker.nl days (5.1 I believe) and program mostly as a hobby. I've been working part-time on this project now for the last month or so (about 4-12 hours per week). I've got a playable demo basically...