1. Andymakeer

    SOLVED variable_global_set with decimals

    Hey guys! I have a ds_map that have pairs of var_name & var_value, that I send to a method that uses the function variable_global_set to add the value to that variable by its name. Its working fine, the problems is, seems like variable_global_set rounds the var_value value, so if I send like...
  2. I

    GMS 2 Help with drawing fog particles around area that is getting smaller

    Hi and sorry for my bad English. I make this game where player collects food from bushes while area around exiting point is getting smaller. Kinda like those Battle Royal games. I have an object oFog, that has an ellipse collision mask that covers all of the room at the beginning of game. Then...
  3. G

    GMS 2 Android--Detecting/Handling Rounded Screens

    Android phones now sometimes have displays that are physically rounded at the corner. By default, GMS2 will still use the space, but anything under the corners will be obscured. Android provides an isRound() method to determine if the screen is rounded, but to my knowledge GMS2 does not provide...