1. 2

    GML Find Point on Rotated Ellispe Sprite Contour

    What formula would find the contour (aka edge) of a rotating ellipse shaped sprite (assume a center origin) starting from the sprite center and in the direction usually of the image angle? I know lengthdir_x(len,dir) and lengthdir_y(len,dir) would work for a circle sprite, or on a non rotating...
  2. O

    3d Collision method that allows rotation

    So what im looking for is a little complicated to explain, but it feels like it should be pretty easy. ill explain the best i can. Im making a 3d project and i currently have AABB collision implemented and it works great but it feels limiting since nothing can rotate (other than appearance, the...
  3. foreverisbetter

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] simple collision with rotated sprite not working

    Hello, surprisingly I didn't find the question already asked here in the forum: why is an instance running one pixel into a wall to its left when it rotated around 180° ? The sprite is 16x16 pixels, the origin is the middle center and its collision is set to be precise. the movement code is...
  4. Alphy

    Legacy GM Rotating multiple Instances

    Hi, is there a way to rotate more than one object with a center x and center y values? Something like this.
  5. Z

    GMS 2 Rotating Sprites bia animation instead image angle

    I've heard there is a way of setting a chunk of rotation angles to a specific animation frame, so I could rotate something manually instead of spinning a sprite Please help
  6. S

    SOLVED Rotating around an origin point D3D

    Hey everyone, I have a simple problem that I just don't understand how to fix. I'm making a simple 3d environment using D3D functions. I want a cylinder or sphere to surround my character at all times and follow them with the character as the origin point. I'm going to use that to draw the sky...
  7. G

    why my image simply not rotate?

    I made a simple code but it simply won't work and i don't know why...btw i have solid, collision and physics on, and i made a physics collision shape (convex shape) the code is if(keyboard_check("A")){ image_angle = image_angle + 5 }
  8. mbeytekin

    SOLVED Making a grid with sprites and rotate them based on an anchor point

    I didn't think this is difficult but I'm stuck and need an advice. My goal is making a grid with sprites based on given parameters like horizontal and vertical sprite numbers. This is easy. But I want rotate them all like group from a given origin point with a given angle. All parameters will be...
  9. E

    Help with rotation

    Hi, I need advice on character rotation. I don't know how to set a person's view. Ex. up - the arrow is pointing up. Rotate to 360. I apologize for my English and thank you
  10. J

    (Solved)Rotate Player movement with camera view rotation

    So atm i can rotate the camera and the player matches the camera angle, im trying to add/subtract the angle of the camera view to the movement code of the player. if i rotate the camera 180* and move the player up, it will actually be moving down, because its not taking into account the...
  11. M

    360* Joystick Rotation

    Just wanted to share some SIMPLE code I worked up to get full 360 degree rotation for GamePads (joysticks for GM8) LEFT Joystick - full 360 movement & image rotation End Step Event: hspeed = gamepad_axis_value(0,gp_axislh) // hspeed = left joystick horizontal movement vspeed =...
  12. B

    How do I get the "depth = -y" effect in a rotatable view?

    This is probably basic trigonometry but I have tried and failed. I would like to know "how far up" a point is in the view, even though "up" is no longer -y, since the view may be rotated. Thank you for any help or resources, unfortunately the ones I found did not help me since I did not...
  13. O

    GMS 2 Rotate Object, then scale it?

    I have a circular sprite that I want to rotate under a person. To do this I draw it with 0.2 image_yscale and keep subtracting from image_angle each frame. That gives me this: I think it is first shrinking the sprite and then rotating it, however, I want it to...
  14. O

    GMS 2 [Solved] Rotate Around Point Other Than Origin

    Okay, so I have a character model with a separate head and body sprite. The sprites are the same size but the head sprite is transparent where the body would be and the body is transparent where the head would be. The reason for this is that I want the head to be able to rotate independently of...
  15. mbeytekin

    Skeleton World Rotation to Local Rotation conversion

    I'm searching for this for a while but I couldn't do yet. In original Spine Runtime there are some functions to do this.But I can't do with gamemaker. I want to make some procedural animations like exploding bodies etc. I have a standart human skeleton. I calculate virtual points for each bone ...
  16. Binsk

    3D 3D Vector Rotation Direction

    Howdy! So I have implemented a brute-force solution for this and I am hoping someone may know of a more efficient method of doing this. I am implementing a script that calculates a quaternion I can use to rotate a vector from its orientation to some other specified orientation. The issue of...
  17. C

    Stopping rotation at a quarter circle? [Solved]

    So, I'm making a game where, at some times, all game objects rotate around the center of the screen. I've had it working just fine until now when I want to change a thing. The code I'm running at the moment is: if (obj_timer.state == main_states.onRotationCW) { radius = point_distance(x, y...
  18. W

    GML Physics: Bullets Not Shooting Straight W/ 360 Aim

    Hi, I can't seem to get the player's projectiles to shoot straight using physics. In the game I'm making the player has 360 degree aim. Currently bullet direction is decided by phy_roations = obj_player.phy_rotation. It does the job for the most part except the trajectory of the bullets are...
  19. Elkrom

    Help with Throwing knives/Stars. Getting projectile to spin mid air

    first time posting here, title says it all really just trying to figure out how to get projectiles to spin mid air. Have figured out how to throw the knife object and collide with enemies and do damage and all that but can’t seem to find any info anywhere on rotating the object mid air. I’m sure...
  20. Necromedes

    Rotating View Angle With Player

    I'm using Game Maker 1.4. I'm trying to make the room view angle to match the player image angle. It works in a sense but not in the way that I'm wanting. I need the view_angle to match the player's image_angle rotation so that they are constantly facing the top of the screen. As it stands...