1. fireday2

    GMS 2 getting stuck in the walls while rotating (Ellipse collision)

    good day everyone! what we have: 1) sprite has size 115-115 the center is 57-57 (first pixel has 0-0, last 114-114) 2) Collision mask have `Ellipse (slow)` (in our case it's circle) and boarding by 20 pixels from center (we get 37-77) 3) movement system use separating move for x and y (by...
  2. V

    Rotating platform issues

    Okay. So I'm making a game where gears rotate and you can stay on top of them, but of course, they make you move towards the angle they are moving. It works EXACTLY like the ones in the Castlevania series. Example: The issue appears when I try to make them not drag the player around when...
  3. L

    Rotating a sprite without the collision mask

    Hi. I am trying to let my player object jump with a somersault... but everytime i jump next to a wall the player gets stuck. when the player isnt rotating, he doesnt get stuck. I think it is connected to the collision mask. how can i rotate a sprite without letting the collision mask rotate too?
  4. S

    Question - IDE Any way to snap rotate in room editor?

    So i'm making some rooms. And have some diagonal walls i wanna place down. I figured instead of making 4 different objects for pointing 4 different ways, it'd be better to just have one, and rotate it to my needs. You can double click and change the rotation manually. Or drag near the corners...
  5. L

    3D (Solved) Rotating Dice in XYZ Simultaneously

    Whenever I try to rotate my 3D dice object on x, y or z axis, it will only work on the z axis. Help? Draw Code: d3d_set_culling(false); d3d_transform_set_rotation_x(xrot); d3d_transform_set_rotation_y(yrot); d3d_transform_set_rotation_z(zrot)...
  6. H

    Connecting to a rotating object.

    How would I go about connecting an object to an object that rotates? I have been able to connect objects that move with other objects by making them have the same x and y coordinates, but that doesn't work when it comes to rotating. Does anybody know how to do this?
  7. G

    can someone tell me how to code a Wrecking Ball ?

    so i need to code a wrecking ball for my game i want it to go from 90° to 270° and back to 90° (i got it to rotate i just need to limit its rotation somehow)
  8. P

    Rotating around object problems

    I'm creating a top down shooter game in which the view rotates with the player, instead of just the player rotating, and I was needing the ammo to display behind the player and rotate round the player. Luckily this Reddit post helped me out...
  9. Lakko

    GMS 2 Object rotation with accelleration

    Hello, I'm working on a new game on android. I have an object (obj_player) that always rotate around a point (the middle of the room). At the start of the room obj_player have to rotate clockwise. CREATE EVENT image_angle = 0; r_speed = 2; r_speed_old = 2; image_xscale = 1; image_yscale = 1...
  10. W

    [solved]Multi Object rotation

    So I've used this method of rotating objects successfully before but that was only with 1 object. If I try to use this with more than 1 they rotate in the same place all mashed together. How would I go about making multiple objects rotate around one object but stay away from eachother in a fixed...
  11. L

    Rotating a 3D object around its own origin

    I know this topic has been discussed before, and the solution is usually that rotation comes before translation of the model. However other threads seem to focus on imported models. My problem is a little different. I have created various objects that draw multiple things at once in the draw...
  12. D

    Real World Physics Spinning

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Game Maker Studio and I'm looking for some assistance with regards to objects and making them spin as if it were real world. I'm not new to programming so I've exhausted my initial avenues (Google searches) and have looked at threads both on here as well as the GameMaker...
  13. T

    GMS 2 rotating sprites with mp_potential, how to avoid flickering

    Hi Try to make my enemy movement as fluent as possible. The enemies are driven by mp_potential functions and follow the player. This works pretty well. I have 4 directions for the movement animations (up, down, left, right). At the moment I get the direction which the enemy is pointing to...
  14. P

    Legacy GM Why image is ragged while rotating and how to create settings box

    On the right is how it SHOULD look all the time while rotating and on the left is how it looks in game. Why is it looks like that? And second question is how can I create application which gives possibility to set resolution and stuff... just like in Hotline Miami settings. Help please?
  15. F

    [Solved] Cant seem to get my sprite to rotate

    so i am having trouble getting my sprite in gamemaker to rotate. well all of them really. they turn fine in my other projects but in this one i just cant seem to get my "box" to turn. **EDIT** thanks to obscene i realized i had used a draw event in my object/s. all is back on track now
  16. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM boss arm rotation

    I need help tho. i saw (little big planet has rotating arms from the wilderness level) and i can be sure as well... how can you make a obj_boss move the obj_buzzsaw rotate back and forth around the OBJ_boss to protect it, while Obj_boss moving back and forth? was there a coding? Obj_boss...