1. shui.bdr

    help with drawing sprites

    i need to make an arrow pointer for a "golf like" game, pointing from the ball to the mouse. so, i'm trying to draw a sprite strething and rotating it at the same time, but it seems like there isn't any function that can do this. not even the draw_sprite_stretched_ext can rotate the sprite...
  2. C

    GML Help with rotating sword attack

    I've been trying for a while and I can't figure out a way to "animate" a sword swing attack. What I want is for the sword to swing down really fast and then return to its previous state every time the left mouse button is pressed. I want this to be able to happen at any angle the sword is at and...
  3. Krenzathal77

    Using "With" to address the draw event of an enemy instinctive from player

    Hi all, Is it possible to change the draw event of an instance using the "with" function? I'm trying to use it to change an enemy's rotation and x-scale from the player object frame by frame during a combat move. All my objects use the draw event so "image_angle" won't work, and the rotation...
  4. kronotic

    Why do my sprites look terrible when they are rotated?

    I am making a game in Game Maker 8 where an ant follows your mouse and so it also rotates to wherever your mouse is. The sprite image starts pixelating and looks horrendous when it is moving in a diagonal direction. It looks fine when the ant moves straight up, down, left or right: but any...
  5. sv3nxd

    SOLVED draw_sprite_general weird behavior

    I draw a sprite rotated and horizontally flipped. I do it with draw_sprite_ext and with draw_sprite_general, but I get a different outcome with each, despite having the same variables. With draw_sprite_general, flipping the sprite seems to set the origin to center? I don't know and I can't...
  6. tagwolf

    Perfect Tween Type Object Rotation and Falling (Tetris, Gear Platforms, etc)

    GM Version: 2.X Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: This tutorial will get you perfect, snappy style, tween-ish with rebound object rotation. This is really useful and fun for Tetris-type games and would look great in 2d platformer games on platforms that rotate too. UPDATE...
  7. M

    GML How to make objects rotate

    Is there any way on GMS2 to make a wand or such rotate? One side stay in one place and the other side changing position to follow the mouse? If i;m not making any sense, it is like the hands of a clock. So far i have used the code image_angle = point_direction(x, y, mouse_x, mouse_y); but the...
  8. A

    Have a Error on my Rotations code

    var targetDir = point_direction(obj_TurretEmpire.x, obj_TurretEmpire.y, obj_Xwing.x, obj_Xwing.y); var facingMinusTarget = facingDir - targetDir; var angleDiff = facingMinusTarget; if(abs(facingMinusTarget) > 180) { if(facingDir > targetDir) { angleDiff = -1 * ((360 - facingDir)...
  9. J

    GMS 2 Object Rotation about a point not working as intended

    I'm creating a game where you control a fisherman and his boat. The boat is controlled with the left stick and the player movement and casting is controlled with the right stick. I'd like my character to be able to move around within the boat while also piloting the boat around the water. I'm...
  10. 2

    GMS 2 Mirrior,Flip, Rotate All Tiles in Tilemap in Code

    Say I want to be able mirrior, flip, and rotate all the tiles in a tilemap (in game not in room editor). Also to be able to do one, some, or all of these operations, and turn all these off too. What's the best way to do this?
  11. 2

    GMS 2 Tile Ids wrong when Flipped or Rotated, Is it a Bug?

    So I'm working something to gather the tiles in a tilemap and copy them. Something strange, that may be a bug in GM Studio 2, happens to the tile ids when they are flipped, or rotated in the room editor. The tile ids become huge numbers. This makes reading, and understanding which tile it...
  12. K

    how would you create a balance scale?

    Hi, I want to have a balance scale in my game, and I want it to be dynamic looking so that it swings up and down a bit when you put on weight, but I have hard time thinking how I should do it. So my question is, how would you guys go about creating one? I was thinking of using the physics in...
  13. 2

    GML Rotate,Flip,Shift Ds Grid or 2d Array

    How do you rotate (90 degree increments) or flip (xflip, yflip) the contents of a ds grid or 2d array without manually rewriting the whole thing? I might also need to x shift and y shift the contents afterward as well.
  14. M4nu

    Rotating a Wheel of Fortune

    Greetings to the GMC! I'm looking into spinning a wheel of fortune with the space bar. I got the constant rotating speed using image_angle and a smooth but rather sudden slowdown of the rotation. As I'm a rookie with the coding, I'm looking for advise on what to do here to have a more realistic...
  15. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 draw_sprite_general rotation

    I'm using draw_sprite_general. It works fine when its not rotated, but as soon as you rotate it the left, top, width, height is also rotated. The links below show a screenshot of both rotated and non rotated versions. This should make it much clearer. (Not Rotated)...
  16. V

    GMS 2 Help with simple 2d camera rotation

    I’m building a game where the player should be able to rotate the camera and the gravity will shift to the new orientation. But I’m having some problems with my rotated camera. My room has a viewport of 320x240 px (20x15 tiles) Viewports are enabled. My camera object in the room is setup like...
  17. E

    Implementing a bezel, like an arcade.

    I have no code to post and would like guidance. My gameplay area would of course be centered, but also I would like to rotate it without rotating the bezel. I'm able to rotate my screen fine, but would like to know what is the best approach to implement the bezel. Would that be a utilizing...
  18. zendraw

    Android Q:The view port

    How do i set my game to aways be in landscape display mode? without the user having to activate the rotating function on his phone.
  19. D

    3D *help* 3d direction based camera rotation isnt smooth

    the above image is just the camera rotation around but it isn't smooth, if you notice it sometimes goes smooth and then itll go fast. also periodicaly when this issue is happening the character wont walk forward but at an angle. so im thinking I have something messed up with how im manipulating...
  20. B

    GMS 2 Fluid Gamepad Image Rotation to Movement Direction / Image Quality

    Hey folks, pretty new to Game Maker but I started recently with my Top/Down RPG Project. It's truly Top/Down, so you see only the persons head and shoulders. Got a PNG image for the characters sprite. The image is 500x540 px, I scaled it down to 120px inside the Game Maker, but sadly the image...