1. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2.3+ Loading rooms and sounds

    I'm working on a project for someone else. 99% of the code was written by someone else so bear this in mind because this is a very strange issue. I have never experienced this before. 1) I can't access any rooms or sounds that weren't already in the project when I received it. So I create a new...
  2. P

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] GM Studio 1.4 - Instances Outside of Room Check

    I feel like I have looked everywhere in preferences, but I cannot find where I can disable this check. I *want* my objects outside of the room, and I don't want to accidentally remove them all. Anyone know how to stop this?
  3. flyinian

    Suggestions on keeping instances in their current states.

    I am making a system that places the instances in a room once clicked either true or false. However, I ran into an issue where once I leave the room it resets the room back to its initial state. which means that the instances have been reset. I discovered that I can use the persistent room check...
  4. flyinian

    I need clarification on placeing objects in a room.

    Correct me if I am wrong: If I have an object and I place it into a room, that object in the room becomes an instance of said object. That instance will be at the x and y position that I placed it at in the room. All is fine, however it is recommended to code your x and y positions within that...
  5. yvodlyn

    SOLVED Random Room switching

    Hello everyone, I would like to simplify this code. What I want to do is change rooms randomly and the next room is not the same as the current room. Here my code: if (point_distance(o_player.x,o_player.y,o_portail.x,o_portail.y) < 8){ if (room == rm_player_1){...
  6. matharoo

    GML Connecting Rooms Through Doors

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: Summary: Hi! :) In this tutorial we tackle the problems that come with trying to connect two rooms, so that the player can freely go from one to the other. 1) Connecting Rooms: This one is about...
  7. cliftonbazaar

    GMS 2 {SOLVED} Importing rooms from GMS1

    I am importing my third project from GMS1 to GMS2 and 90% of my rooms are missing, they are all the playable levels of the game. In GMS1.4 I had rooms called Australia1, Australia2 e.t.c all the way up to Australia15 Now in GMS2 I have Australia1 and no more :( When I try to 'Add Existing'...
  8. T

    Graphics Free isometric room designs

    Hello, not sure where you find your graphics, I used to buy my stuff from different sites. Right now I am looking for "isometric Rooms" (Office, Server Rooms) to use for my game. Best would to find some free to use. Maybe one of you has a link to search for this kind?
  9. H

    Move to different rooms depending on you score

    Hi I was just wondering if someone might be able to help. I'm wanting to have my player when they have 0 lives but say the score is over 1000 they go to a game complete room and if it's less than 1000 then they go to a game over room. Currently this is my code that I learnt from game maker...
  10. S

    Legacy GM State Loading issue

    I'm currently having trouble getting my load game script to work across all of my rooms. It's very odd and no matter how much I rack my brain I just can't seem to figure out what is going on! Technically everything is loading in fine except my inventory which I'm just using ds lists to...
  11. Admiral Nemo

    GMS 2 Loading assets from one room into another, multiple times.

    I'm loading a bunch of instances from one room into another. Code is too long and mixed in with other code but the basics are this: In the old room : create object A, with variable that stores destination room and variable that stores middle room - then go to middle room In the middle room ...
  12. O

    GML Creating Procedurally Generated Persistant Rooms in a Side-Scroller

    First question, is this possible? If yes, does it require .ini? If no, Is there another way to go about it. I've attempted creating a template room with a procedural generation script, and it works fine. I've used both room_add then room_assign, and just plain room_duplicate. The downside to...
  13. tamation

    [SOLVED] Game pauses when loading a new room

    Hi all, the maps in my current game are quite large. Around 7680x1152 each, with hundreds of smaller objects within that space. I do have a script running that deactivates all the instances once the room is loaded to only show what's within the view, however when you first transition from one...
  14. BlueHarrier

    GMS 2 Question about copying rooms within rooms

    Hi, recently I've been working on something that needs to use rooms as templates for a main room. At first, I had the idea of picking the layers of another room and recreate them on the main one, but the porblem comes with the instance layers. I don't know if there is any way to create the...

    Legacy GM question about random pick of room when game starts

    hey yall, quick question about if this is possible in GM1.4 and if it could maybe someone give me an idea how to do it. any help is greatly appreciated! so what i have is 4 rooms all called: rm_menu rm_menu2 rm_menu3 rm_menu4 (btw cant use backgrounds because i need sprites in my rooms.) what i...
  16. K

    GMS 2 Saving rooms with JSON

    I'm using JSON to save and load objects and their position, sprite, and any other variables included with them but I cant seem to save and load the room that the save was initiated from and load to that room in-game. Would appreciate any suggestions.
  17. T

    Windows An issue with traveling between persistent, generated rooms

    *Basically, in my game you spawn in a room with chunks which generate the world, (this works fine) *Then the player can click a button to travel to a room (rm_travel) where you can choose a biome to generate your new room as, this system uses the room_add function instead the room_duplicate...
  18. Q

    Variables change with change of a room DnD

    So, is there a way to make a variable not change while i change rooms? I am creating a simple clicker game, but whenever you change room from main room to the shop the score variable just resets. It's worth mentioning that I am using DnD too.
  19. A. DeVivo

    Keeping Character at Correct Depth While Changing Rooms

    Howdy, Probably has a simple solution but I can't seem to find it- I generally put my character in a layer below foreground objects to allow for a feeling of depth, but now that I have several rooms that doesn't work after the player has changed rooms because a) if there is already a player...
  20. T

    GMS 2 Running specific parts of game rather than going thru everything?

    I'm sure this question has been posed before, but how can you load specific rooms? I currently have my code set up in a way to run the game as it would when someone first starts it up: menu, select a save file, then game. But I want to just be able to test certain rooms sometimes without having...