1. mogwash

    GMS 2.3+ Room Order

    Hi everyone Has anyone been having problems with their room order? If I change the order of my rooms, or even delete them, it makes no change when I run the project. I've tried different versions of GMS2.3 and empty projects - same issue.
  2. AnnoyingDoggoX

    SOLVED Help with randomly creating instances within a room.

    room_w = room_width room_h = room_height repeat (50) { instance_create_layer(random(room_w), random(room_h), "Fish", obj_fish); } This code should create 50 randomly located instances of the obj_fish on the "Fish" instance layer of the room. It runs fine but nothing happens. It runs on room...
  3. D

    SOLVED Translate position in room to position on gui?

    I have a room that is pretty big in size. So naturally I'm using a camera and view. I can pan around, zoom in, zoom out, and resize the window. I've got all that working pretty good. I'm only using view[0] and its default camera. What I'm trying to achieve: This game is grid based and it is...
  4. D

    SOLVED room_get_width and room_get_height??

    Is there no way to get the current width and height of a room we're not occupying? I can clearly set the width and height of another room but how can there be no accompanying get functions? 🤯
  5. S

    Addition and subtraction of global variable doesn't work in another room

    Hello community, sry for wrong words if I use them. English is not my first language. I have a problem with addition and subtration of numbers to a variable. I used SetGlobalVariable to add 1 to a ressource called "money". I created the variable before in an extra script. SetGlobalVariable...
  6. R

    SOLVED room increasing and cleaning

    Hello guys, some time ago I had problems with the main project, so I decided to take a break and start a new and simpler one to practice programming. In this new project I'm doing a mechanic where the camera moves from left to right, and the further it goes, the room extends to give the effect...
  7. T

    Android [SOLVED] Make room scrollable

    Hello, maybe someone can help a not so deeply expirienced GML guy like me :/ I have created a very simple app for android that is showing some text and pictures for my kids. The room is bigger than any display-size, so I need to make the entire room scrollable. I am not sure how to do this in...
  8. D

    Need help with warping the player through rooms.

    So I know how to make the object that warps the player through the different rooms because I have a separate game that I was working on and it worked out fine (that game was transferred over from gm 1.4 to gm2), here's the code of that original object: obj_player_1.x = target_x; obj_player_1.y...
  9. flyinian

    SOLVED I was getting these errors when I was renaming instances in a room. Could someone explain why the errors were created?

    Could someone explain this to me? I found a fix for this error, I just don't understand why it was coming up. I have enums called "Zone.Zone1", "Zone.Zone2" "Zone.Zone3",.... Could this be a cause? Hence the, " Script: Scr_GlobalVariables at line 67 : "Zone1" is a macro and cannot be used as...
  10. MacGregory

    GMS 2.3+ Room Speed

    where can you change the speed of a room from 60 frames to 30 frames !? I can't find it after the update.
  11. TheRealMrSketch


    I want the player to press a button whenever I reach the "teleporter" and I get to next room just fine, but I want it to be able to go back to the other room. However, I just go to the next room. I have a global variable called flipRoom which is supposed to check if you are in a "Negative" room...
  12. E

    How to get instance id of instance placed in room

    Hello, i need to access the id of an object i placed in the room editor, which i modified the id name. What is the function to find the real instance id? Here's what i'm trying to achieve, by stepping on the 'o_tile_activator' i want the iron gate 'inst_irongate1' to open. In the instance...
  13. john2342152

    what would be the right way to create a "room"

    I wanted to make a 2D platform game, but I still don't know the proportions, the screen and room size and the camera, how do I do these things professionally so as not to interfere in the future?
  14. W

    Windows [Help] Global persistent instance across rooms (not Object , but only particular instance of same object)

    Hi Guys, I tried to create persistent instance from certain object and store it in global variables, so that i can access it across rooms. I deactivated the instance each time i created it. So when i changed room, looks like i'm facing issue to find the instance. Here the snippet of the code...
  15. K

    SOLVED How can I get (instance_number) for all objects in a room.

    Hello! I'm a complete amateur and have "some" questions. 1. What is the difference between instance_count and instance_number ? Is it the same thing but for different versions of gm? or are they completely different functions? 2. How could I get instance_number for every object in the room...
  16. A

    GMS 2.3+ Correctly setting rooms

    I'm making my first game, I have most of it done, but I'm still unsure about room size (in-game experience resolution). I know most people uses camera for this purpose (YouTube tutorials), but I decided to have solid rooms so camera itself isn't required. I set my room width and height equal...
  17. G

    why room_assign(ind,source) can't work well as what the manual illustrates about it?

    my example: 1. I create room1 , room2 and room3 using editor and then use room1 as the first one to enter for running the game . 2. I create object1 and write " if( mouse_check_button_presssed( mb_left ) ) { room_assign( room3 , room2 ); } " in its step event , then I place it into room1...
  18. master2015hp

    GML Best way for big map?

    Hi, i have a really big map in my game, which you can think as of those match 3 map. They're really large and player can scroll around to select a stage which they want to play. If i make a room really really big and create like 500 objects on it, will that ruin the game performance? I am...
  19. D

    Windows Game always run from the last created room

    Hello everybody! I am a complete beginner, started just yesterday. I ran into errors that when I press Run the game always starts from the last created room The order don't matter As seen in the screenshots screenshot 1 - my settings. by all logic, I should start on room 1 screenshot 2 -...
  20. jobjorgos

    GMS 2.3+ How to simply add/remove objects in a room in GM2.3?

    Very simple question, how to simply add/remove/move objects in a room in GM2.3? I cant click any objects, I cant remove anything, and I cant add anything. I have read the room manual but I couldnot find the answer there.