1. D

    Need help with warping the player through rooms.

    So I know how to make the object that warps the player through the different rooms because I have a separate game that I was working on and it worked out fine (that game was transferred over from gm 1.4 to gm2), here's the code of that original object: obj_player_1.x = target_x; obj_player_1.y...
  2. flyinian

    SOLVED I was getting these errors when I was renaming instances in a room. Could someone explain why the errors were created?

    Could someone explain this to me? I found a fix for this error, I just don't understand why it was coming up. I have enums called "Zone.Zone1", "Zone.Zone2" "Zone.Zone3",.... Could this be a cause? Hence the, " Script: Scr_GlobalVariables at line 67 : "Zone1" is a macro and cannot be used as...
  3. MacGregory

    GMS 2.3+ Room Speed

    where can you change the speed of a room from 60 frames to 30 frames !? I can't find it after the update.
  4. TheRealMrSketch


    I want the player to press a button whenever I reach the "teleporter" and I get to next room just fine, but I want it to be able to go back to the other room. However, I just go to the next room. I have a global variable called flipRoom which is supposed to check if you are in a "Negative" room...
  5. E

    How to get instance id of instance placed in room

    Hello, i need to access the id of an object i placed in the room editor, which i modified the id name. What is the function to find the real instance id? Here's what i'm trying to achieve, by stepping on the 'o_tile_activator' i want the iron gate 'inst_irongate1' to open. In the instance...
  6. john2342152

    what would be the right way to create a "room"

    I wanted to make a 2D platform game, but I still don't know the proportions, the screen and room size and the camera, how do I do these things professionally so as not to interfere in the future?
  7. W

    Windows [Help] Global persistent instance across rooms (not Object , but only particular instance of same object)

    Hi Guys, I tried to create persistent instance from certain object and store it in global variables, so that i can access it across rooms. I deactivated the instance each time i created it. So when i changed room, looks like i'm facing issue to find the instance. Here the snippet of the code...
  8. K

    SOLVED How can I get (instance_number) for all objects in a room.

    Hello! I'm a complete amateur and have "some" questions. 1. What is the difference between instance_count and instance_number ? Is it the same thing but for different versions of gm? or are they completely different functions? 2. How could I get instance_number for every object in the room...
  9. A

    GMS 2.3+ Correctly setting rooms

    I'm making my first game, I have most of it done, but I'm still unsure about room size (in-game experience resolution). I know most people uses camera for this purpose (YouTube tutorials), but I decided to have solid rooms so camera itself isn't required. I set my room width and height equal...
  10. G

    why room_assign(ind,source) can't work well as what the manual illustrates about it?

    my example: 1. I create room1 , room2 and room3 using editor and then use room1 as the first one to enter for running the game . 2. I create object1 and write " if( mouse_check_button_presssed( mb_left ) ) { room_assign( room3 , room2 ); } " in its step event , then I place it into room1...
  11. master2015hp

    GML Best way for big map?

    Hi, i have a really big map in my game, which you can think as of those match 3 map. They're really large and player can scroll around to select a stage which they want to play. If i make a room really really big and create like 500 objects on it, will that ruin the game performance? I am...
  12. D

    Windows Game always run from the last created room

    Hello everybody! I am a complete beginner, started just yesterday. I ran into errors that when I press Run the game always starts from the last created room The order don't matter As seen in the screenshots screenshot 1 - my settings. by all logic, I should start on room 1 screenshot 2 -...
  13. jobjorgos

    GMS 2.3+ How to simply add/remove objects in a room in GM2.3?

    Very simple question, how to simply add/remove/move objects in a room in GM2.3? I cant click any objects, I cant remove anything, and I cant add anything. I have read the room manual but I couldnot find the answer there.
  14. R

    Windows Room Inheritance - Creating new layer on parent room causes issue

    I am encountering an issue with the Room Parent/Inheritance system for layers, when creating a new layer on the parent room, it messes up rooms somehow and prevents the game from running properly. I also tried going to child rooms and un-inheriting then re-inheriting to refresh the layer...
  15. M

    Go To Room don't target the right room

    Hi guys, this is my first try to create a game and my first post, so I'm a total newbie. I have a silly problem but I can't understand how to solve it. I'm using Drag and drop. Very simple: I create a sprite for a button and then an object. The only event of the object is mouse ---> left down...
  16. E

    Windows Problem with room_goto(index)

    Hi! I use room_goto(index) where i replace index with a variable. But the room that it sends me to is completely wrong. I attach the pictures where you can see what i'm doing. Does anyone have a solution? For example, I am hovering my mouse over 1st button. It reads my variable - room nr 1. But...
  17. Z

    Transitioning into wrong rooms

    Lately I am having some issues with implementing a Room transition Mechanic and it is working fine, it is able to transition from room to room, however when it involves multiple rooms it goes completely haywire. The problem began like this: I have created a swamp level and a small wooden cabin...
  18. W

    SOLVED GameMaker Studio 2 Black Screen on Launching Game

    Hello good night everyone, I'm having trouble running any project I create on GameMakerStudio2. It always worked normally, until yesterday when I went to open a project that I'm working on and during the process I went to run the room, but the new object that I had added to the project didn't...
  19. MIkadini

    SOLVED Wait X second before change room

    I want to change room when my character die (i know i must use room_goto(roomName)), but before it i want to wait X second. I try with a while loop that stop code and use the current_time variable and the difference between it and a bigger variable. But this method block all the game. Ther's a...
  20. G

    How to go to More Than one Room From one Room

    I'm having issues getting into more than one room starting in one room. i have 4 doors i need to all go into different rooms how would I do this? Thanks for any answers.