room transition

  1. S

    Room Transition

    I am trying to go from one room to another room in gamemaker 2 and following this tutorial . but I have 5,6 objects in my first this video enough for me to learn about room transition?
  2. reizzar

    GMS 2.3+ Player Object Position After Room Transition [SOLVED]

    Hello, hello! Fairly new to the GMS universe, but learning and loving every minute of it! I am working on a platform style game and having a bit of trouble with where my player object ends up after a room transition! I followed along with Shaun Spalding's GMS2 "Room Transitions using Sequence"...
  3. Drago the Shinigami

    GML Room Transition problems [SOLVED]

    Hi, I'm trying to create code for my move maps object / room transition, and I have some code that theoretically should work (I think), but when I try to use it, nothing happens. I just can't move my character. Here is the collision with player code: if(!global.MovingRooms) { if(to_battle)...
  4. NeZvers

    GML Draw surface without player in it

    I want to make room transition similar to (Bloodstained: Curse of the moon and old Megaman games) by having old room last image and move the camera to new and move character over. For that, I need a separate background image from the character. How can I do it?
  5. S

    GMS 2 (Solved) Metroidvania style room transitions

    Hi. I am making a platformer game. However, at some places I want the levels to be more of a dungeon than a linear progression. Right now as a placeholder I simply have an object that make the game move to another room when touching it. What I want though is a system that fulfills the...
  6. C

    how to make player walk on it's own briefly when switching rooms?

    i'd like to disable player input and have the player walk briefly in between room transitions. not really sure where to begin.
  7. M

    HTML5 Issue w/ with macOS not HTML5

    My game uses object collisions to move from one room to another. When my player collides with a door it is given new coordinates and room information saved in the door's creation code. The collision also creates an object that controls the room's transition (a rectangle that fades in and out)...
  8. H

    GML Camera view not loaded fast enough for room switch transition

    Hello there, in our game I added a room switch feature, where when hitting Tab on the keyboard the game switches from one room to another with a slide up/down transition. For this transition I followed the blog post here: I...
  9. M

    Legacy GM (SOLVED-thanks thijs)objects only wanting to move to one room but same code for all 4

    I have 4 rooms with objects in all four rooms. I am only able to move an object to room 1 then I can move the object back to the room it came from but no other. I have keys 1,2,3,and 4 set up to go to there respected room#(rm_layer#) when the variable global.currentlyselected=0 for testing...
  10. M

    (SOLVED) moving objects from room to room

    I just want to be able to move an object from one room to another with a click of a button..example if keyboard_check_pressed(ord('R')) { room_goto(roomsname) } that just moves the view to the next room, I want to be able to just move the object I have selected with left click...
  11. P

    GMS 2 How do I have multiple doors in one room that allow backandfourth travel?

    Currently, my character can go through a transition space when I'm standing over it and hit w, then I'm in a new room. But, when I want to head back to the first room my character, starts back at the starting position and not where he would in real life at the door he went through to get into...
  12. R

    GML Room transition w/ fade to black?

    Hello! this is kind of my first post on here so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I make I'm still pretty new to Gamemaker, but I've managed to set up basic variables, a player, and two rooms with the help of GML stuff now my issue is the following: I want my character to collide with...
  13. B

    Room Dimensions During Transfer

    I'm new to the forum, and I haven't been able to find this issue mentioned on any previous threads. I've never had this problem before, but I have two rooms, and the second one is smaller than the first. When I room_goto_next(), the second room appears, but it's stretched to the same size as the...
  14. M

    Interesting Room Transition Challenge

    I found an interesting room transition effect tutorial here that I have implemented. I'm interested in expanding the code to change the direction of the transition based on which direction the player is facing when they change rooms. So when the player is facing to the right, the effect will...
  15. A

    room transition problem

    ok so i am making this platformer ppuzzle game, and i want to change from a room to another, i followed the video on youtube, but when i tried it it takes me to the next room but doesn't take the player object with it. and the thing is i have another project that i put in the same coding and...