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    Drag And Drop Help Needed: How can i initiate a dialogue on room start?

    Hello! On room start i wish to initiate a dialogue by the hero, with movement and attack controls being disabled during this sequence. How would i go about doing this in GMS2? Thanks in advance!
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    Legacy GM Changing Path Followed with Creation Code

    I have a grenade enemy that I want to be able to follow a different path in the room based on what I give it's path variable as a value, 1, 2, 3 ect.. I've toyed around with paths before and made a block object that follows paths the same way but that was based more on just which block was...
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    Legacy GM Adding all objects (not instances) to a ds_list on room start

    Hi there! I was wondering if it is possible to make a ds_list and populate it on room start with indexes of different objects (from that room). For instance, in a room are multiple instances of three objects (obj_one, obj_two, obj_three). What I am asking : is there a way just to add those...
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    Creating object in the room Creation event?

    Is it a bad practise to create objects in the room creation code? Should I just put them in the room manually?