room speed

  1. L

    Mac OSX Where is room speed

    I get what it is. I want to see the number in the UI. Like where in the GM2 UI does it show room speed. Which tabs or menus do I find it on? I feel like the most basic information is being hidden from me for no good reason and it's making me crazy!
  2. VincentHellberg

    GMS 2 Increasing the FPS with room speed but keeping the in-game speed

    Hello everyone. I'm in the middle of a conundrum. I've been working on this game for 5 years now, soon to be 6 years and for some reason when starting the development I decided that the room speed 40 was a good pick for the game. I later learned that this isn't a very optimal room speed. In...
  3. S

    Room Speed vs Frames Per Second (FPS)

    The GM documentation states that Room Speed and Frames Per Second are completely separate. I've been confusing myself trying to calculate the time certain actions and animations would take to complete. I'd appreciate any readings or guides on the matter. Is it possible to truly have a frame...
  4. Edwin

    Custom room speed for specific surfaces?

    Hello, dear GameMakers! I am looking for something like custom room speed for example for GUI layer (Draw GUI surface). I am making a visualization and I need to make a increasing the speed of this simulation and don't changing the room speed for other surfaces. Any ideas?
  5. B

    Windows Alternative Synchronization and Stuttering

    Hello, im my 2D game I want it to run at 60 game speed on all systems. However, when i run it at 60 on a computer with a refresh rate that is greater than 60 a weird stuttering/distortion effect appears. When I enable alternative Synchronization it completly fixes the problem by setting the room...
  6. B

    Room speed and Refresh Rate

    Hey guys. After getting a new 75hz monitor I began to realize that all my games were stuttering. After messing around I found that when my room speed was less than the refresh rate the game woulld appear to stutter. If i set my refresh rate to 60 and room speed to 60 stuttering gone. Its the...
  7. A

    GMS 2 How do you call the game's speed?

    in GMS2 how do you call the current game speed (basically what room speed was in GMS 1.4). i want to make a slow motion effect, so i want to call what the current game_set_speed' value(s) but game_set_speed is a function and doesnt return anything. any suggestions? im just trying to evolve
  8. S

    Image Speed VS Sprite Speed

    I'm confused as to how image speed and sprite speed work together. Room Speed is set to 60. The walking sprite speed is set to 10, and image_speed is set to 3.5. How do those work together? What speed is my animation, in game, running at?
  9. C

    Android Speed Up Time

    Hello, The breakout-style genre has been trending on mobile. I'm developing a variation and intend to share results with GM Community. These games often have fast-forward buttons for when the ball takes 'too long'. One can replicate the effect by increasing room speed on PC. Unfortunately...
  10. B

    Android GMS 1.4 has a BIG problem with fps

    To sum things up: I'm working together with a friend on a mobile game for Android. I'm a designer, he is a coder, and we're working with gms 1.4. I still own gm8 and I've noticed some bull****: -a project imported from gm8 and then compiled with GMS1.4 runs fine on android 6 devices -a blank...
  11. V

    Alarm not working!

    Hello, so i have my caracter that can dash and when he dashes through enemy i set room speed to 10, just to give a little bit of "jucie" to game by having time slow down for a split second, and then i set alarm[1]=2; and on that event it sets back the room speed to 30 again, for some reason it's...
  12. Samuel Venable

    [SOLVED] Adjusting room/game speed relative to lag in real FPS

    Hello community. I was wondering what is the best method to "hide" or "mask" the fact my game lags. To give more background, my Android game runs on my phone like a dream, in both the gameplay and the title screen. But on the OUYA/ForgeTV it lags a bit on the title screen, as there are large...
  13. G

    Steam Sprite animation too fast

    Hello guys! I have a Animation ut its too fast. Its so fast like the room spedd (60FPS). I tried image_speed but i am too dumb or something xD Please help.
  14. sercan

    Room speed change on android device

    Hi, In my game, room speed is set to 120. Creating apk file and installing it on my android device, everything is ok but the room speed changes to 60. 60 of room speed is maximum for android devices? I need a little bit more what can I do?