room size

  1. K

    GMS2 auto scaling and where to find it

    Hi all, I notice GMS2 auto scale up my game to fit the display. My game is designed in 360x640 but then it displayed as 720x1280 on a display. May I know where to find the setting and set it to follow the code precisely?
  2. B

    Player doesn't shoot on bigger room sizes

    Hi everybody, I need a help to fix a problem on my platform-shooter game project that i'm working on. The player in the game should fire when the left mouse button is pressed and when the mouse is pointed within the game area. The shooting system works perfectly as long as the height of the room...
  3. J

    How well does GameMaker 2 perform when Games get big?

    I am asking, especially wondering if there are any Resource Limitations, like the overall amount of Scripts, Sprites, Objects, etc. that can be created, if there are limits to Instances in a room or room size in general, or if any of you have any experiences, working on big Projects with lots of...
  4. Suzaku

    GMS 2 Question about room size and pixelated art

    I want to put a pixel-art ground and background in my room and so I changed the room size to something near 300x119(I was using 1024x768 before) to match the art size, and since then the character is moving too fast EVEN if I set the character's speed to 1, so I put 0.1 and this seems to have...
  5. Let's Clone

    Need help changing room size..

    Hey all! I've seen this question asked before, but never with a solid answer or with a requirement to actually have multiple room sizes. I am currently making a Minesweeper clone that I will be making a tutorial series for on my YouTube channel. I have nearly completed the clone, save for the...
  6. G

    Design Ideal Size of a Metroidvania in Pixels

    Before making this thread, I searched around online for a reference and I haven't found what I'm looking for. What is the ideal size of a Metroidvania? I'm assuming with Game Maker Studio 2 I can have one persistent Game Room (since it is a Metroidvania anyway). But I'm trying to figure out a...
  7. J

    Room size increase on room_restart();

    Hello, I have a room sized 1366x786 and in it there is an object that when the player collides with it, then the room restarts with room_restart(). Each time the room restarts, I want the room size to keep increasing (the player and portal objects are randomly created in the room). I tried...
  8. inertias

    Windows Game crashes if room width/height exceeds 16834 pixels with viewports disabled. [SOLVED]

    Hey everyone, so I encountered a pretty strange issue using gms2, if I try to set my room size, width OR height (keep in mind there are 0 objects in the room messing with anything, it's a blank canvas) to anything above 16384 pixels with "enable viewports" disabled, I receive a series of...
  9. B

    Design Room size and resolution for console-only games (Xbox, PS4, Switch)

    Hello, I was browsing the forums and have not found a clear answer or guidelines I should follow. If I plan on making a project only for console purposes (no Windows/Steam), is there an ideal room size and resolution I should stick to? Would building a 1080x1920 resolution be ideal? Are their...
  10. H

    Re-spawning,Room Size,Hurting Effect

    1.I want to make some "power-ups" for my character when use them to gain abilities but not forever and that so I want to make them re-spawning to not use that power-up once and done.I want to re-spawn them in the room but using a different object, a controller object and not re-spawn them into...
  11. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Shader draw coordinates change on room size!?

    I am drawing noise. For some reason, the room size is affecting the final draw position of the shader, and I am lost as to why. Technically, it's not the room size per se, but the further right (x positive) one draws into the room, the further the miss. I can see that the shader is being...
  12. G

    Design What view size is good for both computer & mobile?

    I want to make a small game. I'm going to publish it first on computer and later on mobile. So what room and/or view size is good for both computer & mobile?
  13. W

    Question - IDE Can't edit room properties?

    Hi, I can't expand the room properties. I'd like to edit the room settings (room size). I tried watching a few video's and guides and they seem to be able to edit the room size in under this column but I can't get it to open. Just nothing happens when I click "Properties - room0", am I looking...
  14. J

    GMS 2 Maximum size for a room?

    Just a quick question about room sizes. What's the largest size a room can be? For example if I want to have a 1,920x1,080 view of my room and be able to travel 10 screens in any direction, can I make a room 19,200x10,800? If not, what is the largest size room you can get away with? Any...
  15. Velocity

    Recommended Room Size for Phone Screens

    Hey, So I've been working on my game for a while, using some stand-in sprites that I'll eventually substitute for some better ones. And I've also been working with a room size of 640 by 480. It seems like an arbitrary number to me though, really. So my question is - what is a good room size...
  16. B

    Room Dimensions During Transfer

    I'm new to the forum, and I haven't been able to find this issue mentioned on any previous threads. I've never had this problem before, but I have two rooms, and the second one is smaller than the first. When I room_goto_next(), the second room appears, but it's stretched to the same size as the...
  17. Kaliam

    GMS 2 Question about sprite drawing at large coordinates

    So I have noticed that if you have an object that is around 2,000,000+ X or Y in a room, you will start to see visual gittering whenever that object is moving or rotating. Image distortion also occurs when an object is drawn at an angle. I'm just curious why this happens and if there is a...
  18. Ggbah

    Technical Answers (for room size too)

    Here we go, There are a lot of tricky questions out there, about what game maker can do and can't do. From what i understand there is way more than it can then that which it can't. First off, When it comes to multiplayer, peer-2-peer, or server style(mmo style) games, can game maker compete...
  19. D

    Don't really understand how to scale the view correctly

    So my room is 1280x720 and I changed the view in room size to 480x270 which is to zoomed, I need it more zoomed out but when I try any other size it just looks all distorted. Is there like any certain sizes that keep the overall image good like 480x270? Or could someone explain how I can work...
  20. E

    [SOLVED] Room size

    I'm making a game for Windows, and have a "map" room. This room has little going on aside from meany mostly static objects. I want to be able to pan around the map and zoom in/out. I can program those controls. I'm just wondering how big can my room be? I want to keep things from going "blury"...