room editor

  1. O

    Program crashes in room editor

    Usually I use the mouse wheel to change the scale of the room editor and it works just fine. The magnifying glass icons with the +,- and = signs are supposed to work for that too right? I wanted to set the ratio back to 100% so I pressed the one with the = and it crashed. When I reloaded, I...
  2. Tsa05

     Simple Suggestion: Choose Subimage in room editor

    The in-room editor box for objects is missing some of the essential built-in variables related to visuals. It ought to be reasonable to add a quick field or two onto that form, and to then reflect that in the room editor. What I'm thinking of at the moment is subimage. If I use a single sprite...
  3. Tsa05

     Simple Suggestion: Don't scale the object form

    Hi there! Simple suggestion for the room editor. The editor box for objects seems to have a zoom setting that's directly tied to the scale factor of the room editor. I understand why this seemed useful--if I want to zoom way out to see everything, why have huge edit boxes blocking stuff? But...
  4. M

    Pasting Multiple Wall Objects in a Room

    Hi, I have a simple question. How do I paste / place multiple wall blocks in a straight line in a room? Matt
  5. Nathan

    Mac OSX Room Editor : Replace/Swap objects?

    I am curious if there is a way to swap out objects that are placed in a room. For example, if I put 7 floor piece objects in a room and then wish to switch 4 of them with a spiked floor object, can I select an instance and swap it to a different object? For any video editors a perfect example...
  6. M

     [Feature Request] Support running GML code inside room editor

    Hello! I've being using GM since version 7, there was a big upgrade in the general GM interface since then, however I still think that GM workflow is somewhat restrictive. What I mean is that we cannot customize the editor to make our work easier. Well, we sure can create a lot of windows and...
  7. baconandgames

    Question - IDE Where did my layers go?

    I used to have a dock on the left with layer and room properties. This dock recently disappeared... I've been all over the settings and can't figure out how to turn it back on. It's not collapsed. I'm on a Mac, Thanks in advance for your help. Rescue a noob?
  8. A

    Legacy GM Isometric Object Placement in Room Editor

    I was following along an old Game Maker 8 Legacy tutorial on making a basic isometric game in GameMaker: Studio when I noticed something odd as I was placing the isometric wall objects in the room via the room editor. It became increasingly difficult to see where I'm placing the objects, as the...
  9. Nathan

    Mac OSX Any good video tutorials for the Room Editor?

    I am much more of a visual walkthrough type guy, so the text tutorial isn't working so well for me. Are there any good video tutorials that walk you through actually creating a stage with the new Room Editor? I haven't found any yet in my searches. Thanks!
  10. zingot

    Design GMXedit - Shift tiles and instances in GMS 1.4 rooms

    GMXedit is a tool I created to allow shifting of instances and tiles from a room xml file created with GMS 1.4. It's fairly crude as it was written in a day :-) however it seems to do the job and you may find it useful. Also attached is the zipped project file for anybody who wishes to modify...
  11. Chaser

    Question - IDE Room editor tiles

    In game maker studio 1.4 although the tiles were of certain size you were still able to move them around where you liked in the room by changing the 'grid' to 0,0 and been able to have them move by 1 pixel at a time horizontally and vertically.. In GM2" i cant seem to find away to make this...
  12. Simon Gust

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Alternative level designer

    greetings, I seem to have hit a blockade, not with code or logic, but with a method to create levels for my game other than placing tiles (only tiles) in the room. I've heard people use tiled to do that, but I'd like to do it myself. My levels are set up like a grid (16x16) using tiles for the...
  13. G

    Question - IDE Adjusting Default Code Editor Size in Room Editor

    is there a way to adjust the default size of the Code Editor opens at when it's in the Room Editor or--more preferentially--have it open into it's own fullscreen tab like all the other code editors (e.g. object events, scripts) by default? it opens really huge on my screen: i would be OK with...
  14. P

    Question - IDE FIXED Can't open the instance properties window

    In the room editor, aren't you able to double click an instance to open the instance properties? When I double click, nothing happens. I can scale, move, and lock the instance I'm trying to edit the properties of, but since I can't open the window, I can't write creation code. I also can't...
  15. Cpaz

    Question - IDE Question about the room editor.

    While placing objects into the room (alt+mouse), the IDE hangs. It's brief, but hangs longer the more objects there are on that given layer. My question is this: Is the IDE saving the room for each object placed? If so, DON'T DO THAT!!! ctrl+S exists for a reason. If not, what's causing this...
  16. J

    How would you manage the level design of this game?

    Hi guys! So, the player is a cursor who has to get to the other side of the level keeping moving over the white surfaces, and avoiding one single pixel to touch the background. I'm currently writing the GDD of the game, and now it's time to define all the surfaces kinds and variation as well as...
  17. A

    VEditor rotation feature request

    I am working on a game that requires relatively large map sizes and have been very frustrated with the built-in editor. I have tried VEditor and found that it works almost perfectly. However, my level design requires me to be able to rotate individual instances of objects in the editor in 90...
  18. J

    GML Optimizing Level Creation in the Room Editor

    Hi fellow game makers. So as the title goes, I would like to start a discussion on ways to optimize level creation in the room editor. Specifically, I was wondering what approach you use for making platformer levels efficiently using a combination of code and the room editor. I would love to...
  19. R

    Background with every 5sec a little mini lag/stutter[NOT SOLVED YET]

    I want to make a background that can move horizontally in GMS2. 1) It is a pixel art game. 2) Interpolation between pixels is unchecked 3) I used the options in the room editor horizontal speed +1 because +2,+3 ect... was blurry and 2 fast for pixel art 4)My room is 384x216 Camera 384x216...
  20. A

    Resize objects in room editor

    (this isnt "programming" but I didnt know where else to post this) Hi all, I used to be able to place an object in the room editor and resize objects (with the mouse) by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner of the box around the object, but now for some reason Im no longer able to do...