room editor

  1. LunarIceCream

    (Nvm) Problems with grid snapping (is there a way to turn it off its so annoying)

    I'm trying to make a tile set where a lot of stuff has to overlap each other, but grid snapping is making it really hard. I've separated most of the sprites into different tile sets but it really isn't working at all, and the preferences menu does nothing. Any help? Or should i just code the...
  2. S

    Question - IDE Any way to snap rotate in room editor?

    So i'm making some rooms. And have some diagonal walls i wanna place down. I figured instead of making 4 different objects for pointing 4 different ways, it'd be better to just have one, and rotate it to my needs. You can double click and change the rotation manually. Or drag near the corners...
  3. N

    Question - IDE Collapse Layer Folders

    I've been working a whole lot with Layers in the Room Editor, and one of my larger projects requires lots of layers in each room. I organize them into folders, but every time I open the project, all of the folders are expanded which creates a huge mess. Is there a way to easily collapse layer...
  4. Erayd

    Windows Tile set optimizations

    Basically, is there a performance boost/loss between choosing a tile size of 8 or 6 vs 16? Currently I have a tile set I'm building out with the idea that everything is chopped up in 16 pixel segments. Which in some scenarios means I have a lack of precision and objects need to be moved around...
  5. Carl Nylander

    Question - IDE Pre rotate objects for editor

    Hello! I'd like to know if you can some how pre rotate a sprite for the editor. What I mean is that I for example have 4 objects: objSpikesW, objSpikesN, objSpikesE and objSpikesS. I'd like to use 1 sprite since they are all going to look the same but just rotated in 0, 90, 180 and 270...
  6. N

    Legacy GM "Ghost" objects in room editor?

    When resizing objects to smaller sizes(close to a pixel in size) in the room editor, said objects seem to become "ghost" objects and cannot be selected with the mouse. They also are not removed when holding RMB+Shift. The only way to select them or remove them is through the Instance Ordering...
  7. NeZvers

    GMS 2 Snap instance rotation in room editor

    Is there way to snap rotation at 45 and 90 degrees in GMS 2?
  8. JeffJ

    Question - IDE Move ALL instances or tiles in room by x amount?

    In GMS1's room editor there was a button you could press to shift all instances or tiles by a certain amount, allowing you to enter a number on the x and/or y axis, and all instances or tiles would then be moved by this exact amount. How do I achieve the same in GMS2? I can't even seem to...
  9. Michael McMullen

    Opening Doors with a Switch

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: N/A Links: Preview (final room setup) Summary In this video tutorial we will create a system that will allow us to drop a switch into our room and using the Room Editor hook that specific switch up to a door. Once the user steps on...
  10. B

    Question - IDE Can't pan a tile layer in the room editor (mac)

    when i have a tile layer selected in the room editor, my pan controls (spacebar, middle mouse) only work if the cursor is outside the room bounds. I can pan normally on all other layers. Am i missing something?
  11. N

    Question - IDE Room missing from the editor tree ! ...[HELP]

    Hi, everyone here's my problem : since yesterday i can't find room that i've created recently, they don't show up in my room tree but when i launch the game with F5 they still run perfectly. But i can't select them for modification since they won't show up in the tree editor !! Can someone help...
  12. J

    Discussion Eyedropper tool for tilesets (room editor)

    Hello! After working with tilemaps for several weeks I think that having an eyedropper tool for tilemaps in the room editor would be awesome for productivity (clicking an already placed tile and being able to use it as if you selected it from the tiles section) when dealing with huge tilemaps...
  13. W

     Instance parenting feature request

    Any chance of adding an instance parenting feature to the room editor/runner? I know you can do this now via code by spawning child instances from the parent and storing their id's in a data structure but if you're doing all that then whats the point of having a room editor? I suggest managing...
  14. W

     GUI Layer

    I'm only spit balling here but now we have layers I'd like to see the GUI event represented in the room editor. Possibly as a layer type that could have it's width, height and location set. I envision this much the way views are represented now but any instances placed on the GUI layer would be...
  15. Nathan

    Mac OSX Is there a Master Wish List?

    I have been working on designing stages with the room editor and have come up with a list of feature requests that would make working with the editor much more efficient and enjoyable, but since they are not bugs I don't know where to send them. Is there a Master Wish List somewhere to submit...
  16. OrangeBit

    Program crashes in room editor

    Usually I use the mouse wheel to change the scale of the room editor and it works just fine. The magnifying glass icons with the +,- and = signs are supposed to work for that too right? I wanted to set the ratio back to 100% so I pressed the one with the = and it crashed. When I reloaded, I...
  17. Tsa05

     Simple Suggestion: Choose Subimage in room editor

    The in-room editor box for objects is missing some of the essential built-in variables related to visuals. It ought to be reasonable to add a quick field or two onto that form, and to then reflect that in the room editor. What I'm thinking of at the moment is subimage. If I use a single sprite...
  18. Tsa05

     Simple Suggestion: Don't scale the object form

    Hi there! Simple suggestion for the room editor. The editor box for objects seems to have a zoom setting that's directly tied to the scale factor of the room editor. I understand why this seemed useful--if I want to zoom way out to see everything, why have huge edit boxes blocking stuff? But...
  19. M

    Pasting Multiple Wall Objects in a Room

    Hi, I have a simple question. How do I paste / place multiple wall blocks in a straight line in a room? Matt
  20. Nathan

    Mac OSX Room Editor : Replace/Swap objects?

    I am curious if there is a way to swap out objects that are placed in a room. For example, if I put 7 floor piece objects in a room and then wish to switch 4 of them with a spiked floor object, can I select an instance and swap it to a different object? For any video editors a perfect example...