room editor

  1. Leif

    Question - IDE Move group of objects to another layer

    Good day I have a question about Room Editor in IDE. I'm making a platformer with a lot of bricks. How can i quickly move or switch a group of objects ( selected with Shift) to another layer ? Does IDE have a tool for that ? Current runtime:
  2. Alyxx

    Windows Cannot use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in Room Editor after update

    These shortcuts do not work in the room editor in a tile layer when I'm selecting tiles. I don't know how to fix it. :/
  3. oldnoob

    What's this effect in the Room Editor?

    Hello there, I thought I was typing out some code but the focus wasn't on the code window. Now my room editor is showing these guidelines when I click on the object instances. What is this little feature? I love it, but if I lost it, is there a shortcut key to enable/disable it? Many thanks.
  4. J

    Mac OSX Room Editor TileBuilderLock Still Locked

    Hello Gamemaker Community, I am new to the community and learning by the day. Today I started with Tiles. I have create a level using the tiles, but these tiles are not visible when i try the game. While this happens the following text appears in my outputwindow: Room Editor TileBuilderLock...
  5. 0TastyPie0

    GMS 2.3+ Can't draw tiles in the room editor anymore

    I was fixing new stage defaults for my game, a room which I make child rooms from, then make stages from there. For some reason it won't let me draw tiles in certain areas, seems to be affecting any tile outside the default room's room dimensions. I tried looking around online, but I can't find...
  6. tanukidreamz

    Mac OSX Variable Definitions set in Workspace/Room ignored

    Hi there! I'm finding if I set the variables through the variable definitions (either in the room editor or in a workspace) they are always ignored. By both parent and child. Writing the code in the step/create event works fine. (But applies to all instances so defeats the purpose of this...
  7. Evan Kinsler

    Design Is there a way to manipulate a selected group of tiles in a room?

    I know there is a tool to select a group of tiles in the room editor, but how specifically do you specifically take that selected group and move it to a different place in the room?
  8. A

    How do I get shaders to appear in every room my sprite is in?

    Hello everyone, I recently figured out how to implement dynamic lighting in my game. I followed a tutorial and the lights appear to be working fine in one room, but don't appear at all in the others. How can I fix this? Here is a video demonstrating my issue:
  9. Rusty

    GMS 2.3+ Particles Don't Work

    So I took the plunge recently because I heard the new runner in Studio 2.0 compiles much faster (it does, incredibly fast, thank you YoYo) and have exported a large project in Studio 2 from Studio 1.4. Now I've found my particle effects don't work, the objects and everything are in the room and...
  10. K

    GMS 2 Access Room Editor Creation Code of Instance

    Like the title says, is there a way to access (i.e. run) an instance's room editor creation code? If I want to reset an object, I can do event_perform(ev_create, 0), but this does not take into account any code written in the room editor. Thanks!
  11. E

    Question - IDE Child room wont inherit parent layers

    I'm following a tutorial on Youtube where someone created a child room. When he added a new layer in his parent room it automatically added it to the child room as well. But not for me. When I add a layer in the parent room it doesn't convert to the child room, even if all "inherit" buttons...
  12. Gigicom

    GMS 2 Setting individual tilemap size for tileset layers

    Hello, I'm currently experiencing extreme performance issues in the room editor, now I'm at the point where it won't even let me save the room anymore ("unable to save the following files (please see output panel for more details)"). Previously I've mostly been only adding tiles and new tile...
  13. Logix

    Draw in editor

    Hi game makers! I'm just wondering if it's possible (or can be made possible) to draw sprites and/or text in the room editor view. This would be useful since I'm using a programmed trigger system (not a fan of putting objects in the scene when I can just achieve the same thing with a small bit...
  14. Nathan

    Mac OSX Room editor folders keep opening automatically

    While using the Room Editor and adding a new layer of any kind, it automatically opens up all the layer folders in Layer View, which is quite frustrating when I have multiple groups of layers in different folders, and I have to keep collapsing them. Is there a way to stop this from happening? Or...
  15. Nathan

    Design Looking for detailed tutorials on the Room Editor (building stages)

    I've been away from the forum for quite some time, but have been using GMS2 since it debuted. Back then there was only 1 bare bones tutorial available on how to use the Room Editor to build stages. I've built some test rooms but am ready to start making proper well organized Rooms/Levels for my...
  16. shadowelite7

    Windows Tiles aren't going on the room editor correctly

    Today I got my tile sheet done correctly but whenever I drag a tile to the room editor. It tries to be placed outside of the room editor. Is there an easy fix to this or do I have to redo my tile sheet?
  17. 1

    GMS 2 How can I make objects with origins at the center snap to the grid correctly?

    So I have objects with origin's set to the middle center of it, and I was wondering if there was a way to make it on default snap to the center of the grid-space, instead of snapping to it's corner. I also don't want to have to set the grid spaces to 16x16 instead of 32x32. I want to be able to...
  18. jjettii

    Mac OSX A faster way to add objects to rooms?

    Currently I'm dragging and dropping objects into my room one at a time. I'm assuming that there's a faster way to add objects, since some rooms could have dozens, if not hundreds of instances of an object. Looking through the GameMaker 2 docs, I found the following: "You can add more instances...
  19. muddrox

    Question - IDE Room Editor - Inheritance issues

    So recently I wanted to try out room inheritance to make my project more manageable. I am new to using Game Maker 2 after prying myself away from Game Maker Studio 1.4 but here I am. However, I have found room inheritance to be quite infuriating and it has led me to ask a number of questions...
  20. HayManMarc

     Suggestion: Instance Creation Order

    In the room editor, you can open up a window that shows you the room's Instance Creation Order. It lists the order of all the objects you've plopped down into the room, ordered from top to bottom. You can manipulate that order by clicking and dragging an item and placing it at a different...