room editor

  1. Nathan

    Mac OSX Room editor folders keep opening automatically

    While using the Room Editor and adding a new layer of any kind, it automatically opens up all the layer folders in Layer View, which is quite frustrating when I have multiple groups of layers in different folders, and I have to keep collapsing them. Is there a way to stop this from happening? Or...
  2. Nathan

    Design Looking for detailed tutorials on the Room Editor (building stages)

    I've been away from the forum for quite some time, but have been using GMS2 since it debuted. Back then there was only 1 bare bones tutorial available on how to use the Room Editor to build stages. I've built some test rooms but am ready to start making proper well organized Rooms/Levels for my...
  3. shadowelite7

    Windows Tiles aren't going on the room editor correctly

    Today I got my tile sheet done correctly but whenever I drag a tile to the room editor. It tries to be placed outside of the room editor. Is there an easy fix to this or do I have to redo my tile sheet?
  4. 1

    GMS 2 How can I make objects with origins at the center snap to the grid correctly?

    So I have objects with origin's set to the middle center of it, and I was wondering if there was a way to make it on default snap to the center of the grid-space, instead of snapping to it's corner. I also don't want to have to set the grid spaces to 16x16 instead of 32x32. I want to be able to...
  5. jjettii

    Mac OSX A faster way to add objects to rooms?

    Currently I'm dragging and dropping objects into my room one at a time. I'm assuming that there's a faster way to add objects, since some rooms could have dozens, if not hundreds of instances of an object. Looking through the GameMaker 2 docs, I found the following: "You can add more instances...
  6. muddrox

    Question - IDE Room Editor - Inheritance issues

    So recently I wanted to try out room inheritance to make my project more manageable. I am new to using Game Maker 2 after prying myself away from Game Maker Studio 1.4 but here I am. However, I have found room inheritance to be quite infuriating and it has led me to ask a number of questions...
  7. HayManMarc

     Suggestion: Instance Creation Order

    In the room editor, you can open up a window that shows you the room's Instance Creation Order. It lists the order of all the objects you've plopped down into the room, ordered from top to bottom. You can manipulate that order by clicking and dragging an item and placing it at a different...
  8. Daniel Von Krauss

    GMS 2 Changing object appearance in room editor?

    Is it possible to programatically alter the appearance of an instanced object in the room editor? We're building a modular UI system with scalable dimensions, and I was wondering if it would be possible to preview the results in the room editor, instead of just seeing the stretched sprites of...
  9. X

    Question - IDE How to make the size of windows in GMS2 room editor constant ?

    Hello ! I am new to Game Maker. I'm using GMS2 , and one of the problems I realized is that, by zooming the room editor out, all of the windows get smaller too. This causes a big quality loss and makes a lot of text unreadable. I posted two images : Normal zoom ( Normal.png ) and zoomed out (...
  10. hughrock_projects

    GMS 2 Asset Layer Question

    Hello GM community! The usual disclaimer: No clue if this is the right place to post this. Easy question (hopefully): How do I remove / delete a sprite placed in any asset layer within the room editor. I've read through the manual (specifically regarding room editor and asset layer) and...
  11. Vinicius Alvarenga

    GMS 2 Working faster in the room editor?

    Soooo, Im creating a game and the room its kinda large, but the room editor allows grabbing the objects only one by one, how can I do something like the gms 1.4 that you can add objects only by clicking in the place where I want to put it?
  12. F

    Mac OSX Copy and Paste in Room Editor Not Working

    Hi All, I have been working on a project now for about 8 months using the Mac OSX version. Previously I have been able to copy and paste objects within the instances layers, but now can't seem to do so. Has any one run into this problem, or have any fixes... Thanks for the help!
  13. Suzaku

    GMS 2 How to place objects with draw event

    Im starting to use the draw event to draw everything, as I ve been told thats a more professional way to draw stuff, but Im having problems, more specially when I have to figure out quickly the coordenates to put my fixed objects(like walls, ground, static things).on my backgrounds. Is the draw...
  14. Suzaku

    GMS 2 How to detect moments in a animation sprite?

    Lets suppose that I have a object that represents a lady character: and I have this animated sprite: I want this character object to move a little to the right until it reach the frame 4 on that animation. Then the object must stop moving because the character will start to get up...
  15. atmobeat

    Room Editor Auto opens all layer folders

    Greetings GameMakers! Whenever I go into the room editor, all of the layer folders are automatically opened. I've got a lot of layers and folders for organizing them (I'm using something similar to @MirthCastle's sorting method and something close to his layer conventions. Check it out below if...
  16. K

    GML Object won't show up in room when placed/created

    The issue I'm having is that, no matter if I place the object inside a room or let it be created with a different object placed inside an instance layer, it doesn't show up in the room when testing the game. This problem arises when I play an object that has a sprite or no sprite at all. I want...
  17. SamSolo

    Object only works correctly in one room.

    Hey there, I know this is so basic but could not find any previous posts that applied. I have an object that only exists to display/ change sprite based on player states. It works perfectly in roomA but always displays the same incorrect sprite in every other room. There are NPCs in these...
  18. B

    GMS 2 Sprite Character Changes Size When Moving in Room Editor

    I've been trying to add an enemy named Flygito, a small bug enemy. I decided to shrink her sprite down (Picture above) on the room editor, but when I start the game and her sprite started moving, Flygito's sprite size goes wrong. But her sprite remains the same when I use her default size (By...
  19. D

    Parallax Preview in Room Editor

    So I am currently working on a 2D Platformer in Game Maker Studio 2 and right now have some basic mechanics and visuals, as well as a Parallax Effect on different tile layers. While the Parallax Effect looks very nice like this, it is a chore to design rooms this way since in the game the...
  20. LunarIceCream

    (Nvm) Problems with grid snapping (is there a way to turn it off its so annoying)

    I'm trying to make a tile set where a lot of stuff has to overlap each other, but grid snapping is making it really hard. I've separated most of the sprites into different tile sets but it really isn't working at all, and the preferences menu does nothing. Any help? Or should i just code the...