room control

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    GMS 2 Copy instances from another room

    Good day, Im trying to make an endless level generator for my shooting platform game and I just dont know how can I do it, or how to do it corectly without thousands useless lines of code. The idea is, that I want the player to start the game and as the camera will keep going left, the player...
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    HTML5 SOLVED: HTML5 room not switching?

    Hey guys, windows testing is fine with my game, room switches from game room to menu room just fine if you press esc, or click on a button. Some odd reason it doesn't allow it to switch to my menu room in HTML5... Instead of switching rooms, it just restarts that game room... I have no...
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    GML background sprite number and audio_play

    hi guys! i am using a gif of 70 frames in my room background and i want to play an mp3 exactly between the frames 28 and 40 . i was looking in the manual but not sure i understand. what is the code for playing audio when a sprite_number is on when i don't have an object? i was thinking of...
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    Room problems

    I know, the title is vague, don't crucify me yet. I'm having a problem with rooms, and can't for the life of me find the solution. I have my main menu, level selector, options, and controls (sub-menu of options) rooms all set up and coded. My options are coded so that you have: "Back" (to...
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    Regarding room_restart();

    My game is a 2D platformer with multiple rooms, you hit a door to progress to the next room. I made an empy object I named obj_roomcontrol with an Alarm event with the command room_restart(): Next I placed the spriteless object in all the rooms. Whenever my character died, an amount of time...