1. K

    Mac OSX Hitting invisible wall on vertical collisions?

    Hi there, Total rookie here — So I've done my collision coding and it all works as it's expected to... except for in one direction. If my player is above, to the left or to the right of an object wall, I will collide right up against it like I'm supposed to. But if I come up on the wall from...
  2. netoxinaa

    rookie asks for help part IV

    hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of rookie asks for help, i wanted to do a wall object so that it stops the player when collided with it, this wall object I did it as a 1 pixel size so that i can place many in the room the way I want, but when I drag the object to the room, i cant...
  3. netoxinaa

    rookie asks for help part III

    i want to make a small square menu pop in the screen when the user hits enter, i created and object for the menu and i was thinking in addin a "key pressed" event in the player object, but is there a way to place an object in the current room from simple code? or do i need to place it in the...
  4. netoxinaa

    rookie asks for help part II

    hey there, i´m working on a space shooter as my first game and i would like to know how to make an enemy shoot every x seconds. i tried to set an alarm in the enemy´s step event but it wont run it.
  5. netoxinaa

    GMS 2 rookie asks for help

    hellow there, i want to program something simple but i cannot find a decent way to do it (or i havent came up with one yet), i´m creating a space shooter and i want the enemy to be destroyed as the bullet collisions with it, AND THEN play the dead sprite for the enemy (it´s an explosion lol), it...
  6. E

    [Solved] Basic Programming Problema [:D]

    Hello, lovely gamemakers I wanted to check if the player is falling by creating this varaible: falling = (yprevious < y), I'm drawing it on the screen to test it and it always returns 0. I've been messing around with it: falling = (y + yprevious), returns the expected value, let's say 1235...
  7. A

    Random Draw Text

    I'm trying to display a random text message once an object is created. I have this in its "create" eventt. var randS = random(2); switch (randS) { case 0: draw_text(view_wview[0]/2,70,"Scripture 0."); break; case 1: draw_text(view_wview[0]/2,70,"Scripture 1.."); break...