1. Fluury

    SOLVED How to return to older IDEs?

    Heya, I am using Steam, and - optimistic as I was - downloaded the new 2.3 Update. Unfortunately the update broke an essential function I needed (Bug had been reported a week ago or so, so I was hoping they might've fixed it already, unfortunately not) - so I kinda have to roll back to 2.2.x...
  2. Drell

    (SOLVED/NA) delta_time Acceleration In A Frame Dependent Game

    I can't seem to find a solid resource that really clarifies how to properly and accurately calculate acceleration values relative to delta time. Due to my game being a competitive 2D fighter using rollback netcode (meaning the game play is frame dependent and hosted on each machine rather than...
  3. L

    Manually trigger timeline events?

    I'm currently working on a prototype for a fighting game that I wish to make, and I want to be able to implement rollback style netcode, part of which involves rolling back to a previous game state and then re-running frames with new input. This would involve going through potentially multiple...