role playing

  1. L

    Design Four Against Darkness (Converting a PnP game into a Video Game)

    Hello all, New to this community but have always been interested in game design. I had the idea to convert the Pen and Paper Dungeon Crawler game Four Against Darkness into a video game experience. For those not familiar its a turned-based party RPG dungeon crawler. You roll 2 d6's, find the...
  2. Divinik

    Alpha Hell Is For Heroes | Sci-Fi Action-RPG

    I've been working on this engine semi-regularly for about 7 months now, and I figured it's in good enough shape to show off a little bit. The engine is being developed using Game Maker: Studio 2; I'm the only one working on it as of now. I've had the story idea in my head for years, but now I've...
  3. N

    First time making a game (GIFs, DEMO, ARPG)

    Hello! This is my first time making a game, I've been working on this for close to a week now. I would really appreciate some feedback on how the gameplay looks, and maybe even some advice on where to take it. This was when I finished making basic movement and health or any stats...
  4. Repix

    Alpha Battlerun [Simplistic Side-scrolling RPG]

    Download: Size: 2.13MB Version: 0.03 Attack Chests to get ITEMS, AMMO and UPGRADES!
  5. Lukan

    Forum Game Murder Mystery [Role Playing] [10/10]

    Welcome to Murder Mystery! Welcome to my first role playing game on the GMC. I had this idea a while back, but wasn't sure how it'd go over. I want to host a murder mystery for the lovely members of the GMC! I think 10 is a good number to draw this out as much as possible, while it is a murder...