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    Steam Night of the Blood Moon - 71% Funded, Steam Page Up, New Trailers

    Heyo GameMakers Here for you is my first outing of Night of the Blood moon. The game that I hope to share with the world in due time. Hopefully you will all enjoy these demonstrations as much as I have making the game. NIGHT OF THE BLOOD MOON KICKSTARTER
  2. A

    Windows The Superfluous

    DOWNLOAD DEMO AVAILABLE ON STEAM SOON About The Game: Sci-Fi - I love reading all types of science fiction {Asimov, Niven, Heinlein, Card, Howey, Clarke, Wells, etc.} and have always tried to find away to include that genre in my games. Rogue-like - This game is more like a rogue-lite. There...
  3. SilentPhil

    Asset - Graphics Pixel art - Warriors Pack

    Price: $6.99 Resource link: Marketplace Description: Well animated sprites of four warriors: Swordsman, East warrior, Rogue and Barbarian. Idle, Walk, Damage, Death Parry and Attack animation. Characters ideally combined with the backgrounds from THIS set. Swordsman Idle - 4 frames 34x27 Walk...