1. tagwolf

    Rocket Jumping Tutorial Project

    GM Version: GMS2.X Target Platform: ALL Download: Links: N/A Summary: Rocket jumping, perfect platformer controls, and custom particle effects! Tutorial: Here's a prototype I was working on. It uses my "True Perfect Platformer Movement Controls" from my other...
  2. Gresse

    Windows Lift Off - It's just rocket science

    Hey there, I'm currently making a model rocket simulator, in which you can adjust different variables on your rocket. You can add fins in different size, decide how much fuel you fill in the rocket, and some other stuff. A small tutorial is included. Thank you if you test the game. I hope you...
  3. A

    How to Make Objects Sprite Change as it follows

    I am making a boss enemy in a platformer, where the enemy shoots off rockets and they follow the player. I want the sprite of the rocket to change depending on the direction it is going, but I have no clue how to. I tried this: if vspeed > 0 while hspeed < 0 {sprite_index =...