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  1. RefresherTowel

    Team Request Artist wanted for TDS Robot Battle Game

    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of a project called Chipbot Battles, which is a mash-up of top-down arena-style tank/robot battles and a card collecting game. Here's a quick video of the prototype: While it might look pretty ugly right now, I've pretty much completed the backbone of the project...
  2. A

    Free BomBots

    Disclaimer: This project was designed for iPad exclusively. This foreword is for the convenience of people who might get halfway through the thread and then realise they can't play the game. BomBots is 3D a retro-arcade action/puzzle game exclusive to iOS. With the help of a bot you design...
  3. Mercerenies

    Forum Game Taco Sandwich Robots - Resetting Already?

    Taco Sandwich Robots After the robots took over society two years ago, you opened a sandwich shop, which specializes in making sandwiches with tacos in them. Unfortunately, several other robots had the same idea, leading to a great deal of competition. As any good entrepreneur would do, you...
  4. ramos

     Mech Game. SUgestions for last layer?(aim is a soft paralax effect)

    Artwork Mockup VS actual in-game screenshot Question: I want to add somting on last layer in adition to the UI to create a paralax effect. Any sugestions ? Mockup: Screenschot: Video:
  5. roytheshort

    Forum Game Sandwich Robots - No Robots Yet

    Sandwich Robots What is this? Sandwich Robots is a surrealist, legitimate, free for all roleplaying game. Feel free to sign up. This version will have a few minor differences, for example, only one person can sign up at a time. You'll see the others soon. Notable Events - Old Version The old...
  6. iMilchshake

     Some Kind of Robot AI Arena Battle game. Would love to get some Feedback ^-^.

    Hello, Guys! So as the title says, I'm working on some kind of Robot-AI-Battle-Arena Thingy right now. Now, my plan it is to make a game out of this. I have an Idea, please tell me what you think about it. Ideas, hints, and improvements are really appreciated :) Thanks for reading! Hope you...