rhythm game

  1. Techpack

    Help with creating a Bit.Trip Runner style rhythm game

    Hi, I'm attempting to make a platformer rhythm game similar to Bit.Trip Runner games. I want make it so depending on the bpm of the song, the character moves at the right speed in time with the music. Imagine a bunch of blocks and every 4th block there is an obstacle. I want to make it so if the...
  2. T

    GML Is it possible to interpret midi-sequences as code?

    Hello, everybody. First time poster here, I apologize if I'm posting this on the wrong board, or something of the sort. I'm gonna try not to make this too complicated. I'm currently working on a project with rhythm game mechanics similar to the ones found in games like Guitar Hero. (Basically...
  3. ac585318

    GMS 2 How to get audio current play position (For rhythm game)

    I'm following this guide for making a rhythm game. At this point I need a song position variable, which is the audio track position, but GMS2 seems to make it difficult getting this in a direct and simple way. Looking at previous threads the audio_sound_get_track_position() function may have...
  4. E

    Idea Rhythm game trainer?

    I'm thinking of making a combination trainer for the standard notes fall down rhythm game, because I've been trying to learn to play with 10 fingers and I'ts really hard to get down. terms, so non rhythm game players can understand: column - vertical line key - keyboard key connected to a...
  5. Sammi3

    Rhythm of War

    Download Rhythm of War is an Action Platformer demo I made to learn how to develop a rhythm game. Shoot, slash and dash past your enemies.Shooting is tied to the rhythm of the game. The more on beat you are when you shoot, the more accurate the aim. Enemies move to the rhythm of the beat. Sneak...
  6. Woowoo

    A rhythm game level editor

    This is the level editor, but its more of a music player right now.
  7. S

    GML Move character on Rhythm with BPM

    Okay so, my new project is planned to have a rhythm-game, here's how I want it to work: My character's sprite goes forward automatically and has an hitbox of 1 pixel of width. Every 25 pixels, there's another sprite placed and when the two sprites collide, it does an cowbell sound. I want my...
  8. B

    Rhythm Game Help

    I'm trying to make a rhythm game similar to DDR. Left, Right, Up, and Down arrows move across the screen to meet a sensor, and then the player has to press the correct arrow at the correct time. Individual notes work fine, but I want to make it so that if there are two notes coming at the exact...
  9. M

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for Programmer for Rhythm Game

    Hello, My names Ivan , I am from MDJ Latam Games. I am currently in search for a programmer who can deliver a rhythm game. In order to consider you please send me the following to my email or here. ( mdj.latam@gmail.com ) Previous games COMPLETED Years of EXPERIENCE with GM Quote for full...
  10. M

    event triggered by Audio File

    Hey Guys, Currently Working on a rhythm game. Im having discussion about how to sync notes to the music. How can i get GM to identify the specific "spike" on the audio file and in that moment create the obj_note. imagine my audio to be simple like this. Each "wait" is one second delay. Clap...