1. Jam373

    SOLVED RGB Differences in Colour Picker

    I saw this used to be a bug but was supposedy fixed. I double-click a colour to open up the advanced colour picker menu, it gives rgba values. But if I click the colour again (next to where it says the hex value and "New Colour") the rgb values change, about +/-10 for the g and b values. Which...
  2. mbeytekin

    Unclamped RGB in shaders? Possible?

    GM2 clamps rgb values (0-1) in shaders.. Is there any way to unclamp them? Because when I implement shaders from other sources like shadertoy I realized they are not clamping rgb values and rgb values can get - and + float. Yes I can normalize in a range them with very high precision floats...
  3. 2

    GML Get R,G, and B components of an image_blend value, Possible?

    Is there any function or way to get the individual r,g, and b components of the image_blend value of an object's sprite?
  4. Pfap

    [SOLVED] RGB color picker help.

    Does anybody know how an RGB editor works or does anybody know of any good resources? I'm specifically looking for an explanation on how the gradient for each channel is calculated. See how the red and green channels are both at 255 and also that the red channel has a yellow to green...
  5. MartinK12

    Shaders [SOLVED] How to convert 3 digits RGB to 1 digit RGB in shaders ?

    I'm trying to learn more about shaders and created this simple one in .fsh tab in shaders to replace specific color in sprite with different color: if ((gl_FragColor.r == 1.0) && (gl_FragColor.g == 1.0) && (gl_FragColor.b == 1.0)) { gl_FragColor.r = 0.9; gl_FragColor.g = 0.6...
  6. I

    Help changing RGB sprite parts in game.

    I have a character sprite, also a red,green,blue layer mask for that character. so, I'm in need of changing the red, green and blue parts of the mask colors and merge with the base sprite, to give the appeareance of changing colors ... can someone help me with those ? i saw some things about...
  7. W

    Legacy GM How to make cool death effect? [Read description]

    Hey! I'm making a game where you have to dash around and kill enemies. I want it to be fast-paced and action-packed so I need some cool effects. Firstly I need it so when you kill an enemy a RGB split effect happens for 1/2 a second. Then I need it to zoom in and out quickly once to make it...
  8. Cloaked Games

    GMS 2 Color Components from Buffer

    Hello, I am using buffer_get_surface to read color data for a sprite. However, I do not know how to get the color components from the color itself. I tried using color_get, which worked when I was using draw_getpixel, but seems to be always returning 0 in this situation. Here is the relevant...
  9. D

    Discussion Switching GMS2 from BGR to standard RGB

    I know this conversation has been had, and @Mike has made it clear that it will never happen, but I really think GMS2 should switch to using RGB instead of BGR. (For the uninformed - the image editor uses RGB, but setting a hex color in your code is expected to be in BGR format). The main...
  10. PhenomenalDev

    How would I do a sin city effect?

    Hello I was wondering how I would use a shader or script to make a sin city affect for my game where all the other colours on the screen are black and white whilst red pixels are still rendered, an example of this is russel in hotline miami: any help would be appreciated, thanks :D. EDIT: I...
  11. B

    Shaders Using Chromatic Aberration when killing an enemy.

    Hello, I'm making something like this example (I want to achieve something like this death animation (the colors specifically) What I want to do is basically offset the color channels of a Sprite or the entire image after its been destroyed by the player I found a shader that I can use...
  12. Dragon47

    Free The Additive Color Test (HTML5 and .exe)

    The Additive Color Test The Additive Color Test is a game where you attempt to guess the RGB or HSV components for a sequence of 10 colors shown on the screen. It's a very simple game, and can be used to make you more familiar to the RGB and HSV color schemes so that you won't have to look up...