1. T

    Android Google Rewarded Ads?

    Is there any current way of using the Google Play Services extention in GM:S 1.4 to setup rewarded interstitial ads? I've heard that the Google Play Services still don't have this feature so I may have to use other ad extentions for rewarded ads, but I though it's worth asking at least.
  2. N

    24h reward system.

    Hi all, how would I get a 24 hour reward system? I know what I should do. Save current time als savedTime. If newtime is 24h bigger than savedTime then canCollect=true. But I have trouble with saving time and calculating the new time. I can't get it right. Any help is appreciated. #1 | How...
  3. RizbIT

    Android Reward ads on play

    im using an Unity Ads extension from Marketplace to show rewarded video ads to players when they fully watch video ad they get 1 free life Is this ad network and practice of reward for watching ad compliant with current google policies? asking as its first time ive implemented this kind of...
  4. S

    Reward Video: check if video has been watched

    HI I implemented the reward video from adMob in my Game using the function: GoogleMobileAds_ShowInterstitial(); it works so far, the reward video shows up, but I'm not sure how I can check if the video has been watched completely and give the reward to the player. Currently the player could...
  5. E

    Android Use Unity Monetized advertising

    Can any of you help me with the extensions that are in the market place? none of them has served me transk My game
  6. ClayeW

    Google Admob Reward Video

    Does the Google Play Extension support Admob Rewards Videos? If yes, can someone provide some documentation on how to implement reward videos and if no, is there any plans for the extension to include reward videos?
  7. L

    Coding a daily reward

    I'm creating a game on android and iPhone. I would like to reward people when they play the game each day. I just want a simple thing like each time they play the game and a day or more has passed since the last time they get a reward. I'm stuck on how to code that I know there are variables for...
  8. TAEHO

    [SOLVED]Even if i cancel Unity ads, i get reward.

    plz help me.. I was apply to Unity ads in my game. I clicked the button and set the video ad to appear. and I coded this in the [ Social ] tab. if (ds_map_find_value(async_load, 'type') == 'video_completed_unity_ads') { global.dia +=7; show_message("GET 7 DIAMOND") } Unity ads video...
  9. silengames

    Asset - Extension Heyzap Mediation Ads Extension (UnityAds, Chartboost, Adcolony, Applovin, Vungle, Admob, Tapjoy etc)

    BAD NEWS! As far as you know HeyZap become part of Fyber. And seems Fyber stopped to support HeyZap. I can not find any official message, but I found this note in FAQ: "Please note that HeyZap is no longer receiving updates" Anyway SDK is still worked. Thanks for supporting this extension. We...