1. S

    GML How do I use the reverse command?

    I need to create something like this: but using code, not DnD™ . How do I use the reverse command? Thanks in advance, and sorry for my broken english.
  2. S

    Demo Instant replay / Time reversal Example

    I have made an example project showing how time can be reversed a few seconds back and replayed. In this case, it is a replay of a football /soccer game. When a goal is scored, the replay is shown. The match AI is not perfect and I will keep working on it. This example includes all the source...
  3. Palocles

    [solved] Moving Platform, reversing direction

    I'm trying to do my moving platforms with an x (and y) origin point and destination point and have them flip direction at each end. Have tried these two codes but it doesn't reverse direction. if (horizontalMove) { if(x < xDest) x += hSpeed; else if (x > xDest) hSpeed =...
  4. 2

    GMS 2 Copy Tilemap Delete Remake, Set All/Invert Properties

    If I want gather a tilemap delete and remake it from info I store in an object. What's the best way to do this? I could loop through the tilemap data and set each property with tile_get_flip(tiledata), tile_get_rotate(tiledata), ect. This is sort of working for me, but would using the tilemap...
  5. Shawn Basnett

    Forum Game Backwards Story Telling

    Alright, this game is pretty simple. An end to a made up story is posted, and we go down the line, posting what they believe happened before the post above them. We do this until the story is presumed finished! As Roy laid his head down for the final time, he contemplated what he had...