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  1. P

    Team Request Artist with Shader Knowledge Needed

    Hello GameMakers, I am a programmer in the small team of 2 soundmakers artist and me. Together we are developing game called "The Bottom". As I don't want to make this post too long I will not explain all the Lore and Game World here, instead I will combine a few words with my Final Draft...
  2. Bukmand

    Team Request Project collaborate rev share

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a character artist, the game is almost complete with many features but needs little adjustment and more features, what we will do is replace the stick figures characters from ones like awesomenauts game or The Binding of Isaac artstyle (in 2d front), and I will...
  3. H

    Team Request [Rev-share]Looking for a programmer to join our team

    Hello,my name is Riko ( you can call me Hyblitz too), and im member of a small team, we are currently developing an 2D action/adventure game, and we are looking for a quit good programmer who can programme : - AIs - Mechanics - Physics - Environement Dynamics ... ect At least someone who...
  4. gamedev4life

    Team Request (rev share) Need skilled programmer for metroidvania game

    Hello all, my name is Ruben and I recently had a falling out with my programmer and decided it would be best for me to take my sprites and designs and move on. So here I am. I have a mountain of awesome sprites and cool game features but now no programmer and no game :( But, there is hope: YOU...