1. 2DKnights

    Beta Terra Nova: Legend of the Runes (RPG) [Releasing Q4 2020 - Q1 2021]

    Hi GM community! My name is Andrew, and I wanted to tell everyone about TerraNova: Legend of the Runes. It's a JRPG heavily influenced by the classics from the late 80's and 90's. I've been developing it for the past two years. Please check it out and If you like it, please consider following...
  2. Changgi

    Windows Random Mini Trail (Oregon Trail-based minigame)

    Random Mini Trail Download: Game Jolt (soundtrack on page) | itch io Platform: Windows (XP/above) Genre: (hard to place it, but it's sort of a resource-management/luck game. It's like the Oregon Trail, but without the educational aspects and heavily randomized) Description: This is a...
  3. Gravityhamster48

    Free MONO ~ A DIY Puzzle Platformer

    Welcome to MONO: A small DIY puzzle platformer I made in about a week. Features: -Create as many levels as you’d like and save and load them back. -Share and load .mono files saved in the appdata folder. -Xbox controller and keyboard support. -Edit the color palette of the game. Download...
  4. Tony Brice

    Released Creepy Crawlies released

    Hi everyone, I've released my latest game which is, once again, a Syntax Bomb competition game. The categories I went for were Retro/Shooter and made my game similar to the old classic Centipede with a mix of Gridrunner. You can read about the competition here...
  5. Zek

    Asset - Fonts Pixel Font Pack

    GameMaker: Marketplace Price: $1.99 7 clean pixel fonts for retro styled games. Preview: Contains: Retro1.ttf Retro2.ttf Retro3.ttf Retro4.ttf Retro5.ttf Retro6.ttf Retro7.ttf All of these fonts are TrueType Fonts and the font outlines in the preview images are just for visualization.
  6. 2DKnights

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for someone to create a simple shader for me $35USD

    Hi I'm looking for a coder to create a CRT Shader. The shader should be applied to the default application surface as I want it to show over everything. I really like the shaders used in Blazing Chrome and I would like to have something like those. The look I want for the shader is...
  7. G

    Tiny Space Explorer

    Hi everyone, this my first game using Gamemaker studio, I have used Gamemaker in the past but that was about 10 years ago so I'm a bit rusty :). I usually develop mobile games using a different game engine so I am going forward to a different type of project. Tiny space explorer is going to...
  8. SilentxxBunny

    HTML5 Space Breakers

    Instant Play More Games | Sponsor Me on Patreon Space Breakers is a simple arcade-game that can be played for free, on any device. There are a (theoretically) endless amount of levels, and an online high-score table. - - - THE DAY IS SAVE! Thanks to a generous donation made by Desert Dog
  9. Krbld

    Released Heavy Sky (iOS, Android)

    Hi, everyone! Heavy Sky is a mobile game with minimalistic graphics, inspired by old-school shoot-em ups. Fight your enemies in two game modes, earn coins and buy upgrades for your aircraft, support drones and power ups. Main features: - Gamemodes: coin hunt and endless mode with 3 difficulty...
  10. jworker

    iOS P.3 A love letter to arcade classic shmup

    P.3 is a vertical classic arcade shooter with two button controls. Press each button changes direction but fires at same time. Hold two buttons at same time, slow down ship but fires alternate weapon. Save the Space ! Platform: iOS Price: $1.99 Website: Contact...
  11. M

    Red Star Raider - Free demo available now

    Made in GMS2, I would like to showcase “Red Star Raider” which is currently playable and set for release November 2019. The trailer can be viewed HERE and the free demo can be downloaded on Steam HERE or if you don’t have steam the demo can also be downloaded HERE (PC Windows) Please see...
  12. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 There is nothing here.

    There shouldn't be anything here There is something here. This won't do. Get rid of it. What is this about? "There is nothing here" is a game that was made in one day for #NothingJam. It follows the story of an unnamed entity who wakes up one day, realizing that an entire civilization has...
  13. Silb

    Windows The Legend of Hilda: Dimensions' Call You play the role of Albus, who gets trapped in the land of Miterra by a nebulous wizard. In order to return to your own world, you must explore this new land and locate magical relics of the ancients. A perilous journey begins... This game is a...
  14. giraffeman210

    Free Score Attack Ninja 2

    Looking for an old-school arcade style shoot-em-up? Want a high score game where the score actually matters? Score Attack Ninja is back! After saving the castles from evil monsters its time for a well deserved rest. But not long after, an army of monsters can be seen marching towards the...
  15. Campotech

    Windows Exterminator Exterminator is a game I made with game maker studio. This is pretty much a crackpots Clone game with a couple of twists. If you accidently whack Rachel with a flower pot you lose a life. If the apartment door opens and Rachel goes in you will play...
  16. L

    Windows Hostile − Haven Bay

    80's aesthetics, cars, guns and palm trees. Sounds familiar? Hostile is a top down, open world shooter that takes inspiration from Grand Theft Auto - Vice City and Hotline Miami, with its own charm. Encased by cliffs and the warm Mediterranean sea, Haven Bay is a port city and a former hub...
  17. BeToX ArTe DiGiTaL

    Pipote! (shoot 'em up classic)

    Hello, this is my project, which I have been creating since 2018. It is created in the old Game Maker 8.1. I am a lover of retro games, so this project tries to obtain that essence. Inspired in games of ships. For now I only have one level. This version is a playable prototype. Surely I will...
  18. jeff300

    Free Frantic Freddie

    Announcing the FREE release of one of my retro-remakes for Mac, Windows and Linux: FRANTIC FREDDIE! Description: This game is a remake of the game "Frantic Freddie", originally released in 1983 for the Commodore 64. The original game was created by Kris Hatlelid and Gregor Larson, distributed...
  19. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Contained monsters v0.3 - unleash the kaiju within you!

    The prototype can be played here: What is this about? This game is about a bunch of kids who have acquired a weird supernatural ability: they can summon giant monsters. This ability also comes with an itch, an urge which compels them to...
  20. mkyprice

    Steam Space Mayhem [Out Now!]

    Hey everyone! I've been making this game for the last 2+ years and finally released it on Steam today! It's my first game and I really hope you will enjoy it! Anyway, here's the trailer and description: TL;DR: TAKE ME TO STEAM GAMEPLAY - Space Mayhem is designed to be a simple but addicting...