1. NewHopeGames

    Android Big Arms in Persia

    This old skool, retro arcade, sword swinging, desert side scroller, is up for pre-register now on the Google Play Store! Check it out and any feedback based on video and screenshots are much appreciated! Pre-register...
  2. Apapappa

    Windows Neon Cleaner (AmazeMeGameJam)

    GAME LINK: Info: Made in 48 hours and 5 minutes for AmazeMeGameJam GMS2. The theme was "NEON" and no special rules that I could find so this is what I made I guess. Timelapse + Gameplay: Jam Comments: Since...
  3. H

    Free Buy Some Milk

    Gamejolt link link You wake up one morning and want to eat some cereal. BUT... YOU ARE OUT OF MILK!!! Now, your simple task to buy some milk starts. It shouldn't be that hard to buy some milk, right? Nothing weird should happen. It will be a nice, easy task, right? (Made this game...
  4. BluishGreenPro

    HTML5 Worlds Within Worlds - A retro-platformer (with co-op assist mode!)

    Worlds Within Worlds is a no-gimmick retro-platformer. Collect 3 "Golden Leaves" in each stage to unlock the next world! Every stage is designed to be completed with zero-hesitation, if you fancy yourself a speedrunner. Play co-cooperatively by summoning the "Support Butterfly" to freeze enemies...
  5. Iggy_Gamechuck

    Windows Speed Limit, a pixel-art, perspective-changing retro shooter (PC, Consoles) coming in February 2021

    Hi all! I'm Iggy from Gamechuck, a Croatian indie game development studio that made Speed Limit. I'm really happy to say that, after two years of being in development in GameMaker, Speed Limit is coming to PC and consoles in February 2021. You can play the demo now on Steam. Here's the...
  6. Scythuz

    Demo Solve Bot - Gameboy-styled retro puzzle platformer - Demo out now!

    Solve Bot is a challenging puzzle platformer made with some gameboy limitations (low resolution, limited shades). This demo version features 20 levels, for every 10 levels you have only 5 lives to work with or it's game over! You play as Solve Bot who is: fast, agile and precise, but, can...
  7. psyche1979

    Windows RetroGames

    A PC game in development called RetroGames brings you some of the best arcade games in one package. Designed in the spirit of the best - selling Commodore 64 personal computer. Fully playful although still in development. I am interested in your opinion on the project. RetroGames by Vučković...
  8. Japster

    Icarus - (Working title) - a shoot-em-up idea I started a few days ago!

    Hi guys! - Well, after being kindly pointed towards @Pixelated_Pope 's FANTASTIC pixel perfect collision blog and project, I thought I'd give an old-skool side scrolling shoot-em-up a go! I'm a slow coder, but I'm pleased with how much progress I've managed to make in 4-5 days coding, mainly...
  9. cdeveloper

    Steam In My Defense - Defender style retro side-scroller Demo!

    The demo has been released! From Game Jolt From Steam Link I started making my first game with Gamemaker Studio 2 for Windows. Hopefully, I will have some type of early, playable demo by the end of November. Description: This is an in-development, retro, defender-style game. It is...
  10. Apapappa

     Y.A.W - You Are Weaponized (LOWREZJAM 2020)

    DOWNLOAD ( Info: Made in 77 hours and 49minutes for LOWREZJAM 2020. The game is limited to a resolution of 64x64 as per the rules. There was no theme but I went with some of the suggested ones like: You Are The Weapon - "professional" gun user...
  11. Tony Brice

    Released Boulderdash - retro remake of the classic C64 game

    I took inspiration from Mike Dailly's dev video creating a remake of Boulderdash a few years back and started working on my own version. I got it mostly done then forgot about it for a couple of years until I resurrected it recently to finish it off. Some elements are the same as the original -...
  12. SamuelSousa

    Windows 63 Little Pieces - Atmospheric Block Sliding Puzzle Game | OUYA | Early Access

    Hi community! - Game Page - Here!!! 63 Little Pieces is an atmospheric block sliding puzzle game with a shooting mechanic, to destroy walls, in order to build a path to lead one or several blocks to the goal. Slide, fire, destroy blocks, collect collectibles, hit switches and manage the...
  13. Crimson

    Released Ralf's Adventure: Aztec Mystery

    Buy on Steam or Itchio Story Join Ralf Kennedy in his first adventure! Ralf's Mother is an archaeologist, and brought you along on an expedition for your summer vacation. While exploring a temple, she falls deep within its chambers, and is trapped. The local legends speak of Mictlantecuhtli...
  14. KyleRansford

    Steam (Title removed by original poster) Moderator please delete topic.

    (Removed by original poster) Moderator please delete topic.
  15. Tony Brice

    Released Validius released

    I finished and released my 6th complete Gamemaker 2 game for the latest Syntax Bomb competition. Validius is a twin-stick shooter based on Asteroids but with some very nasty bad guys trying to stop you destroying the asteroids. Add in power ups and it makes for a fun shooter. The game is up on...
  16. 2DKnights

    Beta Terra Nova: Legend of the Runes (RPG) [Releasing Q4 2020 - Q1 2021]

    Hi GM community! My name is Andrew, and I wanted to tell everyone about TerraNova: Legend of the Runes. It's a JRPG heavily influenced by the classics from the late 80's and 90's. I've been developing it for the past two years. Please check it out and If you like it, please consider following...
  17. Changgi

    Windows Random Mini Trail (Oregon Trail-based minigame)

    Random Mini Trail Download: Game Jolt (soundtrack on page) | itch io Platform: Windows (XP/above) Genre: (hard to place it, but it's sort of a resource-management/luck game. It's like the Oregon Trail, but without the educational aspects and heavily randomized) Description: This is a...
  18. Gravityhamster48

    Free MONO ~ A DIY Puzzle Platformer

    Welcome to MONO: A small DIY puzzle platformer I made in about a week. Features: -Create as many levels as you’d like and save and load them back. -Share and load .mono files saved in the appdata folder. -Xbox controller and keyboard support. -Edit the color palette of the game. Download...
  19. Tony Brice

    Released Creepy Crawlies released

    Hi everyone, I've released my latest game which is, once again, a Syntax Bomb competition game. The categories I went for were Retro/Shooter and made my game similar to the old classic Centipede with a mix of Gridrunner. You can read about the competition here...
  20. Zek

    Asset - Fonts Pixel Font Pack

    GameMaker: Marketplace Price: $1.99 7 clean pixel fonts for retro styled games. Preview: Contains: Retro1.ttf Retro2.ttf Retro3.ttf Retro4.ttf Retro5.ttf Retro6.ttf Retro7.ttf All of these fonts are TrueType Fonts and the font outlines in the preview images are just for visualization.