retro game

  1. DaxOttsel

    GMS 2 Creating aiming system like the one in this game - Help!

    Hi guys. I'm new here. So, I'm a big fan of a truly underrated game called "Superfighters Deluxe" and I'm trying to do a similar game in Game Maker and I want to do a aming system like the one in the game. Here you can see how you aim and shoot in that game: (Select minute 2:11 to 2:25)...
  2. Invisible hand corp

    GALACTIVORE - 2D Retro action-platformer

    GALACTIVORE is a 2D retro action-platformer I´ve been working on sporadically since 2013. I felt it was time to wrap up a demo version and get some feedback on it, so here it is. The game is set in the year 2068. You play a lone traveller that get caught up in the biggest conflict of the...
  3. IGameArt

    Steam Starr Mazer DSP: 30% off on Steam!

    WELCOME TO THE GREAT WAR. The UNFP's been kicked in the teeth by a G'ell invasion force and humanity's last hope is its fleet of experimental DSP MkI Forward Assault Fighters and anyone marshall enough to strap in and forcefully accept some apologies. Luckily this planet's full of all kinds of...
  4. IndianaBones

    Final Force II - Modernised Retro Arcade Shooter

    FINAL FORCE II Introducing - Final Force 2 - A retro-inspired scrolling shoot 'em up dragged in to the modern era. Description A shoot em up inspired by retro shmups such as R-Type, Gradius, ThunderForce III and IV, among many others. Features Fake / Pseudo 3D Engine for unparalleled...
  5. M

    Legacy GM Game made in GMS 1.4 slows when using second screen or screen capture software

    A game my husband and I are creating in GMS runs at unusable speeds when we use a second monitor. It's OK if the screen is set to "projector only", but as a duplicate it's ridiculously slow, with low FPS to boot. Using Windows 7 and 10. This same game simply cannot be used with any screen...
  6. RyanC

    Beta Upside Dash - Retro Arcade Shoot'em Up

    Game Title: Upside Dash. Genre: Retro Arcade / Side Scrolling Shooter. OS: Android 4.4.4+ Version: Open Beta. Company: Level Lords Ltd. Press Kit | Website | Blog | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter Description Upside Dash is a side scrolling shooter with arcade game play and retro graphics. A...
  7. yvodlyn

    GML Unlockable Levels

    Hello everybody, I am a beginner at Game Maker Studio. I'd like to know if anyone would have an idea of how to unlock levels while backing up the game. I'm able to unlock levels. However, when we re-open the game, nothing is saved. I would like to know if anyone would have an idea. Thank you in...
  8. P

    Steam BANANO BROS.

    Despite being born in 1997, I have played many retro games since I was 10 years old, I loved them and I still love them hahaha, that is why my first game (and the next ones) is inspired by the old time classics of the 80's. Proudly I present you BANANO BROS. I thought: What makes special an...
  9. Jezla

    HTML5 Spooky's Graveyard Adventure

    The cats are back! Guide Spooky the cat through the graveyard to find the treasure! Don't disturb the ghoulish denizens and find the treasures before time runs out. Spooky's Graveyard Adventure is a clone of the Atari classic, Pitfall! by David Crane. It features a 256-screen procedurally...
  10. S

    Export Game Retropie

    I want to export Retropie games made with different engines. From game maker how can I do it? Thank you!
  11. S

    Released Bebop and Tempo- Steam, Mac App Store

    Hello everyone, I recently released my first solo project, Bebop and Tempo, to Steam and the Mac App Store. Available through Steam with a launch discount of $7.19, Mac App Store for $7.99, and my official website, for $6. Currently I am in the process to release on...
  12. M

    Released Triode

    A lone star cruiser drifts through the void of space. Its name is marked into the hull: Triode. You have been entrusted to be the ship’s Captain. The ship is helpless, and its main thrusters are offline. But, there's one last hope. There's just enough power for your life support systems and...